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Complete Guide to Naming Your Animation Business

Our animation business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get animation business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Animation companies usually deliver custom-made services to their clients. Various specialization options exist – from branded and animated logos to full-length animated movies and advertising TV spots.

Branding efforts and company naming efforts should focus on these primary strengths.

If you have experience in the creation of advertising spots for your clients, make sure that the company name reflects this characteristic. An animation company that focuses on storytelling, giving clients ideas and helping them refine their strategies should definitely include terms like “consulting” in the name.

A name can also focus on the fact that an animation studio handles the entire process – from idea to modeling and the creation of the final product. This naming approach focuses on the comprehensiveness of the assistance rather than the specific service being made available.

Demographic Interests

Animation studios and companies will typically work with B2B clients. B2C interactions are much more rare and limited to the studios that have developed specific products to target the end consumer.

Most often, B2B clients are in need of creative consulting and execution. Few have a concept already developed. Thus, the know-how of an animation studio and the fantasy of the writers working there will be highly appreciated by customers.

Clients are attempting to stand out in a world that’s buzzing with multimedia, marketing messages and creative videos. To accomplish such a goal, they will be willing to invest in high quality animation. The best studios are known for tailoring, original concepts and a good understanding of the market right now.

Sometimes, these clients will be looking for comprehensive assistance from advertising agencies. In such instances, they will expect that the animation is going to be handled by the company, as well. As a result, it may be possible for some advertising agencies to outsource the animation process.

Competitor Name Analysis


There are two explanations of the studio’s name. The first one is derived from the Pixar Imaging Computer. The second one focuses on the invented word Pixer that Alvy Ray Smith came up with. the word was supposed to mean “to make pictures.” Eventually, Pixar was chosen over Pixer because it sounded better.

3D Labz

The name puts emphasis on the fact that the award-winning animation studio offers 3D rendering services.

Williams Street Productions

An Atlanta-based animation studio. Williams Street Productions has gotten its name from the street on which it is located.

Industrial Light and Magic

Formed by George Lucas, Industrial Light and Magic is an animation studio that specializes in the creation of special effects, digital alterations and editing. In a sense, this studio does make magic come true on the screen.

Studio Ghibli

Probably the most well-known animation studio from Japan, Ghibli was named by founder Hayao Miyazaki. The name is derived from the Italian word ghibli that describes a particular Mediterranean wind. The reference here is that the studio will change the anime industry just like the wind changes the landscape.

Moving Picture Company

A name that does not need an explanation and that immediately evokes animation in the mind of the reader.

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Animation studios are primarily focused on creativity and originality. A good name shows just how much fantasy and imagination will be invested in each single project.

Take your time and do a thorough brainstorming session when getting started with branding effort. Our Company Name Generator will come in handy, whether you’re looking for inspiration or you want to refine a certain concept. In addition, you can easily check domain name availability after you’re done with naming your studio.

Here are some animation-related terms you can explore and you can also base your brainstorming sessions on:





















Digital Business Name Inspiration

  1. Moving Fantasy: the aim of animation studios is to bring a fantasy through reality through the creation of movies or short clips. The name hints at both the creative and the practical side of animation.
  2. Weird Animations: it’s ok to be weird, it’s definitely encouraged in the creative realm.
  3. From Paper to Screen: an alternative approach to be focusing on the process. The name here shows potential clients that the animation studio offers comprehensive services.
  4. Stardust Animation Studio: an animation studio name can definitely be a bit whimsical and it will still sound good and relevant.
  5. Rainbow Imaging: animation that uses all the colors of the rainbow? Yes, please!
  6. Commercial Animation Studios: a company that focuses on marketing and commercial animation should definitely adopt a more straightforward and corporate approach towards name selection.
  7. Just Imagine Studios: if you can imagine it, the studio can create it. The name suggests limitless possibilities.
  8. Vivid Colors: just another rendition of the same theme that will provoke a similar response to the one the other names in the list will get.
  9. ShowTime Studio: this name focuses on a slightly different theme than the ones mentioned above but it still makes sense for both creative and commercial animation studios.
  10. Mesmerize Studios: a great creative name that leaves a lot of freedom as far as branding and service provision go.

What Not to Name Your Digital Business

Animation studios can have whimsical, imaginative names. Don’t opt for something stiff and contrite. Clichés like flix, production, film and photo should all be avoided – they have been overdone, they sound boring and they will potentially alienate some promising customers.

If you work in the commercial sector and you offer services to corporate sectors, however, don’t go too far when it comes to whimsy, imagination and wordplay. Corporate clients have different needs. They are looking for practical solutions, cost-efficiency and convenience. You may want to choose a name that’s reflective of the service range you offer or the biggest strengths of your company.

Naming an animation studio after its founder is not a good idea, unless that founder is a big and prominent name in the world of animation. The same applies to a location – as long as it doesn’t carry significant meaning, the name of a street or a neighborhood should be kept out of a company’s title.

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