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How to name your liquor store business

Coming up with a liquor store name is always an interesting but challenging task. You aim to attract as many customers as possible to the den, regardless of whether they are pretty choosy folks. Moreover, the name has to promise them something different or special even though you are just selling ordinary liquor, and you also have to find the most exciting words to go into your liquor store name idea. Such words will portray the business in the most attractive way possible.

Furthermore, you can then feed the liquor store name idea you come up with into the liquor store name generator. As a result, you will get several name ideas from which you will choose the most suitable for you. Once you do that, the next step is to check for the availability of that name as a domain. Moreover, you can adjust it a bit if it is not readily available until you find a unique name. Then you can register your domain and go further to register the name with the relevant authorities. In this guide, I explain how the whole process works.

How to use the liquor store business name generator

The liquor store name generator is a website that you can use to help you create a catchy name for your business, and you can find it by searching on the internet. Once you open the site, you will find a slot where you are allowed to type in a maximum of 6 words that you want to go into the business name. The trick is to pick out the words that will best express what your business is about.

Therefore, your primary task will be to choose the best six words to use. This you can do by brainstorming and noting down the words that suit you best. Moreover, you can also ask people around you what names they would use as a liquor store business name idea. You don’t have to pick their words if you don’t want to. Nevertheless, their suggestions may trigger new ideas that you can use.

Once you type in the 6 words and click Generate, the liquor store business name generator will give you single and double word name suggestions to pick from. You can also use the same generator to check if each name is available as a domain. You then use the generator to register the domain name that you like best. I tried out the liquor store business name generator by typing in the following 6 words: high, content, liquor, store, fantasy, potent. When I clicked ‘Generate,’ several names came up. The following 3 sounded best for me: Content Drive, High Target, and Liquorella.

20 liquor store business name ideas

The following 20 liquor store name ideas that you can use came up from my search. I added the words liquor store to the suggestions by the liquor store name generator whenever I felt necessary. You always have the flexibility of adjusting the names accordingly to suit your needs. The names I picked were as follows.

  • Content Drive Liquor Store
  • Hight Target Liquor Store
  • Liquorella
  • Liquor Matrix
  • Fantasywind Liquor Store
  • Potent Hype Liquor Store
  • Potent Escape Liquor Store
  • High Flow Liquor Store
  • Liquorable Store
  • Fantasy Flow Liquor Store
  • Liquorprism
  • Liquorarc
  • High Flow Liquor Store
  • High Fantasy Liquor Store
  • Liquor Cloud
  • Fantasy Mind Liquor Store
  • Storeaholics
  • Fantasy Content Liquor Store
  • High Pop Liquor Store
  • Fantasy Hunt Liquor Store

If you pick any of the names above, your next task is to check if they are available as a domain name. You should also check if they are unique enough to register with local authorities. Usually, an available domain name also means local authorities have not registered it. Again you have the flexibility to adjust the name slightly to make it unique enough to be available. You can do that without substantially changing the meaning.

20 More liquor store business name ideas

  1. High Spirits
  2. The Grog Bog
  3. Toddie’s Tonics
  4. On The Rocks Liquor
  5. Laguna Liquor
  6. Lavish Liquors
  7. Sanguine Spirits
  8. Spirits & Scallywags
  9. Siduri Spirits
  10. Pan’s Precious Beverages
  11. Brandy’s Bourbon
  12. Kahlua & Schnapps
  13. Sam’s Sambuca
  14. Scotch & Sizzle
  15. Whiskey On The Wind
  16. Drinks & Delight
  17. Mama’s Martinis
  18. Bits & Barley
  19. Growlers & Goods
  20. Chum’s Rums

Best liquor store businesses

The following liquor store businesses have established themselves among the most popular in the domain. We look at how their names contribute to making them tick.

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

ABC was founded in 1936 in Orlando, Florida. Its main aim was to supply liquor to residents of the city of its founding. However, it grew into a large business and attracted clients far and wide. To date, it is one of the most renowned alcohol suppliers and works in tandem with online stores to reach an even larger clientele.

The name ABC is as simple as it sounds. It is all about simplicity and the basics of coming up with a liquor store name idea. Because of this simplicity, the name is so easy to remember, and it just sticks. I mean, how many people out there don’t know their ABC. However, you should also note the significance of the added words Fine Wine and Spirits. These help to show the potential client what ABC is all about.

Also, it would be best if you tried to add much clarity to what your business is all about. Remember, people will search for the business online, so if they only ABC, they will need the subsequent words to know that it is a liquor business.


