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How To Name Your Drinks Business

It is projected that the US alcoholic drinks market is expected to grow by 9.06% annually, but the soft drinks industry is not far behind either with an estimated annual growth of 4.86%.
The drinks business is a lucrative business in the US, and if you’re looking to move into it by creating your own business, you may be trying to come up with a catchy business name! If so, check out our drinks business name generator to find a wealth of resources to help you name your new drinks business!

I’m Alex and I’m going to be guiding you through the process of choosing a drinks business name. Whether you’re looking for quick ideas or well-thought-out business name ideas from our drinks name generator, this article will help you out!

20 Drinks Business Name Ideas

20 Drinks Business Name Ideas

One of the best ways to come up with new business name ideas is to brainstorm all of the words you associate with your business. Your products could be fizzy and fun or sleek and sophisticated, try inputting them into our drink name generator and see what it suggests. Here’s what I got!

  1. Soda Treat
  2. Soda Joe
  3. Soda Fresh
  4. Cocktail Bazaar
  5. Cocktailtastic
  6. Fountain Drinks
  7. Junction Fizzy
  8. Drinksify
  9. Fast Drinks
  10. Quick Cocktails
  11. Topic Cocktails
  12. Gourmet Drinks
  13. Drinksology
  14. Drip Drinks
  15. Sip Drinks
  16. Sip Soft
  17. Perfections Beverages
  18. Fuel Beverages
  19. Devine Beverages
  20. Brew Beverages

20 More Drinks Business Name Ideas

  1. Icy Blast
  2. Daring Drinks
  3. Dressed Up Drinks
  4. Ice Cold Cup
  5. Get Your Gulpe
  6. Thrive Thirst
  7. Lemon Zing
  8. Splash
  9. Thirst Burst
  10. Sip and Savor
  11. Crest bottles
  12. Glitz bottles
  13. Soda-licious
  14. Natural Nectar
  15. Jammin Juice
  16. Hydro Flow
  17. Thirst Quencher
  18. Sizzle
  19. Sweet Treat
  20. Bubble Berry

Best Real-world Drinks Business Names

Best Real-world Drinks Business Names

If you’ve had a chance to try out our drinks business name generator but you’re still trying to find a name that works, check out these five fantastically named brands. These names are the best real-world drinks business names we can think of that are well-known to the masses. Have a read of why we think they work so well.


This name is a play on the word appetizer and the appletiser brand used this to denote the appetizing nature of the drink while referencing the small bite, hor d’oeuvres used to whet one’s appetite and awaken the taste buds before a meal.

Aside from the snappy wordplay that draws attention to the great taste of the drink, this name also offers us an insight into the flavor of the drink, making it an easy choice for apple lovers.


Another example of wordplay, J2O references the chemical formula for water (H2O), offering this juice drink up as a fruity and flavorful alternative to water.

In addition to its catchiness, J2O also offers insight, again, into the contents of the drink. The J replaces the H of the chemical formula for water, telling us that this is pure juice.


Invoking images of tropical beaches and turquoise oceans, this play on the phrase ‘sun-kissed’ lets the consumer know that the drinks you’re going to get are fruity, flavorful, and likely tropical.

The slang, speech-like spelling of ‘Sunkist’ makes this brand name feel familiar and draws the consumer towards a product that they know.


Another fruity, carbonated drink option, Crush denotes a mix of fruits, all crushed together, offering a tasty blend of fruit flavors.

Crush serves the dual purpose of invoking images of crushed and juiced fruit, as well as the powerful symbol of ‘crushing’ one’s goals. A well-thought-out name that evolved with language to become something more.

No. 1 Botanicals

Named for the ‘super-botanicals’ that the brand uses in their beverages, consumers know exactly what to expect from this brand: botanicals!

The brand focuses on the healing power of botanicals and their name shows it. Offering a sophisticated and to-the-point name, the brand name tells you what you’re going to taste before you even drink it.

Unique Content for the Niche

From Coca-Cola to Fanta to Mountain Dew, drink brands’ names roll off our tongue, reminding us of the flavors and experiences of those drinks, and with so many to compete with, coming up with a drinks business name may be more difficult than you think. Even with our drinks business name generator, you may find you’re not hitting the mark with your brand name.

With so many ideas, it may be helpful for you to turn to our soda name generator, or cocktail name generator, depending on your beverage type, and plug in some keywords that describe the flavor and feel of your drink. Drink business names have historically contained nods to both ingredients of the drink and the names of the inventors of the drink, but also use foreign words, slang words, and even references to mythical names.

Drinks names need to conjure images in the minds and tastes on the tongues of consumers, and your brand name can help. Is it manufactured in hot climates, or with botanicals from a particularly famous tree? Use your recipe’s uniqueness to create a memorable and distinctive name.

5-Tips for creating unique Drinks Business name ideas

When you begin using our drinks name generator, you may be going in blind. Below we’ve gathered five fantastic tips for creating a unique drinks business name. Check them out and start using our drinks business name generator to its full potential.

1. Brainstorm, brainstorm and then brainstorm some more

As addressed above, there are lots of words associated with drinks… fizzy, carbonated, soft, alcoholic, cocktail, fruity, smooth. These words are a great starting point but for a really unique name, we need to start thinking about what you’re bringing to the table.

Does your recipe use completely unique ingredients? Have you uncovered a one-of-a-kind blend, or a once-lost herb and used it in your beverage? If yes, use this uniqueness in your name. Brainstorm all of the words associated with your recipe’s individualism and use them to create a distinctive and memorable name.

2. Think about how it rolls off the tongue

You want people to be able to recall your drink brand’s name, tell their friends about it, and speak it in a conversation. It needs to roll off the tongue and be easy enough to pronounce (though something could be said for brands whose names everyone is arguing over the pronunciation of…).

Make sure your drink’s business name isn’t too long and doesn’t contain too many long words. Make it snappy, catchy, and most of all, make it memorable.

3. Ask people

There isn’t anyone better to ask about your drinks brand name than those you want to sell to. Call up your friends, email your colleagues, and get the word out. Ask people about your business name ideas. See how they react, what they associate with your brand name, and how that works with the image of the drinks business you want to create.

4. Check your name out

This seems obvious, but there is no point in using a drinks business name if someone else already has it. Do a quick google search and find out who else is using the name. Check the domain availability too and if you find it’s free, you could be ready to use your drinks business name.

5. Use our drinks business name generator

If you’re really stuck, go back to the drawing board and use our drinks business name generator to find unique and catchy drink business names. For soft beverages, our soda name generator will offer masses of fun and quirky names, and for non-alcoholic cocktails, our cocktail name generator can work with you to find sophisticated and catchy brand names.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Creating a catchy business name can include a few key things, such as: -Make up your own word! Smash two words together and create a fun new word for people to say.

-Make it short, easy to remember, and easy to pronounce.
-Use alliteration, rhyming, and other language choices that make your name stand out.
-Drop letters, or replace them completely. For example, ‘-er’ becomes ‘-a’ for a colloquial take on a word.

Names for soft drinks can come from a whole range of inspirations. Everything from the place where it is made and unique recipe elements to the way it is made and the person who made it can inspire the name of a soft drink. The best way to choose a good soft drink name is to decide how you want it to be perceived. Do you want people to think of it as a fun and fruity treat, or a sophisticated and stylish beverage? Choose how you want people to recall your drink and go from there.


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