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Complete Guide to Naming Your Garden Business

Our garden business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get garden business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Gardening companies can sell products and supplies or they could offer gardening and landscaping services to B2B/B2C customers. Whichever approach you adopt to developing a gardening business, know that the right branding efforts will be determining for building a company people will recognise and remember.

If service provision is your area of specialisation, advertise your signature. In a sense, you are a creator known for their unique style. The types of plants you work with, the designs you create and the artistic vision you have will all set you apart from the competition.

Gardening stores can focus on either abundance or specialisation. Do you offer clients the best tools, soils and fertilisers for cacti growing? In such an instance, a niche marketing campaign will enable you to reach the right crowd and turn these prospects into customers. A campaign should always begin with the selection of the right (descriptive) name for your garden business.

Demographic Interests

Garden companies can work with a vast array of clients.

Those who sell supplies will typically work with lots of end consumers, landscapers and gardeners. These clients have highly specific needs. While homeowners who want to start a garden aren’t always quite knowledgeable about what they’re looking for, specialists in the field will have particular requirements.

Companies that offer garden maintenance services can work with residential property owners, companies, hotels and even municipalities (city parks and green areas have to be maintained by someone). Thus, the specifics and the scope of projects will be truly diversified. You may want to tailor your efforts to either corporate or residential clients. Working with both isn’t going to be the easiest task because of the major discrepancies between client needs and the scope of projects in each field.

Competitor Name Analysis

Town & Country Gardens

The name tells potential clients that the company specialises in an array of gardening services, which makes it capable of delivering comprehensive solutions.

Bountiful Gardens

A seed distribution company hides behind the name. Bountiful Gardens is a reference to the wide range of plant seeds available, enabling clients to carry out just about any gardening and landscaping project.

The Garden Girls

The Garden Girls is a garden maintenance company set up in 2006. It was established by two lady friends who were working on their own garden. Eventually, the activity grew into a business.

Blooming City

A gardening and landscaping company, Blooding City was set up in 2003 in Toronto. The company specialises in the design and maintenance of urban gardens.

Botanical Interests

Another seed company, Botanical Interests uses some relevant gardening terminology in its name while maintaining the phrase catchy and memorable enough.

Luscious Lawns and Gardens

The naming approach that this Australian company has adopted is a great one because it tells a potential client exactly what they could expect from the interaction with Luscious Lawns and Gardens.


Your name helps you set your garden company apart from the competition. It infuses the brand with personality and it should ideally provoke a positive emotional response from the target audience. To accomplish all these goals, you can’t take name selection lightly.

Do a brainstorming session and think about relevant words or phrases for the business. You may focus on gardening terminology, the values your business is built upon or catchy word combos that sound good together. Our Business Name Generator will give you variations you can develop even further. In addition, you will learn about domain name availability.

Here are our phrase suggestions you can use as the inspiration for your garden company name:










Container plants

Companion plants












Garden Business Name Inspiration

  1. Earthly Gifts: yes, flowers and other plants are a gift from mother earth. Most people will get the reference, hence this garden company’s name will be easy to remember.
  2. Botanical Masters: this name is pretty generic but it can become quite a lot of fun through the selection of the right logo and slogan.
  3. Eden Fields: Eden is probably the most famous garden in history. The reference is once again quite popular and understandable.
  4. The Rose Bouquet: a company that specialises in flowering plants (whether maintenance, equipment or seed selling) can rock this name.
  5. In Full Bloom: another popular name and a phrase that will let potential clients know exactly what the company has to offer.
  6. Infinite Green: a name that’s a bit more abstract and different from other garden company titles. Hence, this once can be used to stand out and differentiate the company (especially in an area that features multiple competitors having standard names).
  7. Urban Nature: people living in the cities have demonstrated a high interest in gardening services and the name is great for a company targeting such customers.
  8. Le Magnifique Jardin: French is a romantic, delicate language, which makes it an ideal choice for the name of a garden company.
  9. The House of Horticulture: if you don’t feel like using the word “botanical” in the name of your company, horticultural would be an excellent replacement.
  10. Imagine a Garden: a garden design and maintenance company will benefit from such a name because it speaks of creativity.

What Not to Name Your Garden Business

The worst thing you can do when naming your company is be boring. Try to avoid the clichés. Garden Pros and Green Services may be obvious choices because they tell potential clients what you have to offer. At the same time, such names are predictable for a garden company and predictable is exactly what you don’t want to be.

Location inclusion in the name of the company is not a good idea, unless the location adds something to the meaning (if, for example, the area is known for specific plants and you have the experience to deal with those).

Abbreviations will not work well unless they are general knowledge. When you opt for an abbreviation, make sure that the slogan provides additional information. Adding your name to the company title doesn’t make sense, if you’re not a big authority in the field.