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How To Name Your Photography Business

How To Name Your Photography Business

The best photography business names are memorable and showcase your passion. The art of producing photographs can be a tricky one. So, you need to remind your employees and clients of the importance of your expertise.

Just think, individual ventures into photography have allowed some to make over $1 million. This means that your services are well sought after!

It takes a great deal of energy and courage to start your own company and our business name generator service understands that. As a matter of fact, we are here to help you unlock the potential of your business.

If all this resounds with your current predicament, then we are here for you. Keep reading to see all the research we have conducted on photography business names.

More specifically, this includes unique names ideas, a breakdown of the most successful competitors in your sector, and proven tips. As you read through this article, make sure to use the Photography Business Name Generator as a guide.

20 Names From The Photography Business Name Generator

Firstly, we’ve used the Photography Business Name Generator to get you started.

  1. Picturesque Shutters
  2. Ambient Exposure Pictures
  3. The Lens Queens
  4. Shutter Trends
  5. Portrait For LIfe
  6. Pose For Us Studios
  7. Titled Tripods
  8. Fabulous Family Photos
  9. Magic Shutter Smiles
  10. Urban Thread Photography
  11. Attire Count Studios
  12. Progressive Press Studios
  13. The Alpha Frame
  14. Natural Wanderlust
  15. Family Through The Lens
  16. Snapping LIfe’s Moments
  17. Portrait For Hire
  18. Full Focus Pictures
  19. The Iconic Frames
  20. Archive Your Life

20 More Photography Business Name Ideas

  1. Sensational Snaps
  2. Camera for Hire
  3. Pictures to Treasure
  4. Your Favourite Photos
  5. Portrait People
  6. Your Life in Our Lens
  7. We Focus on the Good Things
  8. The Smooth Shutter Service
  9. Fabulous Photos
  10. PhotoPro
  11. Making Memories
  12. Smile Seekers
  13. The Tripod God
  14. Snap Into Action
  15. Focussed on You
  16.  Shutter Magic
  17. Lens Trends
  18. Photos for the Future
  19. Capture the Image
  20. More Than a Thousand Words

Best Real-world Photography Business Names

When brainstorming potential business names, it’s vital that you understand what makes the most successful names connect with customers. It’s clear how important the photography industry is and why it’s powering e-commerce growth.

Understand what makes the most successful names!

Subsequently, we highly recommend that you pay attention to how and why a company chooses its name.

Additionality, the most successful photography businesses have a story to tell, and their name does that for them!

Creative Photography Business Names


Canon was originally named Seikikōgaku kenkyūsho that translates as Precision Optical Industry Co. Ltd. However, in 1934 they produced Japan’s first-ever 35mm camera that showcased a focal-plan-based shutter. Following this invention, they changed their name to Canon Camera Inc. to trademark the product.

In 1969, the name would be shortened Canon. The term “canon” refers to the Buddhist bodhisattva Kannon, who is the goddess of mercy. To clarify, she prolonged her own eternal enlightenment to help those who are suffering in the world.


Polaroid was founded by Edwin Herbert Land in 1932, who used polarized material found in sunglasses to create an inexpensive plastic-sheet picture process. Thus, the company is named after the process that brought them into existence.


Nikon originally began in 1917 as Nippon Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushikigaisha which translates as Japan Optical Industries Corporation. However, after the great success of its range of cameras named Nikon, the company changed to Nikon Corporation.


Kodak is actually known fully as Eastman Kodak Company after George Eastman. However, the story of the name “kodak” is a very interesting one. According to Kiplinger, the name originated in Eastman’s fascination with the letter K. More specifically, Eastman said that it’s a strong and incisive letter.

Furthermore, Eastman wanted a name that was short, easy to pronounce, and would stand out against fellow competitors.

As this competitor analysis has shown, the most successful photography business names take the customer on a journey behind the brand.

To help you tell your story, why not find some ideas with the Photography Business Name Generator.

Choosing the Right Name For Your Skills

It can be a daunting task transforming your freelance photography skills into a fully functioning business. So, that’s why we offer help on how to start a photography business.

