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Complete Guide to Naming Your Hipster Business

Our hipster business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get hipster business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Hipster is a person defined as following the latest trends, be it in the world of fashion or technology. Hipsters are typically youthful individuals who live in urban areas and would like to be hip. They’re loyal to certain brands and they rely on these to build a specific image.

A hipster company should bring something fresh and unseen to the table. Branding can provide amazing opportunities for telling a brand new story and appealing to the crowd of trend-setters.

With time, the definition of hipster has expanded to build an entire culture around the term. Indie and alternative music have become tied to this culture. Organic products, artisan items, crafts and artistic expression are also quite typical for the hipster movement.

You need to have a certain ideology that ties you to the values and beliefs held by these people. Progressive thinking and coming up with a solution that challenges the status-quo will classify your brand as hipster. The term is pretty loose and it encompasses many things. The way in which you present your ideas and your brand will be quite determining for how you are perceived.

Demographic Interests

Hipster companies appeal to a predominantly youthful crowd. These are people in their 20s and 30s, living in urban areas who want to express themselves in a specific way that’s different from quick fashion and the common options available today.

These young adults have a very pronounced appreciation of music styles like indie, chill-out, modern rock and alternative music. Their fashion sensibility is influenced by vintage and designers who’re known for being somewhat abstract. Hipsters have well-defined political views and they hold a strong belief of supporting companies that are ideologically aligned with them.

Keep in mind that the term hipster itself is sometimes being used to belittle the very same group of people. Thus, these individuals would not call themselves hipsters. Keep this fact in mind when attempting to address the right crowd and craft a message that will be perceived in a positive way.

Competitor Name Analysis

Urban Outfitters

The lifestyle retail company has a name and a philosophy that appeal to the 20-something and 30-something crowd. While the name Urban Outfitters was chosen in 1976, it still sounds contemporary today.


The skateboarding shoes are defining for an entire generation of young individuals. Vans shoes are named after the founder of the company – Paul Van Doren.

Natural American Spirit

The brand of American cigarettes is backed up by the philosophy of using organic tobacco. This fact, combined with the relevant name, turns Natural American Spirit into a company that embodies the essence of being a hipster.


Bianchi bicycles have also appealed to the hipster crowd. Named after the company founder Edoardo Bianchi, this is the oldest bike brand in the world and it’s also known for a number of proprietary developments.

Band of Outsiders

This company is named after a film by Jean-Luc Godard and it manufactures clothes that appeal to a youthful, niche segment of the population.


The re-emergence of the Keds nostalgia is particularly defining for the hipster movement. The company was to be called Peds from the Latin word for feet. This name, however, was already trademarked and this is how Keds came in existence.

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A good hipster brand sounds upscale but also somewhat rebellious. Accomplishing both goals is not an easy task, which is why a bit of brainstorming will be beneficial. Think about who you are and what defines you. If you can answer these questions, you can bring a strong brand.

Our Business Name Generator will help you explore multiple variations of the same idea until you identify the title that you like the most. Check out our domain name generator to find amazing domain names for your hipster business.

Here are a few great word and phrase choices to inspire your brainstorming efforts:








Artisan foods


Fashion statement






Liberal arts









Hipster Business Name Inspiration

  1. Lumberjack Couture: the lumberjack beard is a pretty defining element for a guy who belongs to the hipster crowd. Thus, the reference will be understood immediately.
  2. LiberateD: as already mentioned, making a statement and standing for something with your brand is defining for appealing to the hipster crowd.
  3. Transcending Beauty: cosmetics and makeup companies need to adopt a more alternative approach towards branding in order to appeal to the hipster consumer.
  4. Plaid and Pleats: not only does the name sound catchy, it’s also quite descriptive and it fits the hipster rhetoric this way.
  5. AnonyNo More: the hipster wants to have a voice and be anonymous no more, which is precisely what the name embodies.
  6. Whimsy & Comfort: this structure is quite common among hipster brands because it can be used to draw contrast or highlight interesting brand characteristics.
  7. Indie World: a generic name that could be adopted by an array of different companies.
  8. Reloaded: hipster fashion is often about the rebirth of forgotten fashion trends – something that the name is reminiscent of.
  9. Startr Pack: just another name that sounds good and follows the formula that makes it suitable for presenting to a youthful crowd.
  10. Wooden Bucket: a name that sounds natural and organic, which makes it a great choice for a food company.

What Not to Name Your Hipster Business

A name that’s out there for the sake of being out there will ring hollow. You need to focus on something that you’re passionate about, something that you truly believe in to get the right crowd excited about the idea.

Being way too abstract is also not a good approach. The name would sound pretty random and you’ll find it difficult to create a backstory that will move the brand forward.

You may feel tempted to choose a title that’s longer and a bit more explanatory. Such an approach, however, will take away from the memorability of the brand. A combination of two words is a great choice and it fits the “hipster formula.” You can also play with a single word that’s modified or create a meaningful portmanteau.

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