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How To Name Your Artist And Art Business

How To Name Your Artist And Art Business

After some careful planning and meticulous consideration, you’re ready to follow your passion as a professional artist. As part of the Artist and Art Business Name Generator we offer, you’re also about to learn everything you need to know about art business names!

We’re super excited that you’re following in the footsteps of many artists and sharing your unique artistic expression with the world. However, you’re going to want to find a business name that shows off your ability and tells the artist community why your work is important.

Therefore, we’ve created the perfect step-by-step guide for the road ahead. So, keep reading to find brand new art business names, a comprehensive analysis of those artists thriving today, and personalized tips for choosing the right name.

Meanwhile, when reading through this article make sure to refer back to the Artist and Art Business Name Generator! Now, let’s get into the guide!

20 Names Artist And Art Business Name Generator

To get you started with the Artist Name Generator, we’ve selected a few of our favorite names that we think you’ll like. Take a look and see which ones jump out at you:

  1. Fine Art Spot
  2. Contemporary Creations & Magic
  3. Contextual Ceramics
  4. The Baroque Buddhist
  5. Gentle StateArt
  6. The Creative Pod Company
  7. Slice Of Life Paintings
  8. Mug Hearts
  9. Stirring Sculptures
  10. Mystical Abstract Creations
  11. Reflective Essence
  12. Limitless Delights Gallery
  13. Renaissance Buddies
  14. Metal Edge Creations
  15. Ceramic Inventions
  16. The Works Techno
  17. Byzantine Peaks
  18. Primitive Creations Co.
  19. Azan Digital Enterprises
  20. Flow Tate Supplies

20 More Artist And Art Business Name Ideas

  1. A Life on Canvas
  2. Painting with Passion
  3. Brilliant Brushes
  4. Art for Everyone
  5. Art Magic
  6. Canvas Creations
  7. Scuplting with the Heart
  8. Five Senses Art
  9. ProPaint
  10. Inspired by Art
  11. Captivating Canvases
  12. Living Art
  13. Painting for the Future
  14. The Informed Artist
  15. Breathing Places
  16. Stimulating Sculptures
  17. Superb Minds
  18.  Brilliant with Brushes
  19. Art Unlimited
  20. Inspirations and Aspirations

Best Real-world Art Business Names

Once you’ve found some ideas from the Art Name Generator, it’s time to see how your business weighs up against other competitors. The independent artist and performing art industry is a very diverse place, but it’s worth $181.39 billion!

By conducting your own research into this industry, you can not only learn what makes art business names successful but you can also find inspiration for your work!

Conduct research!

Additionally, you can discover how independent artists are adapting to new business models after COVID-19, especially those moving their artwork online. Luckily for you, we’ve analyzed a number of successful art business names and determined why their name works for them.

Here is a list of creative art business names we hope will inspire you today:

  • Artsy
  • Great Big Canvas
  • Threadless
  • ImageThink
  • Instapainting
  • JuicyCanvas
  • Meural
  • Tekuma
  • TurningArt

What Makes These Art Business Names Great?

What Makes These Art Business Names Great

Many of these successful start-up businesses showcase a unique name that represents their particular artistic approach.


Artsy launched as an online art marketplace in 2009, consisting of more than 350,000 works created by different artists. As art business names come, Artsy is short, concise, and to the point. Therefore, it’s memorable and sticks in a consumer’s mind.

Image Think

Image Think is a visual strategy company that combines graphic recording and principal design to create innovative business models. Furthermore, their name is part of their mission statement. Described as “The ImageThink Method”, the name encompasses their uniquely developed approach to achieving results.


Instapainting is committed to transforming your digitally captured images into real-life artworks. More specifically, they employ professional portrait painters to custom design your image to your liking. Interestingly, their name taps into everyone’s artistic expression on the Instagram app.

In other words, if you’ve ever posted a photo that would look great as a landscape or portrait painting, Instapatining is there to make that a reality. Hence, the mash-up of “Insta” and “Painting”.


TurningArt is an art-rental service that lets you select new features for your home or office based on a monthly fee. If you like the piece, you can then purchase it from TurningArt. Working directly with over 1,000 artists across the US, TurningArt aims to bring that specific piece into your home and make people “turn their heads”.

Have any of these art business names inspired you? If the answer is yes then use that inspiration in the Art Name Generator!

