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How To Name Your Natural Business

Is capturing the essence of nature and its worldly goodness your mission statement? Do you provide your clients with natural produce and sustainability? Your only issue is you’ve been stuck for a while trying to decide between nature business names.

With more and more businesses adopting a Corporate Social Responsibility (CPR) model, you’re going to want a nature business name that reflects your eco-friendly principles.

We all know how tough it can be to invent that original name that blows everyone away. To give you some guidance, our dedicated business name services are here to help you. Stay with us as we take you through everything you need to know about the process.

To get your ideas flowing, why not try our highly rated Natural Business Name Generator. You can find a number of unique names that include clever wordplay and original mash-ups.

By using our Natural Business Name Generator, you will begin to notice types of words and names that suit your businesses. If you need a more in-depth breakdown of the naming process, real-life lineages of amazing natural business names, and tips you can’t find anywhere else, then keep reading this article!

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Updated Sep 7, 2021

20 Natural Business Name Ideas

To get you started with our Natural Business Name Generator, we have inputted some words that reflect earthy and nature names. Take your time looking at the list below and see if any names catch your eye!

  1. The Natural Cauldron
  2. Organic Beltline
  3. Natural Sanctuary
  4. Harmony and Balance
  5. Eco-Friendly Gurus
  6. Resource Nature
  7. Sustainable Greens
  8. Resourcing Natural Solutions
  9. Bliss Meadows
  10. Life Pathway
  1. Genic Solutions
  2. OrganicWorks
  3. Forest Utopia
  4. Willow and Nurture
  5. Easy Organic Living
  6. Go Primal
  7. Exist Well
  8. Harmony Botanical
  9. NatureLux
  10. NatureX Solutions

20 More Natural Business Name Ideas

  1. Fresh and Flawless
  2. Blend Botanicals
  3. Brilliant Biology
  4. Eco Emollient
  5. Enriching and Earthly
  6. Gentle Herbals
  7. Outdoor Goddess
  8. Mirth of the Earth
  9. Natural Magic
  10. Organic Radiance
  1. Resilient Skincare
  2. Sustainable Skin
  3. Innate Creations
  4. Nature’s Instincts
  5. Rad Organics
  6. Natural Blast
  7. Beautiful Bounty
  8. Our Gorgeous Globe
  9. Vibrantly Wild
  10. Zemlya

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Best Real-world Natural Business Names

With some of the most known companies in the world going green, 2021 is the right time to get on the eco-friendly path.

Consumer habits are now pointing to all-natural lifestyles. There are also a number of benefits for these natural businesses that avoid harmful chemicals and wasteful materials. Studies today show that more than half of consumers would pay that little extra for sustainable products.

If you picked up a couple of new ideas from our Natural Business Name Generator, you may also be wondering how your natural approach matches up with other companies. Choosing between nature names for business purposes that benefit your customers may involve researching the natural business industry.

To make things easier for you, we have delved into the most successful businesses that are embracing green and natural products. Take a look at each name and see how their choices reflect eco-friendly principles. Here is a quick breakdown:

  • TOMS
  • Patagonia
  • Beyond Meat
  • LUSH Cosmetics
  • Amazon

This list showcases the demand for “go green” campaigns. From fashion to technology, these organizations make use of names that show how vital eco-friendly processes are to secure a more sustainable business model.



Known around the world as a brand committed to sustainability, the fashion outlet TOMS is producing shoes with the future in mind. Founded and designed by Blake Mycoskie, his mission was to launch a business model that would donate a pair of shoes to children in need every time a consumer made a purchase.

Just look at how the very name TOMS represents forward-thinking principles. TOMS derives from the word “tomorrow”. It was born out of Mycoskie’s original concept of “shoes for tomorrow”.

Patagonia Logo


As a world-renowned outdoor brand, Patagonia’s mission statement is to create the best possible products without harming the environment. They are on the front line of environmental activism.

Their name refers to the mountainous region in South America that belongs to the southern area of the Andes Mountains. The individuals who set up the company decided on the name when journeying across these mountains.

They know that an eco-friendly company also involves reconnecting its employees and customers with natural landscapes.

Beyond Meat Logo

Beyond Meat

With the meat industry acting as a gigantic barrier to climate change, Beyond Meat understands the severe environmental impact of this production.

Beyond Meat is changing this one step at a time. Providing a diverse amount of plant-based products, they are asking customers to move “beyond” their comfortable meat diet.

Lush Logo


You might know about their famous bath bombs and smelly goodness, but LUSH is one of the most eco-friendly brands in the world.

On their website, LUSH is defined as “fresh, green, and verdant”. If it’s earthy names for business you want, then try to see how the word you choose evokes feelings about nature.

Choose an Environmentally Conscious Business Name

As you can see, in 2021 it’s more apparent than ever that consumers are more conscious of their purchases. A number of studies have revealed that 82% of customers track the sustainability of the businesses they buy from.

With scientists, activists, and politicians worldwide fighting for a business model that can secure the future of the planet, it’s important to know how your brand reflects an environmentally conscious outlook.

It’s not as simple as choosing between nature names for businesses that make use of organic language, your name needs to connect with an eco-friendly mindset.

Brand Image

The name you choose is going to represent your trademark. It will not only sell your business, but it will represent your values and principles. From your brand logo to your motto, you need to strike an affinity with your target audience.

The demand to “go green” is not as simple as voicing social and environmental concerns. If you’re choosing a name that includes “organic”, “eco-friendly”, or “natural”, you need to deliver on your message.

The last thing you want is to shuffle through nature business names when your company is not ready to commit to this type of production.

Think Beyond Profit

More socially conscious consumers mean that your name and brand identity must show customers that you’re not just interested in profit.

Keep in mind that the most successful environmentally friendly businesses in 2021 benefit from a strong reputation of putting principles before profit

5-Tips for creating unique Natural Business name ideas

1. The Difference Between Looking Good and Doing Good

Today an eco-friendly business must promote transparency. If not, more informed consumers will see straight through your brand. The point here is not to just choose between nature names for businesses that look good on the surface.

You should be looking at names that commit to a better future and simultaneously capture your sustainable strategies. Ask yourself deep questions such as: How am I securing a better future? Is my business socially conscious? Am I looking into any non-profit organizations?

2. Try Promoting Eco-Friendly Materials

If you want your consumers to know that you’re socially conscious of future thinking, then try including sustainable materials in your name. Have a look at this list of the most eco-friendly building materials in the world.

Is your company using any of them in your production processes? If so, think about how they can be incorporated into your trademark. Here are the top 5 materials:

  • Bamboo
  • Cork
  • Recycled Wood and Metal
  • Precast Concrete Slab
  • Sheep’s Wool

3. Research Green Business Models

As traditional business models are drastically changing to commit to a better future, you should be prioritizing minimal environmental impact.

Before sifting through nature names for business purposes or even trendy earthy names for business intentions, have a look at what constitutes a green business. Are you reducing the use of fossil fuels?

Understanding how you’re moving away from traditional business models is a great step towards finding a name that connects with more socially aware consumers.

4. Find an Eco-Friendly USP.

Have you found your Unique Selling Point? More importantly, what is your unique approach to helping the planet? A USP for natural businesses should be focused not necessarily on selling but on an ethical commitment to its consumers.

5. Do Your Research!

As you have seen in this article, great business nature names are eco-minded and well-informed about all the recent studies.

Take some time to understand what others are doing to protect the environment. There are a plethora of research papers that range from fashion to construction. Find what is most relevant to you and see what words define your principles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having read all the tips in this article, you may be interested in what others are wanting to know about nature business names. Have a look at the most frequently asked questions on the web.

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