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How To Name Your Training Course Business

According to LinkedIn, 94 percent of employees would stay with a company longer if there was an investment in learning. You might be looking to set up your own training course business, in which case, you’ll need a fun and unique name to stand out from the rest of the competition. 

Hi there! I’m Molly Cross and I am here to guide you through how to come up with the perfect name for your training course business. Below I will give you 20 examples using our training course name generator. 

The name generator is easy to use, and I’ll also give you advice on how to go about naming your training course business. 

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by Molly Cross

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Updated Sep 23, 2021

20 Training Course Business Name Ideas

We’ve found 20 unique Training Course Business names by using the Training Course Name Generator. Take a look at these great names and see if any interest you. 

  1. Coach Geek
  2. Coach Owl 
  3. Drill Champions
  4. Drill Fast 
  5. Education Better
  6. Education Champion
  7. Guidance Quest 
  8. Guidance Talent
  9. Guidance Unite
  10. Instructify
  1. Instruction Imagine
  2. Practise Access 
  3. Practise Nerd 
  4. Strive Warmup 
  5. Teaching Evolve
  6. Teaching Lab
  7. Tutor Den 
  8. Tutor Mode
  9. Tutorlia 
  10. Warmup Together

20 More Training Course Name Ideas

  1. SkillUp
  2. Disruptor Training
  3. No-Bull Bootcamp
  4. Mentee to Mentor
  5. Active Achievement
  6. Excel and Elevate Training
  7. Practice to Perfect
  8. Strive Training
  9. Commission Kings
  10. Get it, Sell it Workshop
  1. Productivity Today
  2. Mo-Money Masterclass
  3. Impact Training
  4. Excalibur Training
  5. PerfectPitch Sales Training
  6. Unbound Opportunities
  7. Road-to-Success Workshop
  8. Passion Chasers
  9. Limitless Horizons
  10. Alpha Entrepreneurs Workshop

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Best Real-world Training Course Business Names

Hopefully you’ve had the chance to use our Training Course Name Generator and have already found some innovative names for training programmes. 

If not, don’t worry, as there are plenty of training course businesses already out there with great names you can take inspiration from. It is worth researching existing names and seeing what makes them so successful. Here are some training course business names successful today: 



CrossKnowledge is currently the trusted learning partner for over 400 global brands, including Loreal, Alstom and Pandora. 

The name is good at representing exactly what their company is all about; crossing over knowledge from a range of courses to teach their audience about digital learning.

Integrity Solutions

Integrity Solutions

Integrity Solutions Limited is a leading supplier of business, project and quality management solutions. They aim to create an inspiring learning environment that helps teams to achieve their full potential. 

Integrity Solutions gets straight to the point of their service on offer, which is what makes the name so successful. Customers are sure to be rewarded with an integral solution if they go to the company for training. This is something to bear in mind when naming your own training course business; getting straight to the point means that your audience is aware of what you have to offer them. 



Skillsoft offers the broadest and deepest library of courses, books, and videos to help you thrive in your career. With over 180,000 tools available in 29 languages, Skillsoft is one of the leading training course businesses out there. 

The name incorporates the word ‘skill’, widely associated with training courses, to relate back to what the company is about. You know instantly that this business is offering some sort of coaching and guidance to develop your skills to the next level. 

360 Training

360 Training

Offering a range of online training courses, 360 Training is there so you can meet government and employer requirements. With over 4 million courses completed, the name really does suggest that the company has a whole range of courses on offer and the opportunities are endless.

The name works so well because the main word training lets the audience know what this company is about. Although it’s obvious, it lets the customers know what they are getting themselves into straight away without having to do much further research. 



As the leading solution provider, Trainocate offers high-end IT solutions to its customers delivered through a range of convenient modalities. 

This name is probably the most unique out of the 5, as it is a completely distinct made up word. Still incorporating the word ‘training’, it gets straight to the point whilst remaining fun and quirky. 

