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Complete Guide to Naming Your Toy Business

Our toy business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get toy business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Creating a powerful brand identity for a toy company can be tricky. After all, you have to impress both parents and the young crowd of individuals who will eventually become your primary consumers. Obviously, the requirements of parents and kids are different. Thus, a good toy brand has both emotional and practical appeal.

The same approach will work for you when it comes to name selection and establishing the brand identity. Focus on your biggest strengths, the ones competing brands are missing.

Do you make toys from sustainable local materials rather than plastic? That’s a major advantage and a current trend that many are looking for. Highlight that specific of your toys. Do you make items that are interactive and educational while also being a lot of fun? The number of parents looking for toys that stimulate cognitive development is growing. Make use of the fact and establish a brand that will give you an early advantage.

Demographic Interests

Toy companies work predominantly with parents – individuals who have very young babies and toddlers, as well as the parents of pre-teens and teenagers.

While both mothers and fathers look for toys, many purchases are made by women. Ladies are usually the ones that have the final say, especially when it comes to bigger items or educational toys. Men tend to focus a bit more on the emotional aspect, as well as the toys the recognise and know.

This is as far as the similar defining characteristics go. Different demographic groups are comfortable with different price segments. Some prefer to spend a lot more on high quality premium toys while others cannot afford such brands.

It’s very important to position yourself in the right market segment. Once you do, you can start creating an accurate buyer persona that will make it much easier for you to do effective targeting.

Competitor Name Analysis


The Danish company that is recognised across the world today has a name that’s an acronym for the Danish phrase leg godt – play well.


The Japanese electronics company is one of the biggest players in the gaming industry. The name is assumed to mean leave luck to heaven. There hasn’t been an official confirmation about whether the explanation is true.


Barbie’s maker doesn’t have a much of an original story behind its name. The company is named after its founders Harold “Matt” Matson and Eliot Handler.

Fisher Price

While it may seem that Fisher Price has something intriguing behind its name, this isn’t the case. This is yet another company named after its founders – Herman Fisher and Irving Price.


Hasbro was started by two brothers – Henry and Herman Hassenfeld. Originally, it was known as Hassenfeld Brothers but the name was eventually abbreviated for simplicity.

Vivid Imaginations

The independent toys, arts and crafts company that specialises in tech, collectible and pre-school products. The name is pretty self-explanatory.

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A newcomer to the field may struggle because of the numerous well-established players. This is why it’s very important to create a name and a brand that stand out. Take your time and do a thorough brainstorming session. Draft an array of ideas that you can expand and refine later on.

Our Business Name Generator can help you explore the possibilities and come up with variations. You will also be provided with information about domain name availability.

Here are multiple toy-related words and phrases you can use to get those creative juices flowing:




Board game

Educational game

Cognitive development

Fine motor skills


Action figure




Musical instruments

Arts and crafts


Plush toy



Construction games

Rag doll

Brain teaser

Toy Business Name Inspiration

  1. Childhood Dreams: when choosing your name, you should definitely avoid the typical approach demonstrated by the examples above. Look for an entry that’s a bit more abstract and emotional.
  2. Brain Power Puzzles: the market of educational toys is growing and if you have such items, let it show in the name.
  3. Made with Love: what could be better than opposing mass manufacturing and making toys by hand and with lots of love invested in the process?
  4. Tiny Hands: those little hands and fingers will be playing with the toys and you definitely want to project such a mental image to parents.
  5. Chuckling Baby: another mental image parents will adore. Look for names that have emotional appeal.
  6. The Local Toy Box: a name that is a great choice for a local toy maker. Many people are looking to support local businesses, which is why the name makes a lot of sense.
  7. The Fun Shop: a great name you should choose if you are selling toys in a local shop rather than being a manufacturer.
  8. Magical Creations: toys encourage creativity and an imaginative approach towards problem-solving. In the eyes of kids, such items are certainly magical.
  9. DIY Toys: do you specialise in puzzles, constructors and items that have to be assembled? This is a good name for a business specialising in the respective field.
  10. Fantasy Makers: this is a pretty general and self-explanatory name but it offers a lot of freedom and creativity in terms of branding.

What Not to Name Your Toy Business

Try to tell a story or paint a picture through the selection of your company’s name. You’re selling an experience rather than an item. The Doll Company is far less imaginative than Fairytale Wings Toys. Use your imagination and if possible, think like a kid when attempting to conceptualise the perfect name.

Avoid generic names like Big Toys, Local Toys or The Toy Factory. Such a name doesn’t reveal anything specific about you and there are probably dozens of other toy makers or toy shops that carry a similar title.

Adding your name to the title of the company isn’t a good idea either, unless you are widely recognised by potential clients. Usually, this isn’t the case in the world of toy businesses. While it may seem like you’re doing some personalisation, you’re missing on a chance to focus on your strengths or provoke an emotional reaction from prospects.

Finally, stick to something short and memorable. A long and descriptive name tells people what to expect but they’ll have difficulty recalling it in an hour or two.

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