Look At Art Business Names That Suit Your Practice

So, you’ve now seen what makes art business names successful, whether it’s a creative mash-up or a memorable word that sticks in your head. Next, you need to spend some time defining your niche. In other words, what exactly do you want from your art business and how is this going to affect your target audience?

The point here is that you should stay true to yourself and the pieces of art you produce. Firstly, begin by asking yourself the following 3 questions:

  1. What is your mission statement?
  2. What do you define as success?
  3. What are your goals when starting an art business?

There are many different reasons why artists decide to start their own company. However, many of them will tell you that defining and visualizing the future of your business will help to foster natural progression.

For example, maybe you just want to sell your art online, or perhaps you want to start an art blog so that customers can share your journey with you. By answering these questions you’ll be able to arrive at your unique artist statement.

Unique Artist Statement

Know what your unique artist statement is!

Before choosing a name for your art business, you need to know what your unique artist statement is. To clarify, this refers to a mission statement that will entice customers and clients to dig deeper into the story behind your business. In order to produce this unique artist statement, think about the following 5 questions:

  1. Why do you make your art?
  2. What do your artworks symbolize?
  3. Where do you find your inspirations?
  4. What is the process behind your creations?
  5. What do your creations mean to you?

Answering all these questions will give you a better idea of why you decided to create a business in the first place. Then, you’ll be more prepared to start shortlisting names that represent your unique artist statement.

Once you’ve produced a shortlist of potential names, see how it will look by using the Artist Name Generator!

5-Tips For Creating Unique Artist Business Name Ideas

1. Tell Your Own Story

Let your art define your name, and try to tell your story of how you got here. As an illustration, begin to recite how it all began, the bumps along the road, and the challenges you have overcome.

Doing this will not only make you more confident about your achievements but it will make your business transparent and open. In turn, this will build trust will your future customers.

Additionally, while writing your story see which words are occurring over and over again and focus on how these may represent your identity. If you’ve found a few recurring words, then look for ideas with our Artist Name Generator.

2. Ask Your Friends

If there’s anyone that will know what your art means to you it will be those that are closest to you. Therefore, reach out to your family and close friends and ask for their opinions about your art.

Furthermore, ask what emotions your work evokes in them, and why they think your story is important. You will find numerous ideas from those that are close to you. And, remember you can input some of these ideas into our Art Name Generator.

3. Avoid Anything Hard-To-Spell

As you have seen with the most successful art companies like Artsy, being concise goes a long way. Above all, you don’t want potential clients being confused by your business name. Accordingly, keep it as simple as possible to avoid any misspellings.

Avoid Anything Hard-To-Spell!

When using our Artist Name Generator, you can easily find names that are one or two words. We call these “sticky names” because the shorter names do have a tendency to stick in consumers’ minds.

4. Don’t Let Your Name Limit Your Growth

As a professional artist, you will have big aspirations for your artwork and business. Therefore, don’t choose a name that is narrow and limits the space for growth. For example, if you want your art to reach customers all over the world don’t use a specific geographical name.

Make sure that your name implies a cross-cultural reach beyond a specific state or city. If you need some global art name ideas, these are also available using the Art Name Generator.

5. Use The Artist And Art Business Name Generator

Finally, make sure to incorporate all the tips in this article into your name-choosing journey. More specifically, this means making sure that you get the most out of our Artist Name Generator or Art Name Generator.

We recommend that you create a couple of keyword lists with words that capture your unique artist statement and your business journey. Once you’ve made these lists, then it’s time to start putting words into the Artist and Art Business Name Generator.

If you’ve found a name using Art Name Generator or Artist Name Generator then your last step is to do a Business Name Search and Trademark check to see if the name is available.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Art business names are all about staying true to yourself and your passion. Then, you need to be able to transform this into a unique artist statement that connects with the desired target audience. You can find ideas for your unique artist statement by using our Art Name Generator!

The best artist business names are the ones that are both memorable and unique in their nature. Furthermore, they must be creative and stand out from other competitors like those available using the Artist Name Generator.

Here are some picks from the Artist and Art Business Name Generator: Stirring Sculptures, Mystical Abstract Creations, Reflective Essence, and Limitless Delights Gallery. For a full list of names from the Art Name Generator, check out this article!

Above all, personally named art businesses display passion and determination. In other words, they show that you’re committed as the face of the business. To get ideas surrounding your own name, try using the Artist and Art Business Name Generator.
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