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Complete Guide to Naming Your Flower Business

Our flower business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get flower/florist business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

To most important questions to ask yourself when trying to choose a name for your flower business is – what do you want the brand of your flower business to communicate?

Many florists or flower shops are trying to emulate the natural, creative, loving emotions generally associated with flower giving. As such, they should consider using language that reflects the brand they are trying to communicate. Names such as ‘Floral Fantasy’ or ‘The Enchanted Florist’ emulate that emotion and mystique much more than a completely non-creative name such as ‘City Flowers’ or ‘Main Street Flower Shop’.

If you are targeting elegant, loving emotions, you may also consider the use of language commonly associated with romance, such as French. For example, ‘La Petite Fleur’ or ‘Bonne Bouquet’ sound a lot more sophisticated and poetic than the literal translations of ‘The Small Flower’ and ‘Good Bouquet’.

Alternatively, your flower shop may be targeting the on-the-go, last minute, ‘forgot the wedding anniversary’ customer – in which case you could consider using less emotive language, and a more clinical, matter-of-fact tone. For example, ‘Petal Pit Stop’ or ‘The Rose Cart’ gives off the impression of a no frills florist where one can run in and grab a pre-packaged flower arrangement on their way home.

Another example may be an online flower delivery business with a unique selling point of speedy, same dame delivery. In this case, using language that accentuates that unique selling point is most likely to capture the audience you’re looking for. For example, names such as ‘Flowers to You’ or ‘Garden Express’ would make a very clear statement to your target audience.

Demographic Interests

It can also be beneficial to try and get inside the heads of your target market, and consider their interests when choosing your flower business name.

For example, if your flower business specialists in elegant, romantic, gift-giving arrangements, you may be able to appeal to your ideal customer with a relatable name such as ‘The Poet’s Garden’ or ‘Roses are Red’.

Alternatively, if you were starting a more commercial flower shop targeting gardening enthusiasts or decorative floral fans, you may consider a name that relates less to giving flowers as a gift, and more to the experience of growing flowers, such as ‘The Bloom Room’ or ‘Pots & Petals’.

Competitor Name Analysis

Blooms & Grooms

This flower business name makes it very clear that they specialise in wedding flowers by referencing ‘grooms’ in their name – playing perfectly in to their hands as they also offer other related services such as balloons and gift hampers.

Jam Jar Flowers

This clever florist name does a great job at emulating the exact style and brand image of “neat little arrangements with just the right amount of vagary to suggest that you created them yourself.”


Petalon is a husband-and-wife team that offers two seasonal bouquets a week, delivered by bicycle, hence the clever and memorable play on words with petal/pedal/peloton (the owners also run a bicycle manufacturing business).

Ode à la Rose

As mentioned earlier, this up-market flower business uses French (despite being based in the United States) to promote a romantic and sophisticated vibe often associated with the French language.

Gardenia Organic

This NYC flower business focuses on the spiritual side of ‘healing flowers and crystals’, boasts a ‘psychic florist’, and prides itself on strict sustainable practices… and the language used in the business name works well to sum-up their niche.

Austin Flowers

A playful pun on the notable movie character Austin Powers, this flower business name is memorable, and as the name would suggest, is more focussed on being casual and playful, as they do not offer boutique flower design or delivery services – simply pre-made bouquets.

Brainstorm for Flower Business Name Ideas

Check out our handy Business Name Generator for thousands of flower business name ideas and inspiration. You can also check domain availability, which is a critical part of any new business process. When brainstorming, consider how people pronounce your business name, and how it may look visually when written on a business card, social media post or logo.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of words commonly associated with flower businesses:





















Flower Business Name Inspiration

  1. La Fleur: keeping with the idea of using French to uphold a brand image of romance and love (often associated with the French language), La Fleur quite simply translates to ‘The Flower’ – poetic and romantic
  2. Pocket Full of Posies: a line from the famous nursery rhyme ‘Ring a Ring o’ Rosie’, posies (also known as posy, nosegay or tussie-mussie) is a small bouquet of flowers… an appropriate, catchy and memorable name for a flower business.
  3. Roses are Ready: this business name is memorable, as an adaption of the famous poetry line ‘roses are red’, and also gives off the impression that there are pre-arranged arrangements of flowers ready to be sold.
  4. Brother Nature: a play on ‘Mother Nature’, this catchy name could be used for a flower business targeting the often less-common niche of a more masculine crowd.
  5. Backyard Bouquets: a more casual sounding flower business name, this could be used for a flower business who is promoting native, no-frills flower arrangements. ‘Bouquets’ could even be changed to ‘Bunches’ or ‘Blooms’ – sticking with the theme of alliteration, which is often used to create a catchy memorable name.
  6. Amanda’s Arrangements: using ‘Amanda’ as an example here – if YOU are the unique selling point of your small business, don’t be afraid to include the owners name in the title. People make businesses, and personal experience will always be the most memorable.

What Not to Name Your Flower Business

As with most business names, it is always advised to avoid long-winded or hard to spell business names, as these are not only hard to remember, but can make it difficult to search for online – a crucial marketing avenue for any modern business.

For example, the name ‘Roses are Red, Violets are Blue’ may be a well-known flower related poem, but the website URL rosesareredvioletsareblue.com is far too long and confusing.

It is also advised to avoid generic descriptive words such as ‘best’, ‘amazing’, ‘good’, ‘great’, ‘fantastic’, ‘wonderful’, as this can come across as a tacky attempt to convince your clients of the quality of your services, rather than letting your services speak for themselves. You’re much better off choosing a catchy, creative and memorable name, and relying on the quality of your flower business to build its reputation.