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Complete Guide to Naming Your Training Course Business

Our training course business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get training course business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

A training course that you’re putting out there and advertising to the general audience has to carry your signature. The number of fitness experts, personal trainers and exercise professionals has been growing exponentially over the past few years. Training programs come in all shapes and sizes, thus you will have to show what makes yours different.

Alternatively, the term training course could refer to corporate trainings and workshops. These are strictly created for a B2B audience and their primary purpose is to boost the qualifications of individuals within a certain professional field.

Whichever area you choose to build a business in, you have to work on establishing your reputation.

Your authority and experience within the respective field will be the key to attracting new customers, whether you have a fitness or a professional training course. When doing branding, you have to tell the world why you’re better and what makes your course different. Is it practical experience? Is it a hands-on approach? These are characteristics worth highlighting.

Demographic Interests

Awareness about the importance of fitness is growing. Thus, exercise programs are beginning to appeal to a wide range of people. Workout programs are mainly used by younger individuals who are either concerned about their health or who want to look better. These people are either middle class or wealthier because training courses, especially the personalized ones, are still considered a more or less expensive option for enhancing one’s fitness level.

As far as professional training programs go, these are entirely developed for the needs of the B2B crowd. Many companies are looking for ways to further the qualification of employees. For some, this is a chance to enhance productivity. Other see trainings as a good solution to a problem like a high turnover rate.

B2B clients are likely to have highly specific needs and demands as far as the parameters of the program and the manner in which the training takes place. Keeping up with current trends will be one of the prerequisites when it comes to impressing clients and maintaining their loyalty.

Competitor Name Analysis

The 5×5 Program

A workout course that has a pretty self-explanatory name. it ensures big gains by featuring five sets of exercises, each one featuring five repetitions.

Customer Centric Selling

This company develops sales training programs. Knowledge is delivered via the company’s leading sales methodology and the name tells you exactly what participants are going to learn.

Inspired eLearning

Another developer of training courses for corporations. The name makes it clear that the medium of preference for the delivery of the educational materials is the internet.

FST-7 Training

Another exercise training program. The name stands for Fascial Stretch Training – a program that’s aimed to stretch the fascia tissue, enhancing the structural integrity of the body.


Another straightforward name – an approach that performs particularly well in the busy corporate world.

Coach People

This company has a bit more casual name, regardless of the fact that it also provides corporate training courses. Coach People focuses on HR and organizational development coaching.

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It’s very important to narrow it down to one general type of training you’re going to be delivering via your program. Once you do, it will be much easier to brainstorm for an adequate name.

Try the Business Name Generator, if you want to explore different phrases and their variations. Simple to use and highly convenient, the generator will produce an array of phrases based on a keyword that you want to have included in your company title. Domain name availability information will also be provided.

To get started, try the following training program-related words:






Fitness program





Corporate development


Interactive learning


Live stream




Training Course Business Name Inspiration

  1. The eAcademy: a company that focuses on online courses and educational opportunities (whether corporate or in another field) can confidently adopt a name like The eAcademy.
  2. Future Leaders Academy: leadership and initiative are incredibly important for corporate development. If you can teach such skills through your program, make the fact known.
  3. Body Masters: a name that’s suitable for a fitness and workout course development company.
  4. Active Milestone: learning often occurs bit by bit. A company that offers a bit of flexibility in terms of how learning sessions are structured can adopt this name.
  5. NutriTeach: lessons and courses focusing on proper nutrition and weight loss through the selection of the right foods can benefit from a name like this one.
  6. Accessible Knowledge: while the name is somewhat generic, it tells people exactly what they can expect to get from their interactions with the company.
  7. On Point: a learning centre or another educational facility can make such a name work through the adoption of the right branding approach.
  8. IntelliSkills: a good name for a company that works in the B2B field and offers different types of corporate training programs.
  9. Beyond Empowerment: knowledge and the acquisition of new skills can be incredibly empowering, which is why the name has incredibly positive connotations.
  10. Urban Active Programs: people who are busy professionals living in an urban environment will often be looking for training solutions that are tailored to their needs. Such a name would appeal to the respective crowd.

What Not to Name Your Training Course Business

There can be so many different types of training. Don’t adopt an ambiguous name if you offer a highly specific type of course. Let people who are looking for such an opportunity find you effortlessly. Generic names work for companies that offer different kinds of programs.

Sounding corporate and serious is good but avoid the clichés. To do so, carry out a bit of research and see what other training program developers call themselves. You will get tired of the similarities and the boring names pretty soon.

Choose a name that sounds catchy and that’s simple to pronounce and spell out. Yes, big words and complex vocab may make you sound more knowledgeable and sophisticated. Such a name, however, could turn into a potential nightmare as far as branding efforts go. You’ll have a very difficult time enforcing such a name and getting it to stick.

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