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How To Name Your Printing Company

Are you putting everything in place to be the next big American printing company? Starting off can be tough, especially in the commercial printing industry. The first thing you need is that perfect name that defines all the print and copy services you offer. 

You may be aiming to deliver high-quality printing services on a daily basis. Be it online printing, business printing, or direct mail, your print store name will reflect those specific needs. 

My name is Matthew, and I’m here to walk you through that tricky part of your business. As an owner or CEO, your name is your trademark. It dictates your brand identity, your values, and the logistical organizations you have in place.

This guide will include all the necessary tips and tricks for finding cool names for printing companies, so keep reading to find a competitor analysis, unheard of pointers, and 20 unique names.

Even though I will be your guide throughout, you should make use of our dedicated Printing Company Name Generator! In seconds, you can find quirky, rare, and creative business names. Refer back to this generator as you read on.      

20 Printing Company Name Ideas

By now you may have got to grips with the Printing Company Name Generator. Explore different keywords that relate to your business. Just look at these 20 unique names that we found with a single click: 

  1. Inspired Ink
  2. Pressed Quality
  3. Flex Your Printing
  4. Studio Printing Solutions
  5. Blueprints 4 U
  6. Proto Printing Services
  7. Edgy Graphics
  8. Tinting Printing
  9. Printingooze
  10. All-Star Printing Services
  11. Phoenix Scanning
  12. Azure Cache
  13. Browser Printing Solutions
  14. Attic Printers
  15. Bitesize Printing
  16. Casting Printer Solutions
  17. Equinox Paper Co.
  18. Elite Choice Paper
  19. Eden Papers
  20. Ecru Printing

20 More Printing Company Name Ideas

  1. Flawless Copies
  2. Perfect Printing
  3. SprintPrints
  4. Rapid Copies
  5. Swift Signs
  6. We Just Print
  7. Paper Brought to Life
  8. Plastics and Prints
  9. The Ink Family
  10. Prints by the Minute
  11. The Copy Masters
  12. The Dream Printers
  13. Prints Alive
  14. Classy Copies
  15. PrintYourStyle
  16. Flyers, Signs and Style
  17. Ink for Hire
  18. Print Genius
  19. Signs and Solutions
  20. Rapid Copies

Best Real-world Printing Company Names

With 20 unique names, you’re certainly on your way to finding that one that fits your values. Before jumping straight in with a name, it’s useful to conduct a competitor analysis of print store names. 

Don’t worry we’ve saved you the hassle and researched the biggest printing companies in the United States in 2021. Have a look at how their names represent brand identity and the services offered. 

You may even see yourself in some of these printing companies, especially when we look at their lineage. Let’s jump straight in! Here they are:

  • American Printing
  • EBSCO Media
  • O’Neil Printing
  • 4 Over Inc.
  • California Lithographers
  • Fong Brothers Printing
  • Insync Marketing Solutions
  • Sir Speedy

American Printing

Specializing in top-quality color printing, American printing is one of the most trusted companies in the United States. With distribution outlets all over the country, their name represents a dedicated national service. 

American Printing was born in America and is America through an through, investing in technology that commits to strengthening the national economy and environment. 

O’Neil Printing

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, O’Neil Printing aims to energize businesses with integrated print solutions. They have been in business since 1908. The company has stuck with the same name since its inception. 

From their first stores called “O’Neil Letter Shop”, they always acknowledge their roots. Doing this makes for a reliable brand that is trustworthy. 

Sir Speedy

Focused on website design and traditional direct mail, Sir Speedy is a trusted name across the United States.

Their name is written into the fabric of the company, providing high-quality printing at lightning-fast speeds. There is even an iconic ritual linked directly to their name: “Got a challenge, go to Sir Speedy”. This name is concise and catchy, which makes it memorable.     

Let Your Printing Method Dictate Your Name

Some print shop names tend to be less specific about the type of services they offer. While others like California Lithographers cite their process of printing.

