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Complete Guide to Naming Your Adventure Business

Our adventure business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get adventure business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Adventure businesses offer a lot more than trip planning and booking accommodation. They offer an experience that will be remembered a lifetime. This is why name and brand element selection should be chosen to put emphasis on such facts.

Imagine blue skies, lush greenery and canoeing down a river inhabited by some of the most unusual creatures you have ever seen. This is an adventure, an emotion and an instant picture you can see in your head. While delivering such information to a potential client through adventure company name selection is not an easy task, it’s certainly achievable.

Obviously, the nature of adventure will limit the scope of possibilities. If you offer extreme adventures, you should put emphasis on adrenaline, danger and conquering the great outdoors. Nature exploration adventures have to focus on the connection between the human being and our surroundings.

The travel industry today is highly fragmented because internet-based opportunities have forced agencies to specialize. Your branding efforts should begin through the identification of the right niche. When you get there, it will be time to focus on the specific characteristics, emotions and adjectives that will appeal to your target audience.

Demographic Interests

People looking for adventure packages aren’t interested solely in a trip. A trip can be organized easily without professional involvement. An adventure, however, is a service that adds value to the typical travel arrangement.

The adventure traveler is usually smart, open to the world and they have some experience with an array of destinations. Now, they want to take the experience to the next level.

This isn’t the person who just wants to chill on the beach with a cocktail in their hand. A travel adventurer will usually go on the hunt for a more physically-demanded experience that comes with an adrenaline rush and that can potentially build their self-esteem.

Because of these characteristics, travel adventurers are usually younger people. Single males in their 20s and 30s form the bulk of adventure travelers but there could also be older people looking for a new experience or couples that have gotten bored with standard tourism.

Competitor Name Analysis

National Geographic Expeditions

The name immediately makes it clear which entity is behind the development of these travel programs. The trips focus on the nature exploration and cultural experiences that National Geographic is famous for.

BikeHike Adventures

Do you really need to ask about what the company specializes in? BikeHike Adventures has developed various itineraries that combine hiking and biking opportunities with rafting, zip lining and other fun things.

Road Scholar

The company’s tagline is “adventure in lifelong learning” and it appeals to a younger crowd of people who may be interested in going on a so-called educational adventure.


Anyone who’s looking forward to surfing and marine adventures in Australia should consider an adventure provider like Oyster.


As far as adventure names go, few can beat something as simple and creative as Frontier. Do you know what your boundaries are or will you need to explore them with Frontier during the South African adventures the company organizes?

Rustic Pathways

The name tells it all – this is an adventure that will take you back in time. Rustic Pathways is a company specializing in traditional nomadic experiences. Travelers will have no phones, internet or running water as they hike through the steppe.


There are many opportunities you can explore when attempting to choose the perfect name for your adventure business. To make a great first step, try our Company Name Generator. Apart from encouraging creativity and thinking outside the box, the tool will also give you a good idea about domain name availability.

Do you want to stimulate people to go on an adventure with you? If so, you may want to explore the following phrases and creative ideas for brand establishment:


Off the beaten path


Eco tourism





National park












Digital Business Name Inspiration

  1. Go Beyond: tired with standard travel opportunities? If so, you should definitely go beyond!
  2. Wild Adventure: this name could refer to the fact that the adventure itself is wild or that it provides an opportunity for the exploration of wild nature.
  3. Rustic Expedition: there’s a cultural, native component and an adventure element to the name of this company.
  4. Robinson Crusoe’s: is there anyone on the face of the planet who’s unfamiliar with the experience of Robinson Crusoe and who wouldn’t want to replicate it for a couple of days?
  5. Odd Destinations: adventure travel companies typically stay away from tourist hotspots or they enable clients to experience such places in a brand new way.
  6. On the Road: this name doesn’t speak of a location, it is more indicative of a feeling.
  7. The Edge: such a name may be a good choice for mountaineering or a company that offers climbing, adrenaline-filled adventures.
  8. No Borders: travel adventure offers a freeing, liberating experience. In a sense, it crosses all borders and boundaries.
  9. Craft Your Adventure: a name that’s suitable for a company enabling personalized experiences for its adventure travel customers.
  10. Live to Tell: if you want to be bolder and you’d like to experiment with dark humor, this is the name to choose. Keep in mind, however, that a part of the audience will potentially misunderstand what you have to say.

What Not to Name Your Digital Business

It’s very important for the name to tell adventure traveler what you have to offer. If it’s too generic and it doesn’t focus on the exact experience, chances are that some prospects will not give you the time of the day.

Freedom, liberation, adrenaline and nature are typically guiding in adventurous travel experiences. Don’t focus on convenience, luxury or classic tourism names/themes. Such an approach will not give you a targeted enough audience to address with your branded messages.

Avoid the use of words like agency, travel agency or tourism company. You don’t sell travel packages. You give your clients adventures. Thus, the name doesn’t have to be stiff and there’s certainly no need to follow standards/stereotypes set for company names within the tourism field.

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