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How To Name Your Gift Business

How To Name Your Gift Business

According to Technavio, the global gift retail market value was $62 billion in 2019, with US consumers planning on spending $650 on Christmas gifts in 2020. You might be in the process of setting up your own gift business, in which case you’ll need a totally unique business name to make you stand out from your competitors!

My name is Molly and I am here to guide you through the name picking process, whilst offering great tips and tricks. You can get started by using our Gift Business Name Generator which is the perfect tool to use whilst you’re on this journey.

20 Gift Business Name Ideas

To get started, I have come up with 20 of the best gift business name examples, each taken from our Gift Business Name Generator. Take a look at the list below and see if any give you inspiration!

  1. Absolute Surprises
  2. Astounding Junk
  3. Bargain Gifts
  4. Fantasy Treats
  5. Gift Sphynx
  6. Global Treasure
  7. Gold Gifts
  8. Iconic Surprise
  9. Junk Deluxe
  10. Junk Path
  11. Junk Solutions
  12. Secret Treats
  13. Surprise Grove
  14. The Gift Project
  15. Treasure Demon
  16. Treasure Fantasy
  17. Treasure Wizard
  18. Treats Bazaar
  19. Treats Palace
  20. Trinket Bubble

20 More Gift Business Name Ideas

  1. From Heart Gift Shop
  2. Artsy Wrap Corner
  3. Love Box
  4. Grandma’s Choice
  5. Wrap & Go
  6. Vogue Gift Shop
  7. Divine Gifts
  8. Wrapify
  9. Le Gift Boutique
  10. Secret Box
  11. Joy Inside
  12. Guess It
  14. Tech Treasures
  15. Thats a Wrap
  16. Mr.Secret Gift Shop
  17. Under Tree
  18. Luxxora Gifts
  19. High Five Gifts
  20. Wrap Corner

Best Real-world Gift Business Names

Best Real-world Gift Business Names

Hopefully, you have now had the chance to use our Gift Business Name Generator. It really is the perfect tool to use if you are lacking motivation and need some inspiration for a business name.

It is also important to check out existing gift companies to see what makes their names so unique and original.

Let’s have a look at some of the top gift companies already out there, with explanations as to why their names are so successful.

Uncommon Goods

Specializing in unexpected corporate gifts, Uncommon Goods provides that extra sentimental value.

Customers know that they can come to this gift company for something unique and different from the usual gifts on the market. That is all due to the name, which basically is an explanation for what the company is all about.

For more highly-curated and value-driven gifts, is the place for you.

As the name suggests, this is a website to go for something a little more pricey, and customers are aware that they can get something more special and high quality just from its name.

Not on the High Street

Not on the High Street connects independent makers and small businesses with the public.

Although this name is quite wordy, it is one of the most unique business names out there. Customers are aware that these sorts of gifts aren’t just available on the high street, but that they are totally unique and special, unlike any of their competitors.


This gift business contains a diverse range of gifts from cheap novelty items to high-end gadgets.

This name is fun-loving and creative and sounds much more quirky than your standard gift company. The word ‘prezzy’ is a better take on the word ‘present’ and seems much more fun and casual sounding.


You’ve guessed it, this is the perfect place to buy a gift. They specialize in gifting experience days and weekends away.

This name is so successful because of how straightforward it is. Sometimes the simplest of names really work the best. The name provides customers with exactly what they read, and they are instantly aware that this is a gift company.

Unique Content for the Niche

There are thousands of different gift businesses already out there, so it is really important to get your hands on a name that is completely unique and stands out from the rest of your competitors.

Most gift businesses try to be as unique as possible and offer gifts that you can’t buy anywhere else.

Try to choose a name that represents this. You could incorporate a humorous tone, or use language features such as rhyme or a play on words to convey your brand’s uniqueness.

As seen in the real-world examples above, using a distinct word can really up to your name game. Conveying yourself as a funny and different brand will really help you to stand out, and customers will appreciate your diversity.

5-Tips for creating unique Gift Business name ideas

1. Think About Your Brand Identity

Each gift company is completely different, therefore your name needs to be totally unique to you. Think about what your business specializes in; do you want to offer flowers and cards?

Or perhaps you want to sell quirky and modern gadgets? Whatever it is you are selling, this can have a serious impact on what name you might want to use.

Once you have a clear idea of what you will be selling and what sort of brand you are, then you can get cracking with picking the right name.

If you are selling funny and quirky gifts, then try to come up with a name that matches this. This will make your brand seem really well put together and thought out.

2. Get Brainstorming

If you are struggling to get started, then it’s best to grab a piece of paper and a pen and jot down any and all ideas that come to mind. Start off by coming up with words that you associate with the word ‘gifts’.

Try to write down at least 10 words, and then branch off from these words and try to come up with alternatives. Once you’ve got a chunky list of words, try popping these into our Gift Business Name Generator to find some more inspiration.

Noting down all your ideas is also good at keeping track of your name progression. If a name isn’t working out for you, going back to square one and finding an alternative idea could be really beneficial!

3. Ask For Feedback

This tip is perhaps one of the most important if you want to ensure that your name sounds appealing to customers. After all, they are the ones who will be judging your business based on your name! Try to gather a selection of potential customers and ask them questions such as:

  • What do you think of when you read our name?
  • Would you want to purchase a gift from this company?
  • How much do you like the name on a scale of 1-10?

Asking people to rate your list of potential names will give you a clear indication as to what names are popular with your audience and what names you should probably get rid of.

4. Get Domain Availability

You might think that you have found the perfect name for your gift business. It sounds great, looks great, and ties in with your brand values and principles. But have you checked that the name is actually available to use? This is a common mistake that most businesses make, but it is easily avoidable.

Any time you think you have found a potential business name, do a quick Business Name Search online to see if it is available to use in your country/state. This will save you a lot of hassle!

5. Use our Gift Business Name Generator

Hopefully, these tips have been of good use so far. Hopefully, you have found some inspiration and are well into the name-picking process!

If you are still struggling to get started or don’t have any initial ideas, then use our Gift Business Name Generator. This generator is the perfect tool to use if you are looking for quick and unique names for your business.

Simply pop in any words you want to include in your name, hit the generate button, and sit back and relax whilst you are handed unique and original names to you on a plate!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Turning your passion for generosity and giving into a business that will produce a generous amount of income means that you have to come up with a totally unique name. Here are some example gift shop names that you can take inspiration from:

-Terri’s Treasures
-The Giftery
-Weeping Willow Keepsakes
-Twinkle Twinkle Trinkets
-The Gift Fairy
-Gifts Galore

When naming your gift business, consider what gifts you’ll sell. This could have a massive impact on your name choice. See this list below for ideas on how to name your gift basket business.

-Painless Presents
-The Guy Bucket
-The Pure Brownie
-The Spice Spirit
-Scented Oak
-Chocolate Promise
-Taste Surprise


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