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The Boston Consulting Group

Brands in this industry opt for specific and practical names. This brand puts emphasis on its location and the primary range of services being offered to customers.

Bain & Company

A global consulting firm, this one was founded in 1973 by William Bain. Bain got the idea to start his own business while working for The Boston Consulting Group.

Booz Allen Hamilton

While this consulting company has undergone several name changes, the current version has nothing surprising in it. The brand is named after its founders – Edwin G. Booz, James Allen and Carl Hamilton.


Previously known as Andersen Consulting, this company’s new name is derived from the phrase “accent on the future.”

Health Management Associates

This name sheds some light on the fact that the consulting firm offers specialized services within a specific industry. Once again, the name is 100 percent practical.


KPMG belongs to the big four in the world of consulting and auditing. The name stands for Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler.


Ranking among the biggest consulting firms in the world, IBM has a name derived from International Business Machines.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Services

This company is the result of a merger between two companies – Coopers & Lybrand and Prize Waterhouse.


Booz & Company is an entity that separated itself from Booz Allen Hamilton, which is why a name change had to occur. Strategy& was chosen because the addition of the symbol makes the brand different, intriguing and memorable.

Marketing Strategy & Useful
Advertising Terminology

A successful naming and marketing strategy for a consulting firm is straightforward and practical. It puts emphasis on the range of services, especially if the consulting company offers specialized services. As you’ve seen from the examples, many prominent consulting firms have a name that’s based on an acronym or on the names of the founders. Such an approach, however, can’t be expected to deliver the best results for a brand new business in the field.

An alternative naming/marketing approach can be based on company core values and attributes, metaphors, word plays and positive connotations.

DigIntelligence is an example of such a potential name for a consulting firm. It’s catchy, it’s easy to remember and it also has a practical component. The name suggests that the consulting firm focuses on the digital field. Propel Innovation is another example of a name that’s less creative but that puts emphasis on positive characteristics or corporate core values.

Some useful advertising terminology to keep in mind could include competence, specialized knowledge, know-how, reliability, strategic development, intelligence, leader, innovative and financial growth.

Clientele & Interests

Consulting companies typically offer B2B services. This means their clients are experienced professionals in the respective field who are looking for improvement through strategic partnerships.

Consulting firms usually work with decision makers. While many of the entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners that they partner with are male, a portion of potential customers could also consist of women at top corporate positions.

Potential buyers are highly educated, business-savvy and competent. The clientele could represent a wide array of industries. This individual is a high level corporate professional that usually receives significant income and could be on a company’s board of trustees.

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