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How To Name Your Green and Eco Business

How To Name Your Green and Eco Business

According to Shawmut, 54% of American businesses have formal green programmes in place, in a world that is more passionate than ever in making sustainability a priority for businesses. That’s a pretty crazy statistic, and you might be feeling inspired to set up your own green and eco business. In that case, you’ll need a totally unique business name to get you started.

I’m Molly, and I am here to guide you through that name picking process. Whether you want some motivation to begin the process or want to read about the best eco business names already out there, this article is sure to provide you with some catchy environmental names.

20 Green and Eco Business Name Ideas

20 Green and Eco Business Name Ideas

Down below are 20 of the best eco friendly names that I found whilst using our Green and Eco Business Name Generator. Have a read and see if any catch your eye.

  1. Blissful Green
  2. Climate Blessing
  3. Climate Connection
  4. Eco Healing
  5. Eco Sunshine
  6. Eco Thunder
  7. Energy Renew
  8. Everything Sustainable
  9. Fierce Climate
  10. Green Botanica
  11. Green Eclipse
  12. Green First
  13. Green Stream
  14. Reclaim Green
  15. Renew Blessing
  16. Renew Glory
  17. Renew Waves
  18. Sustainable Hippie
  19. Sustainable Hive
  20. Sustainable Smile

20 More Green and Eco Business Name Ideas

  1. EcoKnow
  2. Grow Green
  3. Without Waste
  4. EcoVille
  5. Simply Green
  6. EcoTopia
  7. Eco Den
  8. GreenLife
  9. Mother Nature
  10. Green Saver
  11. Ecoscience Agency
  12. Greenmoulds Services
  13. Agroworld Products
  14. Agrowex Services
  15. Biocrest Energy
  16. Vegtalex
  17. AgroTech
  18. Green Mile
  19. Green Code
  20. Earth Clean

Best Real-world Green and Eco Business Names

Before we offer you some of our top tips when it comes to creating your own business name, there are already some great eco friendly names out there. It’s always best to research these and see what has made them so successful. Plus, you might feel inspired by a few of them.

A Good Company

This company exists to create sustainable everyday products. Specializing in stationery and quirky gifts, each and every product is 100% sustainable and good for the environment.

The name is extremely unique and makes customers feel good knowing that they are purchasing products that are causing no damage to the environment. ‘Good’ represents the good work they are doing to ensure sustainability is their top priority.


Preserve are known for selling eco-friendly products that are made from recycled plastics, including kitchen utensils and razors.

The name is simple but extremely effective. Preserve as a definition means to maintain something in its original or existing state. Therefore, this business name sums up the company perfectly.


This zero waste food company provides customers to bulk buy food using their own reusable containers.

Again, this name sums up exactly what the business offers; customers can enjoy food knowing that they aren’t contributing to excess and unnecessary packaging. The name is stripped back and honest, just like the company’s beliefs.

Green Toys

Specializing in toys that are made with 100% recycled materials, Green Toys are made with your baby’s safety in mind. They are 100% US made, meaning they save energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

The business name automatically makes the audience aware that these toys are much better for the environment than if you were to purchase them from anywhere else. It can put customers’ minds at ease knowing that they are investing in something good for the environment.

Yes Straws

More and more people are turning away from plastic straws and Yes Straws is the best place to purchase 100% biodegradable straws made from only natural materials.

From the business name alone, customers are aware that they can say ‘Yes’ to these straws knowing that they are having a positive impact on the environment. Having the product within the name also makes customers understand the brand more.

Unique Content for the Niche

When coming up with eco friendly names, consider what your brand values and beliefs are. Having this reflected in your name will really help your business to stand out, plus customers will be aware of how passionate you are when it comes to global issues.

For example, if you are passionate in creating a packaging free, no plastic use brand, then you might want to use language within your name to reflect this. Using words that sound stripped back could include:

  • Pure
  • Simple
  • Unvarnished
  • Natural
  • Bare
  • Basic
  • Naked
  • Exposed

Using these words will allow your customers to understand your brand’s values, making them want to be a part of this passionate community.

5-Tips for creating unique Green and Eco Business name ideas

1. Get brainstorming

Businesses don’t just name themselves, therefore getting the motivation to get yourself started can be hard. I like to take it back to the good old-fashioned method of grabbing a piece of paper and a pen and jotting down any ideas that come to mind.

Try writing down words that you associate with the environment or being eco-friendly, and come up with a list of around 10 different words.

You can pop these words into our Green and Eco Business Name Generator and see what sort of suggestions are curated. It really is the easiest tool to use if you’re struggling to come up with eco friendly names.

2. Avoid being too wordy

Sometimes, keeping it short and simple can be really effective. As we saw in the real-world name examples, ‘Preserve’ uses this one word to represent its brand, which is immediately understood by the audience.

Sometimes the idea of using a phrase or more than 2 words can be enticing, but stripping it back and using one or two words means that your business is easier to search for and recommend to others.

See if you can use a word that has an alternative spelling. This will keep it simple but will also add an element of quirkiness to your brand.

3. Ask for feedback

This is perhaps one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your eco friendly names are going to be well received by your audiences.

Try to gather a small group of people and present them with a list of around five potential eco friendly names. You can ask them questions such as:

  • What sort of things do you associate with our business name?
  • What sort of business do you think we are?
  • How likely are you to check out our business based on the name alone?

You can even ask your audience to rate each name on a scale from 1-10. This will give you a clear indication as to which names are really popular and which names you should probably get rid of.

4. Check for domain availability

This is one of those mistakes that a lot of businesses make, and even though it is common to do, it is easily avoidable! You don’t want your list of eco friendly names to vanish in a heartbeat knowing that you can’t actually use any of them.

To avoid this from happening, simply do a quick Business Name Search online. This will show you whether the name you like is available to use in your country/state.

You want your business name to be unique to you; the more unique, the better. If your name is especially unusual, then you know you won’t have to worry about confusing your business with another one that has a similar name. This will make setting up websites and social media handles a lot easier too.

5. Use our Green and Eco Business Name Generator

Hopefully these tips have been super useful so far and you already have some eco friendly names noted down. Can we take this opportunity to remind you about our Green and Eco Business Name Generator. It really is the perfect tool to use when it comes to naming your eco business and takes no time at all!

Simply think of some words that you associate with the environment, pop them into the generator and sit back and relax whilst dozens of name options are presented to you. There really is no other way to find eco friendly names or to take inspiration from the ones that you like.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It can be quite daunting knowing that you’ve got a business to name, especially one that you want to have an eco-friendly impact. The best thing to do is to think about the message you want to convey; in this case it should be about how passionate you are about being green and eco-friendly. Here are a few catchy environmental names to get you started: -EcoKnow -Grow Green -Without Waste -EcoVille -Simply Green

When a company classes themselves as ‘green’, it means that the company has a beneficial effect on the environment, its local community, or economy. A green company has minimal negative impact on the world around us and is passionate about sustainability and supporting the environment.


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