Founded in 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts, Drizly prides itself on being one of the largest online marketplaces for liquor in North America. It is a platform available on both mobile and PC. It is an ordering and delivery platform that brings alcohol right to your doorstep. The platform has gained a reputation for the efficiency of its home delivery services. The client base has grown tremendously since its founding due to these exemplary services.

The liquor store name idea has certainly worked well since it suits the numerous customers just fine. The name Drizly evokes the feeling of a drizzle. It is widely believed that the source of the name was the word drizzle, which suits the business quite fine since alcohol comes drizzling in when you order.

Acme Liquor Store

Acme Liquor Store was founded in Crested Butte, Colorado, in 2012. It has since established itself as a leading supplier of alcohol in the city and even online. The store is renowned for its huge variety of drinks that meet the diverse tastes of its clientele. Though it is not open until 9 am, its overall business has not been affected at all.

The name Acme is derived from the English word, which means something at its best or peak. Acme liquor has certainly attained its peak in the alcohol selling business. It is another simple name that is easy to remember and carries a lot of meaning. Moreover, it is another example of how simplicity can work for your liquor store name idea.

Reserve Bar

This is another online liquor supply platform that has attained high levels of success in its operations. It is another highly efficient company that people rely on to supply their alcohol 24 hours a day. Founded in 2013 in Ridgefield, Connecticut, the company has steadily grown its customer base of liquor lovers.

The name Reserve Bar serves the business very well. It signals a bar where you reserve your drinks in advance. What is outstanding about the name is that it uses simple English words to build a high-profile and renowned brand. Sometimes if you want the best liquor business name idea, the approach that works is to keep it simple. This approach has certainly worked for this online liquor store.

Banks Wine & Spirit

What do banks have to do with wines and spirits? At this company, you will find out the connection. Banks was founded in 2003 in Melville, Denver. It provides in-store shopping and curbside pick-up services. Russel and Mackie Banks were founders, which explains where the name came from.

The use of the family name is a common occurrence in naming businesses. So long as the name does not distort things by creating meanings as opposed to the company’s aim, there is no problem. The success of Banks Wines & Spirits is ample proof that family names work just fine, and you can also try it out for your business.

Unique advice content for using the liquor store name generator

The idea of the name comes from you. The liquor store name generator does not create a name for you. It only helps you create a name out of your ideas. So you should take time to come up with ideas, consult other people if you must. What you feed into the generator will result in what you get out of it.

Furthermore, it would help if you also subjected the name you generate to some public scrutiny before you finally adopt it. Ask the people around to see how they react to it. The fact that it sounds good to you does not mean it suits the rest of the world.

The liquor store name generator enables you to register a domain. The sooner you do that, the better. Great minds happen to think alike, so if you delay too much, you might find your proposed name already taken.

5-tips for creating unique liquor store business name ideas

  • Use your family name if it doesn’t have a meaning that directly opposes the liquor business idea. Holy liquors, for instance, may sound contradictory. Using such a name may bring out religious connotations that your clients may not easily relate to. Try to avoid sending such contradictory messages as much as you can.
  • Use a name that is as simple as possible, and you will be surprised how often people ignore simple everyday words and expressions such as ABC and Acme. However, you should adjust it if it is not readily available for registration. When it comes to business names, the rule of thumb is that the simpler they are, the better. The liquor store name generator will give you names as simple as possible based on this principle.
  • Use acronyms instead of whole names where possible. Acronyms with extraneous meanings completely distort the idea you wished to put across in your name. The acronym should be easy to pronounce and remember for your potential clients, and it should also not create an unintended meaning. However, the liquor store name generator will not create acronyms for you. Nonetheless, it can abbreviate two words into one.
  • Change letters or words in the original name until you find one that is unique. Such changes should not substantially change the original meaning of your intended liquor store name idea.
  • You can include the name of your town or business location if that will help in making the name unique. However, remember that other businesses have definitely used the town name, so only the word combinations you use will help make your choice one of a kind. You can try the town name with others in the liquor store name generator to see what comes out.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can type up to 6 words into the liquor store name generator and pick from among the names that come out. You should carefully choose the 6 words to represent what you want to go into the name.

The liquor store name generator works by creating unique names from the words you type into it. It also helps you to register a domain for your chosen business name.

Like in any other business, you have to work hard to enable your liquor business to succeed. If you put in sufficient effort, you will find yourself making a lot of money. Generally, running a liquor store business is more profitable and can earn you huge sums.

Our liquor store name generator is the most original and efficient business name generator online. We constantly update the name suggestions on our generator using the entries we receive from users each month.

A liquor store name generator is free to use. Moreover, you don't need any login information to start using it right away!


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