We highly recommend that anyone turning their passion for photography into a business must first research and refine their niche. In other words, you should determine what photographs you specialize in and who is your target audience.

First research and refine your niche!

The range of photography services is endless. During your research and refining stage, locate the niche that will enable you to build a client base within a particular genre of photography.

To help you find that niche, we’ve broken down the most popular types of freelance photography and how each will require a different name.

In addition, let the Photography Business Name Generator guide you through each one.

Family And Portrait Photography Names

First up is family and portrait photography. If this is your niche, then you need to understand how photography business names will capture a family environment. In other words, you’re going to be capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments that parents will cherish forever.

Additionally, you may be hanging out with clients in personal surroundings. Due to this, try to choose a name that speaks to both parents and children. More specifically, you want to be professional and show that you can have fun with kids! Try thinking of names like:

  • Rainbow Shutter Studios
  • Photos 4 Kids
  • Silly Billy Photography
  • Mama’s and Dada’s Moments
  • Freeze Frame Family

These name ideas were found using our Photography Name Generator. Likewise, have a go yourself and see what ideas jump out at you!

Event Photography Names

Maybe weddings, concerts, and parties are your niche. If the answer is yes, consider how your name speaks of fun, classic, and timeless events everyone will enjoy. For example, try names like:

  • The Camera And The Party
  • “I Do” Event Photography
  • Black Tie Times Studios
  • Forever Your Snaps
  • Event Logic Studios

Check out all the other available event photography names available using the Photography Name Generator.

Fashion Photography Names

Finally, this may be one of the more tricky niches to get into. Certainly, if you have a passion for exotic locations and stylish aesthetics, then your name will need to be thought-provoking! Take a look at these examples that can help you get that competitive edge:

  • Post-Modern Shutter Studios
  • Next-Gen Style Studio
  • Progressive Runaway Photography
  • Primitivism Fashion Shoots
  • Null & Void Studios

To find more name ideas that will make you stand out have another go with the Photography Name Generator.

4-Tips For Creating Unique Photography Business Names

1. Make It Memorable

Making your name memorable and “sticky” is the first step in creating a dedicated customer base. In other words, the more they remember you, the more they’ll be coming back!

Make It Memorable!

As a matter of fact, your name should stop customers from scrolling. Here are the main features to focus on for a memorable name:

  • Try using alliteration like Secret Shutters or PinPoint Portraits.
  • Keep it as short as possible.
  • Try removing a letter like Shuttr Photography or Pixl Studios

2. What’s Your Brand Identity

As you have seen brand identity is central to connecting with customers. Therefore, spend some time understanding what makes your services unique. In addition, take a look through your portfolios and read over your online blog again if you have one.

This is also a good time to mention that a great way to understand your brand identity is to start your own photography blog. More specifically, we provide a guide for this that breaks down every step of the process.

3. Use the Photography Business Name Generator

With all this in mind, you may now be ready to return to the Photography Business Name Generator. Then, think about all the tips we have provided. More importantly, think about brand identity and begin to create keyword lists that capture the essence of your business.

Once you’ve done this, simply try each one in the Photography Name Generator. Then, the results will appear and you can begin to mix and match keywords.

4. Check It’s Available

Maybe you’ve found the name that completely encompasses your business. However, there are a couple of steps to follow before you can start planning your future with this name.

Firstly, you’re going to want to do a quick business name search to see if it’s currently in use or not. Secondly, conduct a trademark check to confirm the name’s availability.

Finally, it’s time to register the domain. You’re more than likely going to want a .com domain, and luckily for you, the Photography Name Generator will automatically do this for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The best photography business names are memorable and timeless. Additionally, the name must connect with its target audience and stand out against other competitors. Try finding a memorable name using the Photography Business Name Generator.

Here are the best picks from our Photography Name Generator: Shutter Trends, Portrait For LIfe, Pose For Us Studios, Titled Tripods. For a full list, make sure to check out this article!

Cool photography names should be memorable and unique. Therefore, try keeping it as short as possible, use alliteration, or dropping a letter to make it stand out. A list of cool names are available on-demand with the Photography Name Generator.


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