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How To Name Your Flower Business

If you’re looking for inspiration to help you name your fresh new business, then our flower business name generator is the perfect option to ensure your customers stop and smell what your brand is all about.

The name of your flower business should ideally represent the sweetest elements of your brand, ethos and business to ensure your customers know exactly what you’re about. Take your pick from our bouquet of flower business name ideas and find one that suits you perfectly!

20 Flower Business Name Ideas

The name of your flower business is essential as it is often what customers will first notice about you. Like the scent of a fragrant flower, you want your business name to linger in the mind of your customers so they remember you and spread the word of your brand.

For ideas, check out our range of floral business names created using our flower business name generator:

  1. Flower Live
  2. Flowerable
  3. Flower Eco
  4. Flower World
  5. Flower Fall
  6. Meadow Flower
  7. Mother Flower
  8. Natural Flower
  9. Pure Flower
  10. Flowerlance
  11. Altitude Flora
  12. Genesis Floral
  13. Oasis Floral
  14. Wild Floral
  15. Sanctuary Floral
  16. Evergreen Flora
  17. Protect Flora
  18. Habitat Flora
  19. Mindset Flora
  20. Awe Flora

20 More Flower Business Name Ideas

  1. La Petite Bouquet
  2. Poet’s Garden
  3. White Lotus Flowers
  4. Laura’s Garden
  5. Exotica
  6. Green Blossom
  7. Blessed Stems
  8. Florista
  9. Floral Bee
  10. La Fleur
  11. Flowerique
  12. Bonzai Bouquet
  13. VitaPot
  14. Garden Girl
  15. Rose Valley
  16. Open Lotus Garden
  17. Rainbow Room
  18. Bloom Room
  19. Nature Bliss
  20. Morning Glory

Best Real-world Flower Business Names

TimeOut have listed some of their favourite flower business companies to give you inspiration for choosing your own name. Feeling motivated? Try creating your own name using our flower business name generator!

To help you choose a great name for your company, here are some real-world examples of successful floral business names that perfectly capture the essence of their brand:


A digital service that allows you to order flowers from all over the country from a variety of independent florists. ‘Floom’ is a distinctively unique brand name that is short and snappy, allowing it to be memorable to customers.

Floom can also be a combination of the words ‘flower’ and ‘zoom’, indicating the speed and ease of their delivery, as well as giving a clear indication of the products they deliver.


While ‘Florists’ Transworld Delivery’ can be a mouthful, the initialism of FTD is easy to pronounce and easy to remember for customers. The company works with over 30,000 florists in 125 countries, and are known for their beautiful seasonal flowers.

FTD also works well with their logo of a man running holding flowers, with wings on his heels as a symbol of the God Hermes, indicating the speed of their delivery and their exceptional flower delivery services.


The Teleflora delivery company was founded in 1934, originally under the name the Telegraph Delivery Service. The name Teleflora is not only a shortened, more memorable iteration of the original name, but links to the traditional idea of delivery.

The name also encompasses ‘flora’, which clearly indicates to their customers what they sell. Teleflora also indicates the method of their delivery, where customers can contact their company and receive flowers delivered straight to them. Teleflora works with local florists to deliver their flowers.

From You Flowers

This company utilises the traditional idea of flowers as a touching gesture to show love, appreciation, gratitude and more. From You Flowers emphasises the importance of personalisation when it comes to flowers.

From You Flowers are also able to deliver their bouquets on the same day, which adds to the idea of providing the special people in your life with a beautiful floral arrangement.

Having flowers in the name also presents the company as a traditional flower company which helps customers to understand the branding.


Finally, ProFlowers is another company that offers flowers, as well as a range of other gifting accessories. As well as instantly advertising that they sell flowers, the brand advertises themselves as ‘pro’ specialists for your flower needs.

The name ProFlowers elevates the company in the eyes of their customers, suggesting them as experts in their field. The name is also short and concise, meaning it is easy to find and remember, which aids brand advertising.

If you think your flower business could be ‘pro’, try our flower shop name generator and find the perfect representation of your brand.

