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How To Name Your Animation Business

Artists can often struggle to find consistent work, and one way to battle the uncertainty of finding work in the arts is to start your own business. This way, you can pursue your passion for the arts and use your animation skills whilst having a steady source of income. 

But first, you’ll need a great name for your new animation business that identifies your unique style and the services you offer. Read on to find out how you can use the cartoon name generator to brand your business.

20 Cartoon Business Name Ideas

I created these name ideas using the cartoon name generator. I started by putting some words associated with animation and different animation styles into the cartoon name generator and then selecting the ones I thought were the best.

  1. Film Boost
  2. Animate Vortex
  3. Filmorzo
  4. FilmSketch Blanc
  5. Anime Sprite
  6. Wraith Motion
  7. Action Animation
  8. Magenta Pictures
  9. Bam Pictures
  10. Cracked Pictures
  11. LiveDrawzoid
  12. Doodle Storyboards
  13. Icon Storyboards
  14. Point Creations
  15. Dynamo Creations
  16. Creationsara
  17. Finesse Frames
  18. Fluid Frames
  19. Anvil Stories
  20. Adorn Flicks

If I wanted to use these names as they are, I could put them straight into the domain availability checker to see whether someone is already using the name. If it’s available, it’s all mine! 

If you are struggling to come up with keywords to put into the cartoon name generator, fear not. The rest of this article will give you some inspiration by taking a look at the best real-world business names, why they work so well, and tips for creating a business name that can compete with the best. Keep reading to get full use of the cartoon name generator.

20 More Cartoon Business Name Ideas

  1. Flash Imagery
  2. Cosmic World
  3. Vworld
  4. Laser Studios
  5. CyberStore
  6. Digital Distinction
  7. Virtual Handshake
  8. Alternate Universe
  9. Usual Uploads
  10. Cloud Zee
  11. Virtual Asteroid
  12. Cosmic Droid
  13. Trybe Zone
  14. Power Source
  15. Virtual Loop
  16. Digital World
  17. Pixel Works
  18. Motion Imagery
  19. Screen Works
  20. Digisaver

Best Real-world Animation Business Names

In order to know how to construct the best name for your business, and find the best keywords to put into the cartoon name generator, you will need an understanding of how other businesses came up with their names, and why they work so well. This way, you can implement similar strategies when coming up with your business name.

Walt Disney Pictures

This animation business gets its name from the founder of its umbrella company – Walt Disney. This name has become iconic, as the man had both a unique first name and last name. This means that Walt Disney sticks in the brain, as people rarely come across the name. So, if you have a unique name, this will work well for branding your business and leaving your stamp on it, so put it into the animation-name generator.

Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar was conceived as a pseudo-Spanish word, stemming from ‘radar’ and ‘pixer’, which means ‘to make pictures’. The picture studios started building up their portfolio by making commercials in the early 90s to fund their films later on. This name works well as it is a made-up word which makes it unique and distinct.

DreamWorks SKG Animation

This animation giant gets its name from the word ‘works’ traditionally used to refer to industrial factories. When paired with the word ‘dream’ the name implies that the studio is a dream factory. The three letters ‘SKG’ are based on the initials of the three company founders: Spielberg (world-famous filmmaker), Katzenberg (former chair at Walt Disney Studios), and Geffen (a revered name in the music industry). This name works well as it captures the main goal behind the animation business – to create magic. 

Cartoon Network Studios

This animation business does exactly what it says in the name. It provides cartoon animation pictures for their network channel. This name works well as it tells people that the cartoon business is not just a studio, but a network. This name is simple but effective. 

Although this name works for Cartoon Network, you should try to make your name more distinct and less generic when using the animation-name generator to make your business stand apart from the rest.

Aardman Animations

The name of this animation company comes from the creator’s fascination with the word aardvark. They paired the funny word with ‘superman’ to come up with ‘Aardman’. This name works well as it is a unique made-up word which means the business is more memorable.

How To Brand Your Animation Business

When coming up with a name for your animation business, you must first have an understanding of how you are going to brand your business. There are many elements of your business you may choose as the forefront of your branding, and to help you decide which factor defines your business, this section will name some of these factors. 

You may choose to brand your animation business based on:

  • What is the purpose of your animation business? Are you providing short videos for commercial use? Or are you trying to become an independent filmmaker? If you have an idea of the content, you would like to produce, this will help guide how you brand your business.
  • Your animation style – if a particular style defines your animations, such as 3D animation, Japanese style animation, or classic hand-drawn animation, you should advertise this in your name and branding.  This lets people know exactly what makes your art unique.
  • Your vision – what is your vision for your art? What kind of emotions would you like it to inspire? Tell us about your pictures. If you communicate your vision for your company, as we saw earlier with DreamWorks, you can create an inspired name for your business.

Hopefully, by outlining these factors that come into branding decisions, I have given you some guidance on how to brand your business and create a basis for your name choice when using the animation studio name generator.

5-Tips For Creating Unique Animation Business Name Ideas

This section will provide you with everything you need to know to create a catchy and memorable animation business name. These 5 tips will cover where to source inspiration for keywords for your business name and how to edit your business name to make it more punchy after using the animation studio name generator.

1. Define Your Style

If you want to develop a business name that perfectly advertises the kind of animations you are offering, try mentioning your style. For example, making animations using claymation techniques is a selling point for your business. So, you should include the word ‘clay’ or ‘mold’ in your name to ensure people know what to expect from you and that your name makes you easier to find when clients are seeking to hire a claymation animator.

2. Give Your Name Heart

Naming your business with heart is critical because animators are creating the surreal and bringing dreams into reality. No concept is too abstract or difficult to convey with animation. Naming your business using keywords associated with visionary animation quality will make it memorable and inspire emotion when people hear the name. Try including words like ‘dream’ or ‘vision’ in your name.

3. Use Imagery

One of the easiest ways to name your business is to use imagery such as animal imagery or weather imagery. This will allow you to create an icon for your logo, and your name will be more emotive as it brings a specific image to mind. Try using animal words like ‘salmon’, ‘stag’, or ‘fox’. This is a fun way to brand your business.

4. Use Your Name

If you are planning on creating an animation empire, there is no reason why it shouldn’t bear your name—naming your business after yourself will serve as your legacy. You can even make it a family business. Consider using your full name, like with ‘Walt Disney’. Or, like with DreamWorks SKG, you could use your initials along with any co-founder’s initials.

5. Make It Punchy

Your business name needs to roll off the tongue easily, and you can improve it with literary devices to improve its sound. For example, ‘Fox Force Productions’ sounds a lot snappier than ‘Big Dope Productions’. Consider how clunky your name sounds, and make edits to the sound and rhythm using poetic devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The biggest animation businesses include Walt Disney Studios, DreamWorks, and Pixar. These animation businesses have produced the highest amount of popular household-name pictures.

You can come up with a catchy business name by using poetic devices like alliteration and rhythm to improve the sound of your name. You can also make your name shorter so that it has more impact.

You should name your animation business by first considering these three factors:

-Your animation style

-Your vision

-What kind of animations you offer


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