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Complete Guide to Naming Your Natural Business

Our natural business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get natural business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

The search for natural, clean and chemical-free solutions is becoming more popular. Many commercial brands have suffered due to the fact that consumer preferences and needs are changing. As a result, a new market segment has gained a lot of popularity – the natural products segment.

While the term often refers to cosmetics, natural companies can specialise in many other areas – food, cleaning supplies, laundry products, supplements and alternative medicine products to name a few. All of them are united by the fact that the formulas feature natural and clean ingredients.

Cleanness, purity and natural origin are words often associated with such brands. These phrases carry positive connotations and distinguish the items from mass production. Very often, natural businesses put emphasis on the fact that the ingredients are locally-sourced and sustainable.

Natural products are still considered niche because they tend to be more expensive than their mass manufactured counterparts. Still, the market segment is growing as more people are beginning to look for such options. Entering the market now makes a lot of sense, especially if you have something unique to offer or you don’t have a lot of local competition.

Demographic Interests

Natural products tend to be quite popular among younger, well-educated individuals. Their income level is also higher than the average and they tend to be urban dwellers.

While the demographic profile does vary on the basis of the specific product or niche characteristics, natural items tend to be more popular among women. Still, the profile of the buyer is becoming more and more diversified.

Some of the biggest consumer groups that choose natural products include young people, medical professionals who understand the importance of going local/chemical-free, busy professionals who lead a hectic lifestyle but would like to be healthy and those who are healthy but believe that natural is better or tastier than the alternatives.

Competitor Name Analysis

Honest Tea

Started by a college student and a professor, the company has now been acquired by Coca-Cola. Honest Tea promises USDA organic, 100 percent natural and unsweetened drinks as an alternative to other iced teas that are filled with sweeteners and chemical additives.


A natural cosmetic company, Aveeno has a named inspired by the Latin name of one of the key ingredients found in the products – common oat or Avena sativa.

Seeds of Change

The company specialises in organic and rare seeds for agriculture. It has a green mission, which is the change that the company hopes to promote in the field.

Lightlife Foods

The company works on natural, plant-based alternatives for meat products, which is where the “light” in the title is derived from. In a sense, the company’s mission is to protect nature and reach a wide range of people by making vegetarian foods tasty.

Food Should Taste Good

A great name that says it all. Food Should Taste Good is a company that manufactures natural snacks (GMO, gluten, artificial flavour and preservative-free) that are also considered delicious.

Yes to

The company makes high quality items featuring fruits and veggies (say yes to natural ingredients – that’s the title reference). The different cosmetics collections also have fun names – Say Yes to Cucumbers, Grapefruit, Tomatoes, Carrots and so on.


Natural companies are still not mainstream, thus, they’re perceived as somewhat alternative. This fact gives you a lot of freedom in terms of name selection. You can make it meaningful, fun, catchy, humorous – just choose the approach that elevates the brand message.

Our Business Name Generator can help, whether you need a source of inspiration or you want to create multiple variations from a phrase that you’re drawn to. Give it a try and you’ll also get information about domain name availability.

To get started, you may want to include the following natural business phrases in your brainstorming list:






















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Natural Business Name Inspiration

  1. Sunkissed Cheeks: if you’re making natural cosmetics, the name will be ideal for your brand. It’s going to appeal to a relatively young demographic.
  2. A Box of Herbs: the name could apply to various different types of businesses – cosmetic, essential oils, supplements, herbs and vegetables, etc. it carries something natural and pure in its name.
  3. Nova Natura: another name that is pretty generic but that could be enhanced and specialised through the selection of the right tagline.
  4. Bask in the Sun: a phrase that brings on so many positive emotions. Such a company may sell cosmetics, fair-trade and cruelty-free swimsuits, supplements and various others.
  5. Nature for You, Baby!: natural products are in particularly high demand as far as it goes to child and baby care.
  6. Strawberry Kisses: the concept is similar to one of the examples mentioned above – the name refers to the natural ingredients utilised in the creation of the products.
  7. Meadow Creations: most people envision greenery, purity and lushness when thinking about a meadow. This is why the name is a great pick for a natural business.
  8. ReVitalize: vital is another word that has positive connotations for those who seek a natural and healthy lifestyle.
  9. From the Small Farm: local, made ethically and sustainable products are very popular. The number of people who want to support small local farms is growing and the name makes use of the fact.
  10. Lilac Beauty: a generic, yet meaningful name for a company that makes natural makeup, cosmetics or skincare items.

What Not to Name Your Natural Business

Don’t go for the cliché – it’s easy, it’s well-known and its boring. You may feel tempted to throw “mother nature” into the name of your company but how bland is that? There are so many alternative ways to say natural and sound fresher.

Keep it short. You may want to explain everything about the company in the title and the slogan (local, natural, certified, chemical or paraben-free, ethically sourced, etc.) but you can’t accomplish this goal. Pinpoint the one most defining characteristic for your brand. The rest can be explained when you start crafting marketing campaigns.

Location isn’t that important to add to the name, unless it carries a special meaning, like affecting the quality of the ingredients or the final product.

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