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Complete Guide to Naming Your Vape Business

Our vape business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get vape business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

While vaping was quite innovative and unorthodox a few years ago, it has become pretty mainstream today. This means that the competition in the sector and the number of companies developing their own e-cigs has grown.

Branding your products or your store is all about maximising the exposure while also following legal requirements that impose some limitations on advertising in the field.

The vaping industry is evolving rapidly. If you want to be successful, you will either have to feature the biggest innovations in your inventory or you will have to develop products that are in line with today’s hottest trends.

Something as simple as a new arrivals section in your shop, for example, can establish you as a pioneer and an innovator. You can accomplish the same goal through the selection of a suitable name and the crafting of brand identity elements on its basis.

Demographic Interests

Vape products are adult-only products. Most companies and stores in the field see clients in three age demographics – millennials, generation X individuals and baby boomers. Millennials are in their 20s or early 30s, they’re technologically-savvy and open to innovative products. This is also the hardest group to please because they rely on online information and testimonials to make purchasing choices.

Generation X individuals are in their late 30s to 50s. These people have made a transition to the world of digital technologies but they’re a bit more conservative than millennials. Generation X consumers adopt vaping because of the cost benefits or because of concerns about their health.

Baby boomers are in their 60s and beyond. While some of them have adopted new technologies, they’re not as keen as the previous two groups to make serious changes. Vaping may be prominent among baby boomers who are looking for a healthier alternative to smoking in an attempt to increase longevity. These individuals aren’t keen on online shopping and they’re much more likely to visit a brick and mortar venue.

Competitor Name Analysis


Juul is a leading vaping brand developed by PAX Labs. Ignoring the creative spelling, the name is pronounced as jewel and may refer to the accessory-like quality of the Juul vaporizer.

Nicopure Labs

The development company that makes electronic cigarettes tells potential buyers exactly what they could expect – pure nicotine.

Cookie King

This name could seem a bit odd at first but there’s a story behind its selections. The company makes e-cig liquids that carry the taste of different cookies and sweet temptations.

Liquid Nation Vapors

The term liquid makes it immediately clear that the company doesn’t manufacture standard tobacco products but rather e-liquids for vaping.

Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee

The concept here is similar to what Cookie King has to offer. This company manufactures vape juice that’s scented to be reminiscent of different caffeinated beverages – from almond cappuccino to white chocolate mocha.

Puff Monster

A name that’s a bit less literal. Puff Monster creates an immediate vision of vaping clouds and people who are fans of such products will get it immediately.


A good brainstorming session is essential when trying to name your vaping business. Just do a bit of online research and you’ll come across dozens of brands. To compete with what they have to offer, you need a fresh and original sound.

Our Business Name Generator will help you explore different words and phrases that may be a good match to the branding needs of your vape company. You will also get domain name availability to begin online branding immediately.

If you need some assistance to kick things off, try the following vaping-related vocabulary:




Vaping juice













Electronic cigar


Hookah pen

Personal vaporiser (PV)

Second generation

First generation

Vape Business Name Inspiration

  1. The Smokeless Cloud: a good and clever name because it’s indicative of the fact that vaping doesn’t produce smoke.
  2. Flavour House: different flavours and scents are one of the most prominent vaping liquid characteristics, hence the name is good for a manufacturer or a store.
  3. Cloud Chasers: while this name is a bit more interpretative, it stands out and it offers an original rendition of the theme.
  4. The Man Vape Shop: masculinity is very prominent in vaping advertising campaigns and branding efforts. If your message is tailored to the needs of men, make that known through name selection.
  5. Vape Autonomy: autonomy is another word that marketers link to masculinity, an attractive characteristic that guys wish they have.
  6. The Vape Space: a pretty generic name for a vape shop but it can provide incredibly creative branding options for the right marketing and visual team.
  7. Big Shot Vape: the phrase big shot usually refers to someone who’s confident and a bit of a player. It provides great branding options, especially when a vape shop targets the male demographic.
  8. SmartVape: if you want a brand that’s a beet more sleek and modern, a name like this one would be a good pick. It’s ideal for targeting millennials.
  9. VaporTastic: the wordplay here is pretty clear but the name is cute and it is memorable – two goals you should be striving to accomplish.
  10. Beyond Tobacco: vaping is providing people with a chance to move beyond tobacco. The name is pretty self-explanatory.

What Not to Name Your Vape Business

Even if you want the name to sound masculine, refrain from opting for a choice that sounds cocky or potentially arrogant. Remember that vaping is also popular among women and you don’t want to alienate these potential clients.

Focusing on the practical characteristics of vaping (easy, convenient, cost-efficient) could result in a pretty boring brand. Instead, try to provoke an emotion, something that individuals who choose vaping will experience and enjoy. The practical benefits can be highlighted further in an advertising campaign.

If you are targeting an older crowd, don’t pick jargon and terminology that will appeal to millennials. It’s very important to understand the niche market segment you will be serving from the very beginning. Otherwise, you will fail miserably when it comes to attracting the right crowd to your shop or products.