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How To Name Your Home Decor

As a home decor business, it’s crucial to have an original brand—and this starts with your business name! With our extensive guide on naming your home decor business, you’ll be able to find a name that does your products justice.

The furniture and homeware market is expected to enjoy healthy growth over the next few years, so it’s a good time to get in on the trade. But to claim your share of the rewards, you firstly need a name that stands out.

The Home Decor Business Name Generator is a great tool to get you thinking about your new name. We suggest trying it first before continuing with the rest of the guide below.

Once you’ve given the Home Decor Name Generator a go, keep reading for a competitor analysis of the best home decor business names, tips for crafting a unique name for decoration businesses, and a step-by-step guide to help you through the naming process!

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Updated Oct 19, 2021

20 Home Decor Business Name Ideas

We’ve put together 20 of our favorite home decor business names from the Home Decor Business Name Generator to give you a taste of what it can do. Do you think you can do better? Try the Home Decor Name Generator now and see what you can find!

  1. TRUE Decor
  2. Cosmo Aesthetics
  3. A1 Decor
  4. Inspire Designs
  5. Future Furnishings
  6. Ambiance Makers
  7. Insignia Interiors
  8. Enigma Designs
  9. Home Artisans
  10. Palatial Patterns
  1. Butterfly Decor
  2. The Decor Directory
  3. Polished Aesthetic
  4. Regency Design
  5. Homecentric
  6. Regals Interiors
  7. Decoradora
  8. FX Furnishings
  9. HomeHub
  10. Magnolia Homeware

20 More Home Decor Business Name Ideas

  1. Pristine Interiors
  2. The Trendy House
  3. Luxury and Style Home Decor
  4. Avantgarde House Fashion
  5. Velvet and Leather Home Decor
  6. The Artsy Home
  7. House Upgrade
  8. The House Connoisseurs
  9. Blissful Home Co.
  10. FabFlat
  1. Home Sweet Home
  2. Beyond Trends
  3. Timeless Home Style
  4. Custom Chic Decor
  5. Mix and Match Decor
  6. Furniture and More Home Decor
  7. Bright and Roomy
  8. Original Luxe Solutions
  9. Ornate Room
  10. Eye for Aesthetics Home Décor

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Best Real-world Home Decor Business Names

A good place to start when naming your new business is to survey the field. This allows you to see what’s already out there and what’s working, too. With that in mind, we’ve put together five of the best examples of real-life home decor business names.

In the list, we’ve tried to capture the scope of the home decor industry by including market leaders as well as niche brands. Consider which names resonate most with you and take some ideas forward to use with the Home Decor Name Generator.

Arteriors Logo


Arteriors is a luxury wholesaler of furniture, specializing but not limited to lighting. This is a clever name that captures the company slogan: ‘The Fine Balance Between Art and Interiors’. It helps to establish the area of the market that the brand intends to fill by providing tasteful pieces that add style to the home.

Michael Aram Logo

Michael Aram

Michael Aram is a luxury home decor company specializing in hand-crafted pieces. The name is the full name of its founder. This is a great choice as all of the company’s products are conceptualized by Michael Aram and the name, therefore, establishes his personal connection to the pieces. For customers, there is an added appeal knowing that their purchases are designed by the award-winning artist behind the brand.

Habitat Logo


Habitat is a big homeware and furnishings company with stores across the UK. This is a simple name that communicates clearly the services provided. The use of the word ‘habitat’ suggests that customers will be able to curate their ideal living environment when buying products from the brand.

Furniture Village Logo

Furniture Village

Furniture Village is another big British furniture retailer. We like this name because of its no-frills attitude; customers know they can find furniture here. The word ‘village’ conveys the breadth of the products available and reflects the company’s vision of catering to all furniture needs within a single store.

Rejuvenation Logo


Rejuvenation is a US-based interior decor company that specializes in light fixtures and other hardware. This is a great name because it speaks directly to customer desires when shopping for home improvement items; it evokes the uplifting qualities that its products intend to bring.

