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How To Name Your Park Business

Creating a name for your park can be a roller coaster experience if you’re not sure where to start. To help you think of great park business names, we have curated a list of real-world examples, top tips, and name ideas using our theme park name generator to inspire your business.

20 Park Business Name Ideas

Using our park name generator, we’ve produced a list of names to inspire you when choosing your own name for your brand. After you’ve read our ideas, use our park business name generator to make your own list of customized brand names you’ll be proud to use.

Here are our 20 suggestions for your park business name generator:

  1. Park Pacific
  2. Parkpad
  3. Parkio
  4. Park Nectar
  5. Park Bright
  6. Park Flower
  7. Park Arctic
  8. Parkworks
  9. Parkverse
  10. Wind Park
  11. Life Theme
  12. Tree Park
  13. Moon Park
  14. Sanctuary Park
  15. Parkistic
  16. Cloud Theme
  17. Planet Theme
  18. Tropical Park
  19. Hive Rollercoaster
  20. Mother Rollercoaster

20 More Park Business Name Ideas

  1. Hamilton Park
  2. Gautama Park
  3. Allen Poe Park
  4. Earhart Park
  5. Truth Park
  6. Yarrow Park
  7. Bellflower Park
  8. Maidenhair Park
  9. Candytuft Park
  10. Daphne Park
  11. Agouti Park
  12. Galah Park
  13. Komodo Park
  14. Raccoon Park
  15. Woodchuck Park
  16. Horizon Park
  17. Harmony Park
  18. Aurora Park
  19. Serein Park
  20. Gaia Park

Best Real-World Park Business Business Names

Researching existing park businesses can be a great way to help you think of innovative park business names, as well as helping you to gather a better sense of the market your brand will be competing in.

To help you create a great theme park business name, we have put together a list of some of the best real-world parks to show you why their name is good, and how it helps their company succeed. Once you’ve read our list, try using our park business name generator to create your own park name.

Here are our best real-world park business names to help you create your own: 

Magic Kingdom Park

Perhaps the most iconic theme park in the world, Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park was the first park opened by the brand. The name perfectly encapsulates the area Disney wishes to create for families as the most magical place in the world.

The use of the word ‘kingdom’ further helps Disney to represent the perks of their park, as a place that is separate from the rest of the world and can offer one of a kind experience. Overall, Magic Kingdom is a great name as it advertises Disney magic to their audiences, and is a simple name to remember. 

Knott’s Berry Farm

Similar to Magic Kingdom Park, Knott’s Berry Farm is also a theme park. However, this company advertises how using your own name within your company name can add a personal touch to your company that can entice your customers.

The Knott family founded the park, and their name also pays tribute to their iconic berry, the Boysenberry. The name of Knott’s Berry Farm inspires an atmosphere of familiarity and homeliness, which is why it is so popular with visitors, 

Six Flags

Six Flags is another theme park known for its rollercoasters, which is headquartered in Texas. The name of this theme park derives from the nations that have governed Texas, six in total, including Spain, France, and Mexico.

The name works well for the brand as it is monosyllabic and therefore easy for their customers to remember. The name Six Flags also offers unique information about their location, which can help customers to find their business. 


Owned by country singer Dolly Parton, Dollywood is a theme park that similar to Magic Kingdom Park, aims to offer its customers a getaway from the everyday world.

Dollywood is an excellent name for the business as it is a pun on Hollywood, which references the glitz and glam of owner Dolly Parton, as well as adding a personal through her name to advertise her ownership of the business. Due to the versatility of Dollywood, it appeals to fans of the singer as well as the wider public. 

Busch Gardens

With parks in Florida and Virginia, Busch Gardens is a theme park with an African theme that also features a variety of animals. Similar to Knott’s Berry Farm, the name derives from Adolphus Busch, who developed public gardens in California.

Using the term ‘gardens’ instead of ‘park’ helps Busch Gardens to stand out from their competitors, as well as advertising what makes their park different, and therefore helping it appeal to audiences.

How to Choose a Park Name to Make Your Business Stand Out 

When choosing your park’s business name, it is essential to incorporate what makes your park special and unique from competitors as this will help customers know why they should visit your park.

Choosing a name that encapsulates the best parts of your brand will help make your name memorable to customers, which means it is easier for them to spread the word of mouth about your park.

If you’re struggling to think of unique park names for your company, try our theme park name generator. Simply enter words that you believe describe your park the best, and choose from numerous options that you’ll be proud to have to represent your brand.

5-Tips for Creating Unique Park Business Name Ideas 

To help you create a unique name for your theme park, we’ve put together a list of 5 top tips for choosing a great name for your brand. Once you’ve read our techniques, try using our park name generator yourself to explore great options for your park.

Here are our 5 best tips for creating great names for your theme park: 

  1. Showcase What Your Park Offers

When naming your park, you want to ensure the name reflects the attractions, events, and more that you offer at your park. For example, if you have a range of rollercoasters, consider incorporating this into the name.

However, it can be important not to limit your business through your name. While you may have rollercoasters, you may expand your business to offer other attractions that may not be reflected in your name. Therefore, choose a park business name that will grow with your company. 

  1. Give Your Park a Theme

A great way to make your park stand out from the rest is to offer a distinctive theme that competitors may not offer. Like our real-world examples Dollywood and Busch Gardens, adding an extra flair to your theme park can help to attract customers.

  1. Advertise to Your Audience

The type of theme park you run will attract a certain audience, which means it is crucial to think of the demographic you’ll be trying to attract when choosing your park name.

If you’re looking to attract an older audience or families, names such as Knott’s Berry Farm can be a great choice as they sound wholesome and appropriate for children. However, for teen audiences, exciting and short names such as Six Flags might be better 

  1. Personalise Your Park Name

Incorporating a family name or the location of your park can also be beneficial, as it helps to give your audience an idea of where your park is or feel a connection to your park.

However, if you’re looking to expand your park, such as Busch Gardens which has multiple locations, consider a name that will grow with your business. For example, Florida Theme Park will only work for parks located in Florida, and maybe confusing to customers if the park is in New York! 

  1. Stand Out from the Competition 

The best way to make your park business name unique is to think of a name that no one else has, and that will be memorable to your customers. If you’re struggling, use our business name generator to combine words associated with your business into an awesome theme park name.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Good names for your park often include the word ‘park’ to indicate to audiences what the experience is about. You can take inspiration from the area, famous people, historical events, and more when naming your park if you feel they are relevant.

Choosing a name for your theme park should inspire ideas of fun and enjoyment. Common words that can be found within theme parks include ‘amuse’, ‘merry’, ‘rock’, ‘fun’, ‘play’, and more. For help naming your theme park, use our park business name generator.

Names for your theme park can relate to a number of aspects of the park, including what you offer, who founded the park, where the park is located, and the cultural or historical significance of the area. When choosing a name for your park, ensure it will be memorable and not similar to other companies in the area that may share a similar history.

There are several notable parks in the world, including the Magic Kingdom park, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. Many of the best names for parks reference the magic or fun that can be gained by visiting.


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