As an experienced business owner, you’ll know the three main printing processes: digital printing, screen printing, and offset litho. If you focus on delivering a very specific type of service it may be useful to try and advertise that directly to your customers. Therefore, let them know from their first encounter with your business. 

3D Printing Business Names

For example, your company might be offering cutting-edge 3D printing services. The construction of three-dimensional objects is quickly rising in the consumer market, so trademarking your name with words like “3D”, “texture-mapped”, or “three-D” will surely show off your distinctiveness.

Sublimation Business Names

Perhaps you specialize in sublimation printing. Are you more focused on creating that perfect motif t-shirt or ceramic mug? If so, you’ll more than likely have access to special sublimation printers and inks.

Don’t let your expertise get lost in your advertising campaign!

Don’t let your expertise get lost in your advertising campaign. You have skill and knowledge in executing that perfect design so let your customers know. Think about names like:

  • InkThreads – pairing “Ink” with “Thread” shows a company specializing in printing on clothing.
  • SublimeGraphics Co. – this name suggests unrivaled high-quality designs and transfer services.
  • Ink & Silk – simple and short, this name implies that you’re producing ink transfers onto luxurious clothing.

Try some of these names in the Printing Company Name Generator, and see what variations pop up!

Digital Printing Business Names

One of the most popular types of printing in the modern world is digital-based. Transferring desktop files to a digital printing press for mass reproduction might be your niche. Are you printing on photo paper, synthetics, or cardstock?

Forms of printing such as these will work with a variety of media. You’ll be engaging with a variety of clients that will have different demands. 

Your best bet is to use words and terms that advertise your multitasking and media management qualities. Firstly, think of words that directly cite your use of digital-based printers such as “laser” or “inkjet”. 

Secondly, capture the variety of media companies you can support with your services. Speak to them with names like:

  • Mainstream Media Printing
  • Savvy Printing Services
  • Mass Media Ink       

5-Tips for creating unique Printing Company name ideas

1. Clear Up Your Brand Identity

Clear Up Your Brand Identity!

This point certainly leads on from the last section. We all know print shop names or even cool printing business names are never going to be the same. The printing industry is diverse and has many different sectors.

Don’t get lost with over-generalizations that advertise your business as simply offering common printing services. Ask yourself some questions and get clear on your brand identity. Is it 3D printing you specialize in? If so, let its technological advancements build your mission and values.

Once you’ve planned your strategy, based on principles from your products, it will make your life easier when choosing a name. You can even reach out to a dedicated brand strategy team, hiring an identity coach to really consolidate your vision.  

2. Make it Easy For Your Customers

Printshop names should always speak to the people you’re serving. The more you know about your future clientele, the easier it will be to find a name that connects with them. This is one of the best ways to create trust and honesty between customers and a business. A name they can rely on is one they will use over and over again.

3. Don’t Be Overwordy

The last thing you want as an up-and-coming printing company is to put your customers off at first sight. This is especially the case if a potential customer is viewing your business on their phone. You don’t want it being cut off or even taking up two lines of text. 

There is evidence to show that startup companies with shorter names are more likely to succeed. With this in mind, keep it short, concise, and memorable! Find single-word print shop names using our Printing Company Name Generator.

4. Don’t Choose a Name That Can’t Match Your Ambition

Picking a name that is too narrow may cause a lot of problems down the road. This means that if you’re thinking about using a geographical location in your name, think about future expansion. You don’t want to be limiting your business to say California when in 10 years’ time you could be in 3 different states. 

5. Complete a Trademark Search

There are many services available that allow you to conduct a trademark search. This means that if the name is available, you can check whether a service mark or trademark for that name is currently being used. If, not you’re free to go with your marketing and advertising campaigns. Start your search today by going to

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Try using names that are specific to your services. You want customers to know exactly what you offer, whether it’s 3D printing or sublimation work.

Try a few of these tips: See if the name sounds good when spoken aloud. Testing it out on GoogleAdWords will help. Make sure your name has some meaning to it.

Here is a list of unique and catchy 3D printing company names: The New Dimension, Shape Makers, Interstellar Printing, Dream 3D, Print 3D


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