Unique Content for the Niche

All of these names sound completely different, whilst still incorporating the theme of training within their titles. 

When coming up with innovative names for training programmes, it is important that you remember to showcase what your company is all about. Your audience are coming to you to extend their knowledge, receive coaching and guidance, and to progress their learning. Therefore, it’s worth incorporating some of these values into your company name so that they know you are trustworthy. 

It is also important to incorporate the subject of your training into your name. For example, if you are offering IT courses, then your business name will probably be different to a company offering health and safety courses. 

Try brainstorming specific words that relate to the courses you have on offer. You can even take these words and combine them with the word ‘training’ to come up with names that are straight to the point. 

Try combining these words into our Training Course Business Name Generator and see if any stand out to you! 

5-Tips for creating unique Training Course Business name ideas

1. Brainstorm Keywords Relating To Your Courses

As previously mentioned, you may want to already provide a hint of what courses your business has on offer. Are your courses perhaps education based? Or do they focus more on health and safety training? Whatever it is, try to come up with 5-10 words that you associate with that subject. 

Once you have a nice list of keywords, put these into our Training Course Business Name Generator and see what suggestions pop up. Not all of them will stand out to you, but there are sure to be a handful that you can note down and perhaps mix and match with other ideas to find your perfect name. 

Getting ideas down using a pen and paper can make you feel much more inspired. You can also try doing word mind maps, and see what other words you can associate with ones you have already come up with. 

2. Keep It Simple

When it comes to deciding a name, it can sometimes be easy to overdo it and use as many words as possible to try to sound more professional and sophisticated. However, this can over complicate it and make your name harder to pronounce. 

Although you might want to use keywords that only your audience may know, you want other people to be able to understand the name of your business too. 

If you think your name sounds over-complicated, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the name contain more than 2 words?
  • Would someone who doesn’t associate with the subject understand the meaning of the name?
  • Does the name not make sense when you say it out loud? 

Sometimes, just small tweaks will make your name sound much better. For example, if your name has 3 or more words, try to see if it sounds better as an abbreviation. This might make it sound shorter and snappier, whilst still using your desirable words. 

3. Do Your Research

We have already provided you with five of the best training course business names out there. However, it is worth doing your own research to see what names you like and want to relate to. 

If you like names that use alliteration, then you’ll probably want to use this within your own name. Your business name should be something you are proud of, and you are stuck with it for life! Therefore if you know what you look for as a customer, put this into your own business. 

See what common words are used within other training course business names. For example, the word ‘skill’ is commonly used in alot of training course businesses, mainly because of its association with training and its strong SEO. However, you also want your name to be unique, so sometimes it is best to avoid common words and to use something that is less ordinary but has just as much impact.

4. Check Domain Availability

You don’t want to think you’ve found your perfect business name to then be told that it already exists! You can avoid this simple mistake by checking the domain availability, and this can be done very easily in just a matter of seconds. 

We recommend that you do a quick Business Name Search online to find out if your name is available in your country/state. 

It is best to avoid using names that sound similar to companies already out there. You want to associate yourself away from your competition, and you don’t want to create confusion among your customers either! 

If you can’t find the name anywhere on the web, then our Training Course Name Generator can instantly find and register that domain today! 

5. Get Some Feedback

The best way to know if your training course business name is good or not is to test it out on your audience! After all, they are the ones who will be using your service and searching for your name. 

Try to avoid asking friends and family, as they might be biased and are more likely to praise your ideas because they aren’t your customers. 

Take your top name ideas and ask questions such as: 

  • What first comes to mind when you hear the name?
  • Do you understand what the name means?
  • How would you spell the name?

If you get positive feedback on some of your names, then you know you’re on the right track! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. If you have any other queries, or want to gain more information about how to go about naming your Training Course Business, then it may be worth checking out other frequently asked questions. Remember to have a go of our Training Course Name Generator if you haven’t already! 

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