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How To Name Your Vegan Business

How To Name Your Vegan Business

When it comes to the vegan industry, it’s important to find a name that is both relevant and ethically sound. Entrepreneurial progress in the past few years has led to a remarkable increase in the vegan sector that is inspiring a new generation to take up alternative lifestyles. 

Between 2014 and 2017, statistics have shown that vegan consumers in the US have risen from 1% to 6%. Are you passionate about spreading a vegan lifestyle? Are you ready to promote your message and convince others to embrace veganism?

The only problem is you’re not sure what makes vegan business names successful. If this sounds like you then you’ve come to the right place. This article was created for vegan business owners in your position, so keep reading to find everything you need to know to find that perfect name today! 

Below you will find 20 vegan business names to get you started, an analysis of why cool vegan names are becoming more and more successful, and unique tips you won’t find anywhere else!

First and foremost, try the Vegan Business Name Generator that allows you to find hundreds of vegan business names in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, refer back to Vegan Business Name Generator as you read through this article. It’s designed with you in mind, so make the most of it!         

20 Names Using The Vegan Business Name Generator

20 Names Using The Vegan Business Name Generator

If it’s vegan business names or even vegan restaurant names you’re after, they need to represent your moral position. To get you started, we’ve used the Vegan Business Name Generator and found 20 names we think you’ll like.

  1. Plant-Based House
  2. Plan To Be Vegan
  3. Organica Lifestyle
  4. The Sprout Life Cafe
  5. The Smooth(ie) Vegans
  6. Power of The Plant
  7. Oatilicious
  8. The Almond Shack
  9. Quinoa Solutions Inc.
  10. Everything Eggplant
  11. Eat Your Veggies Shack
  12. The Determined Deli
  13. Burgerz With A Twizt
  14. Tofu Express
  15. A Little Taste Of Plant-Based
  16. Mr. And Mrs. Veganites
  17. Daintree Deli
  18. The Salad SIsters
  19. Humane Diner & Bakery
  20. How Do You Like Your Oats In The Morning?

These are just a few of the cool vegan names available using the Vegan Business Name Generator.

20 More Vegan Business Name Ideas

  1. The Vigilant Vegan
  2. Viva Vegan
  3. Vamp For Veggies
  4. Gentle Gourmet
  5. Veg, Inc
  6. Green For Growth
  7. The Granola Gambit
  8. Raw And Flawless
  9. Plant-Based Perfection
  10. Vegan Food Friends
  11. Hearty And Wholesome
  12. PurePlants Vegan Food
  13. V For Green
  14. Peace And Plants
  15. Vegan Vacation
  16. Lush Love
  17. Vego Veggies
  18. The Honest Herbivore
  19. NutriNatural
  20. VeggieVariety

Best Real-World Vegan Business Names

With the vegan food market predicted to reach $31.4 billion by 2026, it’s imperative to understand what makes a successful vegan brand identity. If you’re still struggling to choose, it’s time to take a look at some of your most prosperous competitors.

Understand what makes a successful vegan brand identity!

Vegan orders have certainly surged in the past year. However, the vegan industry is not only made up of restaurants and alternate supermarkets. In fact, vegan beauty products and clothing lines are proving consumers with more socially conscious goods. That is to say, each of these businesses has a desired target audience and a clear brand statement. 

Let’s take a look at how such companies showcase creative, progressive, and innovative names to market their products. Here are some of the vegan business names you should look to emulate:

  • Beyond Meat Inc.
  • Impossible Foods Inc. 
  • Follow Your Heart
  • NotCo.
  • Geltor
  • Ripple
  • Nuggs
  • Laughing Seed Cafe
  • The Land of Kush

Vegan Stories

Each of these cool vegan names or vegan restaurant names has a story to tell. Therefore, let’s break a few of them down and see what makes each name unique. 

Beyond Meat Inc

produces plant-based, vegan meat to positively affect the planet, environment, and climate. With a straightforward message, their name asks its consumers to “look beyond” their comfortable lifestyle and embrace an alternative mindset. 

