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How to Name Your Park

Identify Your Values

Identify Your Values

Is your park a tranquil retreat or a hub of adventure? The name should mirror this.

Star icon - Be Memorable

Be Memorable

Short, catchy park names will be remembered for years to come.


Consider Your Theme

If your park has a specific theme, like wildlife or adventure, let the name showcase it.

Check its Unique

Check its Unique

Use our domain availability  tool to ensure your park’s name is available online.


Think About Branding

Can you visualize your park’s name on merchandise or billboards? Our logo maker can help support you here.


Trademark Potential

Secure your park’s identity by trademarking your park name.

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Park Name Ideas

A great park name should reflect the natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and community spirit that the park offers. Here are some creative park name ideas to inspire you:

Amusement Park Name Ideas

An amusement park name should evoke fun, adventure, and excitement, reflecting the variety of attractions and experiences available. Here are some creative amusement park name ideas to inspire you:

1. ThrillVille
2. AdventurePark
3. WonderWorld
4. FunGalaxy
5. FantasyPark
6. SplashKingdom
7. MagicMountain
8. JoyJunction
9. EpicLand
10. HappyHarbor

11. Dreamscape
12. RideRealm
13. WonderWave
14. FantasyIsland
15. Funopolis
16. MagicBay
17. SplashZone
18. AdventurePoint
19. WhimsyWorld
20. ThrillHarbor

Theme Park Name Ideas

Choosing the perfect name for your theme park is a critical step in creating an engaging and memorable brand that attracts visitors from all over. Here are some creative theme park name ideas to inspire you:

1. Dreamland
2. MysticPark
3. Enchanted
4. EpicQuest
5. Starlight
6. WonderRealm
7. AdventureLand
8. FantasySprings
9. MagicHorizon
10. VoyageLand

11. WonderSprings
12. MysticIsland
13. EpicHeights
14. StarlightShores
15. FantasyHarbor
16. DreamVoyage
17. LegendQuest
18. GalaxyAdventures
19. MysticForest
20. WonderTrails

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