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2. Get Hipster Business Name Ideas

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Benefits of Our Hipster Business Name Generator

We’ve got all the tools to help you start you hipster business, including: 

Benefits of Our Hipster Business Name Generator

Instant creativity
Get hipster names in seconds. 

Get a supporting logo
Integrated logo maker for cohesive branding.

Check your domain is available
Instantly check domain availability and secure your hipster domain name. 

Put the names to a vote
Easily save and revisit your favorite names once you have got feedback.

Trademark checks
Check and secure a trademark for your chosen hipster brand name. 

Top Tips

How to Name Your Hipster Business

Whether you’re setting up a hipster clothing store, hipster restaurant name or quirky cafe, when naming a hipster business, it’s crucial to capture your brand’s unique vibe to speak to your target audience. Here are six top tips to name your hipster business. 

Identify Your Niche

Identify Your Niche

Identify the unique aspects of your business. Is it eco-friendly, focusing on sustainability? Does it specialize in vintage items, offering a nostalgic charm? Or is it artisanal, highlighting handcrafted quality? Use these characteristics to help guide the name you choose and help you to identify keywords.

Target Audience 

Target Audience 

Understand the values, interests, and lifestyle of your target hipster demographic. Are they more inclined towards eco-conscious living, a love for retro and vintage, or a preference for unique, non-mainstream products? Tailor your business name to reflect these interests.

Local Flair

Local Flair

Utilize local culture, landmarks, or slang. This makes your business name more relatable to the local community and gives it an authentic touch. Consider what makes your location unique and how you can weave that into your hipster business name.

Avoid Clichés

Avoid Clichés

Stay away from overused terms in the hipster community. Instead, aim for a fresh, inventive name that stands out. Think outside the box, and don’t be afraid to be a bit unconventional – that’s often what appeals to a hipster clientele.

Memorability Matters

Memorability Matters

Choose a catchy name that rolls off the tongue and is easy to say. This helps in word-of-mouth marketing, as a memorable name is more likely to be shared among friends and the community. Or even give you branding opportunities for supporting merchandise. 

Feedback is Key

Feedback is Key

Before finalizing your hipster name, test it with a small group from your target market. Get their opinions and see if the name is well received. This feedback can be invaluable in ensuring that your chosen name strikes the right chord with your audience. 

Get Inspired

20 Hipster Business Name Ideas for Inspiration

We’ve come up with some unique and memorable hipster business names to help you choose a hipster name. 

  • Retro Revival
  • Boho Brews
  • Crafted Charm
  • Vintage Verve
  • Indie Infusion
  • Artisan Avenues
  • Green Grind
  • Quirky Quarters
  • Nostalgia Nook
  • Urban Utopia
  • Eco Elegance
  • Rustic Radiance
  • Cultured Café
  • Heritage Haven
  • Mystic Mocha
  • Novelty Niche
  • Rebel Roast
  • Timeless Trends
  • Whimsical Warehouse
  • Zenith Zest
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our hipster name generator is an online tool designed to help entrepreneurs and creative individuals come up with unique, trendy, and catchy hipster names for their businesses that appeal specifically to the hipster market.

Yes, it is free to use as many times as you like.

Consider factors like how well it reflects your business ethos, its appeal to your target demographic, memorability, and ease of pronunciation. It's also a good idea to get feedback from potential customers or peers.


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