Miloš Soro

Miloš Soro

Miloš Soro is a content writer dedicated to the technical side of running a business. He is our expert on domain names, eCommerce, and product development. Soro combines his six years of writing experience with an educational background in IT and is interested in the latest technology trends to provide his readers with the latest insights.


  • Six years of writing experience
  • 100+ software reviews
  • 1,000+ published articles
  • Website manager and editor-in-chief for a webzine

Areas of Expertise

  • Writing easy-to-digest articles with the latest information
  • Developing a brand’s learning hub
  • Website and domain name management
  • Product development

Education History

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Faculty of Informatics and Computing, Singidunum University.

Starting a Business Tips

  • When you choose a domain name, it needs to reflect your brand and align with your business identity, values, and target audience. Since it’s difficult to find an available domain name, it’s best to choose the name in the beginning, i.e., have your domain name in mind when you choose your brand.
  • Before you settle on a name, be aware that it’s a long-term commitment. Think of where you want your company to be in the future and see if the name you choose remains relevant in the new industries and markets you’ll explore. Basically, you need to hit several branding flies with one naming stone, and that’s why BusinessNameGenerator can be your best friend.