Wondering how to get a perfect business name like the ones above? Be sure to try our Home Decor Business Name Generator before you leave!

Step-by-step Guide to Naming your Home Decor Business

If you still feel unsure about how to come up with a unique name for your decoration business, don’t worry! Our step-by-step guide simplifies the naming process, breaking it down into six easy-to-follow stages.

With a little help from the Home Decor Name Generator, you’ll have the perfect name for your new business in no time!

1.Establish your Business Model

We’ve already seen that there are different paths you can take with your home decor business. The business model you choose to adopt will directly influence the name you eventually pick, so you need to get this sorted first.

There are a few things to consider here:

  • What products are you going to sell? For example, will you focus solely on lighting or will you sell every type of home furnishing?
  • At what scale are you going to sell your products? Are you going to start as an e-commerce company or open stores right away?
  • Where will you sit in the supply chain? Are you going to be a retailer or a wholesaler?

Always try to fill a gap in the market when considering the three areas above.

2. Define your Ideal Customer and USP

Now that you’ve established your business model, you need to work out who your typical customers will be. For example, will they be affluent buyers looking for luxury additions to their home? Or are they working-class families who need functional homeware items?

At this point, you should also consider your USP. Examples of a home decor USP could be selling at the cheapest prices on the market or only using sustainable materials with your products.

Both of these areas—your target consumers and USP—are crucial to building your brand identity and helping you stand out among competitors.

3. Brainstorm Keywords

Based on your business model, ideal customer, and USP, begin to think of specific keywords that reflect the vision of your company. Keywords help to build your brand and appeal to your target customers. Try to shortlist 5-10.

Let’s consider an example. If your business was a luxury light retailer selling to affluent buyers, your keywords might include:

  • Splendor
  • Stellar
  • Grandeur
  • Glow
  • Dazzle

4. Use the Home Decor Business Name Generator

Once you’ve gathered your keywords, insert them one by one into the Home Decor Business Name Generator. Shortlist five names that catch the eye.

You can filter results of the Home Decor Name Generator based on character length, the number of words, and rhyming elements.

5. Conduct Market Research

It’s now time to put your five chosen names to the test. Connect with colleagues, clients, and friends and ask them to fill out a short name testing survey based on your five options.

The survey questions may include:

  • How does this name make you feel?
  • What products/services do you associate with this name?
  • How would you pronounce this name?

6. Check Availability

From the results of your name testing survey, select the best-performing name. All that remains is to check its availability.

Firstly, check that the name is available as a web domain. Your website must be consistent with your company name as this will enable customers to find you easily.

Secondly, check that the name is available on relevant social media sites. These platforms will help you to build your audience.

If the name has already been taken, select another one.

4 Tips for Creating Unique Home Decor Business Name Ideas

We’ve also put together four key tips for you to bear in mind during the naming process. These will enable you to come up with a unique name for a decoration business.

1. Use Rhythmic Features

Rhythmic features are a great way to make home decor business names catchier. Consider using alliteration, assonance, or consonance.

Remember that the Home Decor Business Name Generator allows you to toggle results based on rhyming elements.

2. Consider New Word Combinations

As a home decor company, you have a creative license when naming your business. Experimenting with word combinations can be a great way to showcase your originality as a brand.

Consider combining two different words together. Alternatively, create a new word entirely—Arteriors is a great example of this.

3. Make Sure it is Easy to Pronounce

As a follow-up to the last tip, make sure your name is still pronounceable. Be creative by all means, but this should never come at the expense of readability.

A simple way to check that your business name is easy to pronounce is to ask respondents to read the name aloud during the name testing survey.

4. Keep it Short

Home decor business names should always be kept as concise as possible. A longer name is always less memorable for customers.

When using the Home Decor Business Name Generator, use the filter options to only display names that are 20 characters or less. In addition, try to use words that are three syllables or less.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most common questions about starting a new home decor business. Read the answers below to develop your knowledge of the topic.

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