Impossible Foods Inc

has an ambitious mission statement. To clarify, they aim to reduce humanity’s destructive impact on the environment by creating alternate food production solutions. Therefore, they set the “impossible” as their task to overcome.


is a Chilean-based company that produces plant-based alternatives. As a matter of fact, their aim is to reinvent the food industry and their name originated with this solution. In other words, when this company discovered that removing animals from food production could protect the planet, they said “why not” find a solution.

Each product follows this statement, including their NotMilk range!


has created a line of milk that is both high in protein and dairy-free. Their mission statement is to show how even the smallest action or ripple can have a far-reaching impact on society, hence the name Ripple. These are all cool vegan names that also have a story to tell. Does your business have a story to tell? If the answer is yes then begin to choose words that speak to the heart and soul of your mission statement. Then try finding ideas from these words by putting them in the Vegan Business Name Generator. 

Finding Your Own Vision

If you have that perfect idea about a new vegan business, you more than likely have a vision that you want to share with the world. For example, just take a look at NotCo and Ripple who had simple ideas but dreamed big.

The fact is that finding catchy or cool vegan names is one thing, but finding a name that brings your vision to life is another. 

Whether your vision encompasses the food industry, the clothing marketplace, or the next generation of beauty products, you should show off your compassionate values. You may even be looking through vegan restaurant names, and this will also require showing your wider awareness of social issues in the foodservice industry. 

A top tip for cool vegan names that are also successful is to determine your Unique Value Proposition (UVP). To clarify, this is your identity and vision. In other words, it’s a clear statement that describes how your company will benefit consumers and solve their needs. 

Determine your Unique Value Proposition!

When brainstorming ideas for your name, try to keep in mind your desired UVP. For example, what proposition are you making to the customer that can help them save the planet? This UVP should always contain:

  • Who is going to buy your product?
  • What are the benefits of what you’re offering?
  • What is the unique angle that separates you from competitors?

Once you have spent some time constructing your UVP, it’s time to take those values and try them in the Vegan Business Name Generator. By doing this, you will be able to find creative mash-ups that perfectly capture your UVP!

5-Tips For Creating Unique Vegan Business Names

1. Don’t Make It Controversial

While creating a vegan business involves committing to an alternate lifestyle, your name should not alienate customers. That is to say, take into consideration your future plans for expansion, and whether your name has the potential to offend. 

So, successful vegan names are usually those that have a strong message but aim to make it inclusive to focus on converting individuals to take up a new lifestyle choice. As an illustration, if you’re looking at vegan restaurant names, make sure it is both welcoming and contain a powerful message.  

2. Stay Away From Confusing Names

Never confuse customers!

Vegan business names should never confuse customers. In fact, the name should always be concise and informative. In addition, this may also involve any confusing associations with fellow competitors. Make sure that there is no potential for your name to be confused with another company. 

3. Don’t Pick A Name That Limits Your Growth

As we have covered, you should never sacrifice your vision in the vegan industry. After all, it’s more than just business, you’re helping to sustain a better future. With that said, make sure you will be able to grow with your ambitions. That means if you’re planning to expand, consider the use of a geographical location in your name.

For example, vegan restaurant names may often fall short when creating another eatery in a different state. 

4. Brainstorm Ideas

More than likely, all your employees will share your vision, so try getting them all together and start brainstorming exercises. For example, ask them to create a list of their favorite games, and then group together to share ideas.  

This routine is also great for creating an inclusive name that speaks to all your employees and potential clients. 

5. Make It Mean Something With The Vegan Business Name Generator

Meaning is everything, and your name should be the first stop for any customer interested in your values and principles. As a result, make sure you understand fully the meaning of your venture. This will allow you to get the most out of the Vegan Business Name Generator. Our name generator is here to support you every step of the way.

Once you have found your name, you’ll want to do a quick business name search to find out if your name is already taken. If your desired name is available make sure you search whether it is also available for trademark registration.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your vegan business name should contain an engaging message that makes your organization different from others. Then make sure this message supports your vision for a better future, and speak for all your employees.

Good vegan restaurant names are usually catchy and contain the owner’s vision for a more sustainable future. Also, look at vegan restaurant names that show authority in the industry, as this can help you build trust between yourself and your customers.

Here is a selection of great vegan business names: The Determined Deli, Burgerz With A Twizt, Tofu Express, and A Little Taste Of Plant-Based. For loads more cool vegan names check out this article!


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