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Home Décor Business Name Generator

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1. Choose Your Home Décor Business Name Keywords

Think up some arty and inspiring words to put in the Home Décor Business generator tool.

2. Get Home Décor Business Name Ideas

The tool will generate a huge number of unique business ideas based on your selected keywords.

3. Select Home Décor Business Names

Look through the results until you find the perfect décor company name.

What Our Home Décor Business Name Generator Offers

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Checking domain availability
Instantly verify if your chosen home décor name is available for use with our easy-to-use platform.

Logo and branding
Seamlessly choose logos for home décor themed names through our system, helping you create a unique and visually engaging brand identity.

Trademark help
Our home décor business name generator offers crucial trademark support to protect your brand identity.

Storing favorite names
Easily track your top name picks — conveniently save your preferred home décor business names.

Top Tips

How to Name Your Home Décor Business

With these six tips, you’ll have the perfect décor business names in no time.


Rhythmic Naming 

Utilize rhythmic elements like alliteration, assonance, or consonance to make your home décor business name more memorable. The Home Décor Business Name Generator can help identify names with these rhythmic qualities.


Creative Combos 

Embrace creativity in your home décor business naming by experimenting with unique word combinations or inventing new words, like ‘Arteriors’—a blend that evokes art and interiors.


Pronunciation Ease 

Ensure your chosen name is easy to pronounce. A good test is to have people read the name aloud in a survey, maintaining creativity without sacrificing clarity.


Concise Names 

Keep your home décor business name short and simple. Aim for names under 20 characters and three syllables or less for better recall, you can use the name generator’s filters to aid this.


Domain Ready 

Verify that your chosen name has an available domain to establish an online presence easily. An easily searchable and memorable domain aligns with your business name.

Logo Integration 

Logo Integration 

Consider how your business name will translate into a logo. A good name should lend itself well to visual representation, enhancing brand identity in the home décor market.

Get Inspired

20 Home Décor Business Name Ideas

Here are 20 home décor brand name ideas you can get inspired by:

  • Pristine Interiors
  • The Trendy House
  • Luxury and Style Home Decor
  • Avantgarde House Fashion
  • Velvet and Leather Home Decor
  • The Artsy Home
  • House Upgrade
  • The House Connoisseurs
  • Blissful Home Co.
  • FabFlat
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Beyond Trends
  • Timeless Home Style
  • Custom Chic Decor
  • Mix and Match Decor
  • Furniture and More Home Decor
  • Bright and Roomy
  • Original Luxe Solutions
  • Ornate Room
  • Eye for Aesthetics Home Décor
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Home Décor Business Growth Stats

Since 2010, the home décor market in the United States has exhibited a consistent upward trend, with projections suggesting continued growth into 2024. In 2010, the market was valued at 129 billion US dollars. Over the following decade, this value steadily increased, reaching 175.14 billion US dollars by 2020. 

Looking ahead, forecasts for the year 2024 predict the market value to further escalate to approximately 202 billion US dollars, indicating a sustained and significant growth in the US home décor market over this 14-year span.

A graph of Home Décor market value in the US 2010 to 2024

More Name Ideas for Inspiration

Furniture Store Name Ideas

Naming your furniture store is the first step in starting a business. A catchy and memorable name can attract customers while also reflecting the value of your brand. Here are some examples of furniture store name ideas.

1. Casa Craft
2. Timber Trove
3. LoftLuxe
4. Artisan Abode
5. Vintify
6. Rustique
7. Trendura
8. Plushura
9. Swankwood
10. Modora

Candle Store Name Ideas

Choosing the right name for your candle store can help to establish your brand. Here are 10 candle store name ideas generated by our candle company name generator for inspiration:

1. Waxenix
2. Gleamora
3. Luminex
4. Glowix
5. Lumivera
6. Glowlume
7. Shimmerix
8. Candleo
9. BrillFlame
10. GleamEmber

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