What to Avoid When Naming Your Flower Shop Business

Naming your flower shop business is a big decision, as you need a name that will encompass the best aspects of your brand and allow your business to grow.

Your flower shop business should ideally be named in line with existing brands in the field. If you choose a name that is too unorthodox, it may not receive the necessary associations with other companies, which can hinder the growth and expansion of your business.

Also consider the target audience of your flower business. Will you be a physical shop in a local area? If so, research the demographic of the residents there to see what will appeal. If you’re primarily an online flower shop business, then channel social media for a younger demographic.

You should also aim to name your flower shop business after what your shop specialises in. For example, if you sell prize roses, naming your business ‘The Violet Flower’ may be misleading to customers. If you sell local, tropical, brightly coloured or perhaps even all pink flowers, adding your uniqueness into your flower shop name is sure to make you memorable!

5-Tips for creating unique Flower Business name ideas

1. Keep it Fresh

Using a unique name can help customers understand your brand is new and innovative. Aim to use a flower business name that will make you stand out, but make sure it is not too difficult to pronounce or spell or you may alienate your customers.

While it can be beautiful to use a rare flower name, you should consider if it is too rare and be hard for your customers to memorise and promote. Using our flower business name generator can help you find a fresh name for your brand that is sure to be a success.

2. Understanding Your Root Customers

Your target demographic should also feature into your decision when naming your flower business.

If you’re looking to appeal to a younger generation, use a fun-sounding name that is easy to share on social media. Having a great name can lead to better advertisement for your company.

If you think your brand would be better suited to an older demographic, consider using an elegant and sophisticated name that will be easier to spread for word of mouth. Understanding your customer base, what attracts them and what will appeal to them is a great route to growing your business.

3. Pick a Unique Branding

Your branding, including the name of your flower business, should all be cohesive to ensure it is easy for customers to find and easy to promote. Your flower business name should be the same on your social media, print advertising, and similar forms to help potential customers to find your brand.

4. Use a Short and Sweet Name

Using shorter names made from one or two words are great for your flower business. Not only are shorter names easier for customers to remember, but it will be easier to incorporate onto your packaging and similar promotional materials.

5. Grow Your Business

While it is important to choose a name that encompasses what your flower business is about, you do not want to limit yourself. For example, if you name your business ‘The Rose Shop’, and later expand to sell other types of flowers, it may be confusing to customers.

Considering your future business growth is a great way to choose a name that can grow with you. Use our flower business name generator to find a range of great floral options to inspire your brand!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It has been recommended that your flower shop name should represent the authenticity of your brand. For example, consider what type of flowers you are selling, and what makes your brand unique. Aim to encompass this within your brand name. It has been recommended to use universal names, meaning it can be easily understood in different languages and nationalities, and be easy to pronounce.

Your flower business name should represent the best parts of your brand. Popular flower business names include words such as flora, beautiful, petals, grow, light, toadstool, green, and of course, flower! If your flower business specialises in a particular type of flower, it could be a good name for your brand! However, if you’re looking to later expand your flower shop business, do not make your name too specific as it can limit your expansion and confuse your customer base. For inspiration for good flower shop names, try using our flower business name generator.

Creating a catchy name can be a great way to help advertise your flower shop company as it is memorable to customers. To make a catchy flower business name, you can use techniques such as rhyming or alliteration to make your brand stand out. Examples of alliteration include ‘Fantastic Flowers’ and ‘Beautiful Blooms’, and rhyming names could be ‘Flower Power’ or ‘Adora Flora’. Using short flower shop names is also a great way to create a successful flower company brand.

If you’re searching for a unique name for your flower company, consider using your own name! Adding your name to your brand can be a great way to make it personal for your customers, which is what giving flowers is all about. Furthermore, you should aim to advertise the areas of your flower company business that you specialise in, and what your strengths are. If you work with local companies, or offer a range of exotic flowers, then try finding a name that incorporates this. For the best unique flower company names, use our flora business name generator and find the sweetest name around!


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