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Complete Guide to Naming Your Dance Business

Our dance business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get dance business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

A dance company is in its very nature creative. The fact will undoubtedly have an effect on branding efforts. Whether you own a dance studio, you’re a teacher or a professional dancer looking for new gigs, branding is one of the biggest essentials when it comes to getting your name out there and establishing your positions in the field.

Your brand tells people what they can expect from you. It highlights the values that move you forward – diligence, an innovative approach, creativity, experience with classical dance, etc. You can focus on your values, the accomplishments that you’re proud of and the things that make you unique.

Be specific and tell your story. Who are you? Do you have decades of experience? Have you been a member of a prominent dance troupe in the past? Do you specialise in modern dance? Why should students choose you? If you cannot answer these questions before getting started with branding, chances are that your efforts will lack a bit of focus.

Even something as simple as the location of your studio could be perceived as an advantage by potential clients. This is why you have to spend some time on thinking exactly what you want to highlight and why.

Demographic Interests

Dance companies work with a vast range of clients.

Some specialise in finding young talents and training them. In this instance, the company will be targeting mostly the parents of kids who have the potential to become successful talents one day. Such parents re ambitious, they earn enough to invest in classes and they’re looking for the best. You cannot make a compromise with the quality because the level of loyalty will change pretty fast.

In other instances, dance companies work with adults who want to learn something new, stay active and have a bit of fun. These could be couples looking for new activities to do together, girlfriends interested in fun fitness or even people who are about to get married and who want the ideal first dance as a family.

Each of these demographics has a specific interest and a need that’s governing the decision making process. To appeal to these people on both a practical and an emotional level, you will need to learn a lot about them and their motivators.

Competitor Name Analysis

Fred Astaire Dance Studio

This name is an obvious one and it capitalises the name and the fame of one of the world’s most renowned dancers – Fred Astaire.

Exile Professional Gym (EXPG)

EXPG is the first dance studio in the world to focus exclusively on the street style. This is precisely what the name refers to.


A fun and playful name, SassClass refers to the fact that the studio offers dance classes especially tailored to the needs of (sassy) women. The choreography is soft and sensual and the environment is supportive and welcoming.

Liberated Movement

So many people find freedom and the chance to express themselves through dance and this freedom is the one that the name of the studio highlights.

Center for Movement Arts

The name is somewhat more serious than the previous entries in the list and it creates the sense of an academy – a place of learning where creativity is also encouraged.


In this case, the approach has been chosen to highlight the type of dance lesson a person can find by going to the respective studio.

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As the examples above illustrate, you can go in many directions when naming your dance business. It’s entirely up to you to determine what’s going to work for the respective audience and how you’re going to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Our Business Name Generator will help you expand and refine your original idea. It will give you dozens of relevant variations that are based on your word or phrase input. Information about domain name availability will be provided, as well.

Some of the words and phrases you may want to consider exploring include:







Dance studio

Hip hop

Street dance





Belly dance




Dance academy

Dance workout

Performance art




Dance Business Name Inspiration

  1. Rhythm Freaks: you can be a bit more controversial in your name selection, especially if you specialise in street-style or another more “casual” form of dance.
  2. Prima Ballerina: the prima ballerina is the lead, the most talented performer. Striving to be like her is definitely a great choice for anyone who may want to join a dance studio.
  3. Movement is Expression: while the name is a bit longer than what would typically be recommended, it tells a story and it will appeal to a specific group of customers.
  4. Sensual Divas Dance Studio: very often, dance studios will appeal to a predominantly female audience. A name like this one is a good choice for the respective customer demographic.
  5. One Step at a Time: beginners may be somewhat worried about going to a dance class and a name like this one could make them feel a bit more comfortable and welcomed.
  6. Tango Passion: the dance is known for being incredibly passionate and romantic. The dance company’s name is suitable for a business that appeals to couples interested in learning a new dance.
  7. Fluid Motion: fluidity in movements is one of the things that make a dance beautiful and graceful.
  8. You Can Dance Academy: so many people are afraid to even try dancing because they think they can’t really do it. The name acts as a bit of encouragement for such potential clients.
  9. Urban Girl Moves: another name that appeals to women but this one is telling them exactly what they’ll learn in the class.
  10. Groovy Crew: the name is a bit more general but it still creates a mood and is fun.

What Not to Name Your Dance Business

Using only your name may seem like a good choice, especially if you’re well known in the music and dance spheres. Still, such an approach deprives you of an opportunity to get much more creative. If you’re trying to appeal to a general audience who isn’t familiar with who you are, such an approach would not make sense.

The addition of a location to a company title is another bad idea. You may be thinking about local marketing and being found online when people are looking for a dance class nearby. The goal can be accomplished without sacrificing the quality and the originality of your name. The location can be added to the slogan or the marketing copy you’ll be using to promote your business.

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