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How To Name Your Book Company

If you are establishing a book company, whether a bookstore or a publishing company, you will need the perfect business name that reflects the genres and authors you represent. 

I have written this guide to help you find keywords to use the publishing company name generator. It will cover the best real-world bookstore names and publishing company names and what you can learn from them to name your business.

20 Book Company Name Ideas

I used the publishing company name generator to develop 20 book company names. I simply typed in some keywords associated with publishing and book stores for some initial naming ideas and chose the names I liked best.

  1. Verse Muse
  2. Verse Myst
  3. Poet’s Sprite
  4. Verse Novels
  5. Omni Verse
  6. Prose Cerberus
  7. Heart Fiction
  8. Wise Story
  9. Novellance
  10. Apex Fiction
  11. Rise Story
  12. Core Story
  13. Lift Fiction
  14. Page Prism
  15. Minotaur Authors
  16. Sprite Pages
  17. Cracked Authors
  18. Readingly
  19. Sapient Scripts
  20. Magna Words

The names from the publishing company name generator can serve as starting points for creating your name, or you can check the domain availability and use them as they are. 

Keep reading if you need more guidance on where to draw inspiration for your keywords and make full use of the publishing company name generator. I will cover the best sources for book company name inspiration that will make coming up with a distinct company name reflective of the books in your custody.

20 More Book Company Name Ideas

  1. Book Bound
  2. Better Books
  3. Book Buffet
  4. Bookends
  5. Books of Bliss
  6. Bookmarked
  7. Booksy
  8. Fast Books
  9. Books4U
  10. Page Pals
  11. Cover Cove
  12. Reading Nooks
  13. Royal books
  14. Grand books
  15. Book Worms
  16. Storyline Books
  17. Books Plus
  18. Golden Books
  19. Page Turners
  20. Destiny Book

Best Real-world Book Business Names

Here is a list of the best real-world book business names, including how they were named, what the name says about their books, and why the name works well. Pay attention to the techniques used in naming these real-world book businesses, and apply these techniques when naming your book business using the publishing company name generator.

Parnassus Books 

Parnassus Books is a US-based bookstore that gets its name from Mount Parnassus in Greek mythology, the home of literature, learning, and music.

They pride themselves on offering a space for writers to connect with readers and readers to connect with books. This name is elevated and sophisticated, referencing early literature to give the stores an established feel.

Second Story Books 

Second Story Books is a clever name representing the store’s location and selling second-hand books. The small store was initially located on the second floor of a building in Washington DC. 

The name plays on the dual meaning of the word ‘story’ to say that you can find the store on the second story, and the stories sold in the store get a second chance. This name works well as it is memorable, containing a clever pun.

Bookends and Beginnings 

This is another bookstore name containing a clever pun. The name plays on the phrase ‘endings and beginnings’, orienting the phrase around books with ‘bookends and beginnings’. This name works well as the alliteration makes it more punchy and catchy, and you can edit the names you create using the bookstore name generator to make them alliterative and more catchy.

Penguin Random House 

Penguin Random House was named for its logo. The founder, Allan Lane, took a trip to London Zoo and decided the penguin would make a good logo that was ‘dignified but flippant’ and reflected the company’s desire to publish high-quality literature with a simple cover design and modest price.


Phaidon is a publisher of philosophical and historical books. The creators named the publisher after the German version of the name ‘Phaedo’ student of Socrates and speaker in Plato’s languages. This name works well as it uses a historical figure associated with what kind of books the publishing house represents to communicate its brand and create arch branding.

How To Brand Your Books

Whether you are a publishing house or selling your books, you need branding representing your style or the kinds of authors or books you are a proprietor of. You can use specific techniques to identify your brand’s core and know how to reflect this in your business name. It helps to know where your branding comes from:

  • Your Authors – do you represent mostly female authors to help support women in the world of literature? If there is a kind of author your brand focuses on representing, you should show this in your business name as it reflects the core values of your business.
  • Genre – if there is a particular genre that your publishing house or bookstore focuses on, you should use this in your name, as we saw earlier with Phaidon. This will allow people to see that your book company will likely offer niche books within the genre.
  • Condition – if you are supplying second-hand books as a bookstore, you should make sure you include this in your name, as we saw with Second Story Books. Providing second-hand books is beneficial to the environment and will draw more people into your store to read without environmental waste.

These are just a few things you can consider when looking for a defining factor about your business that will help inspire your business name and brand. Decide which area dictates your choices in books to sell and publish, and work from there when coming up with keywords for the publishing company name generator.

5-Tips for creating unique Book Business name ideas

This section will cover 5 tips that will help you find inspiration for your book business name, create your business name, and make it punchy. The perfect business name will show what kinds of books people can expect from your business, and it will be a clever name with a play on words.

After all, you are dealing in words and must show your mastery with them. So, use these ideas to come up with clever keywords for the book store name generator.

1. Use A Pun

A great way to make your publishing or bookstore name catchy, memorable, and clever is to use a pun. Coming up with the perfect pun can be pretty tricky, so it’s essential to do your research into making puns.

If your business is selling fiction novels, you may want to use a pun based on stories and tales, for example, ‘Tale Bone’.

2. Use Historical Iconography

If you aim to sell or print classical literature or historical literature, you can include historical iconography, whether fictional or real, to reflect this. For example, you could name your store or publishing house after Julius Caesar, Pliny The Elder, Balthazar, etc. 

You could even use mythology and historical locations as historical icons to define your classical book brand.

3. Use Archaic Terminology

Another tip is to use archaic terminology and vocabulary that adds an arch tone to your branding. For example, you may wish to use ‘bibliopole’ as one of your keywords, an archaic word for a bookseller. Or you could use words related to book anatomy like ‘skiver’, an archaic term referring to the thin leather used for bookbindings.

4. Edit Using Literary Devices

Once you have a name in mind, you may want to make it punchier and more catchy by using poetic devices that affect how your business name sounds. You can use alliteration, assonance, rhythm, and invented words to increase the appeal of your name’s sound.

If you consider a name like ‘Pegasus Books’ try altering this to make ‘Pegasus Pages’ as the alliteration improves how this name sounds and how easily it rolls off the tongue. The catchier your name, the better.

Avoid using long names, as they can make your name lose impact. Shortness is something to bear in mind when editing your name to improve the sound.

5. Try Using Your Own Name

If you find yourself stuck when deciding how to name your book business, you can always rely on your name. Use your surname for your book company name, as this is a formal enterprise making surnames more fitting. This way, you will be able to leave your mark on your company even if you decide to sell and make the company your legacy or even use your name to make it a family business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can name your book business by using the following sources of inspiration:

-Archaic Language
-Historical Iconography
-Your genre and the types of books you print or sell

The best book business names are clever puns or historical references, like Phaedus, which refers to a student of Socrates, or Bookends and Beginnings, a book-related pun.

You can come up with a catchy business name by finding sources of inspiration to construct your business name and then altering it to make it more catchy. You can change your business name using poetic devices like alliteration and rhythm to improve the way your name sounds.


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