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Coming up with a relevant business name is very important. You need to register a name before other competitors take it. But how can you do that? That’s why we created an Alabama business name search guide to help you through the registration process. 

This article will detail business name guidelines in Alabama and how you can prepare your search for that state. Just keep reading to discover more about registering your name, the cost of submitting it, and details regarding Alabama registration offices and online portals.

Generate Business Name Ideas

Before creating a business name, you can read more about the guidelines in Alabama. The Alabama’s Answers booklet should give you plenty of information on starting a business. For example, you may learn how to write a thorough business plan that includes beginner and future steps. It’s paramount to understand entity name laws in your particular state.

You can also brainstorm ideas using our name generators. Type in keywords associated with your business and scroll through the lists of potential ideas. The filters can help you find names that are both fun and memorable. It might be best to gather a few name ideas, as some of those names might already be taken in Alabama. 

How to Search for Available Names in Alabama

The Alabama Government Records Inquiry System can help you determine if your business name is available. You can enter the name, type of business, place of formation, principal city and current status. It should then give you a list of names that either match or sound similar. These searches don’t cost a penny and make it easy for you to clarify your business availability. 

You can also call or email the Alabama Secretary of State Office to learn more about your business name availability. They will most likely direct your enquiry to the Alabama Business Entity Division. This process might take a bit longer, but it’s worth asking questions regarding registration. 

Next step is to check domain name availability. Which can be done using our instant domain name availability. On the generator, type your name into the ‘domain checker’ and scroll through possible links. Some domains might be taken, but you can pay a domain broker to help negotiate ownership. Your identity remains confidential when the broker is talking about sale prices with the domain owner.

How to Register Your Business Name in Alabama

You can register your available business name on the Alabama Secretary of State Website. This website should give you an online services page that provides fees and options for registration. You’ll be required to fill out contact information and details regarding your business. It might be best to create a subscriber account to save you time and money during registration.

Prior to filing your formation documents, you should obtain the Certificate of Name Reservation. This is proof that you now own a specific business name in Alabama. After reserving your business name, you can apply for a Certificate of Formation. The Alabama Secretary of State Website provides general forms that sign the approval of your business entity. 

Get the general forms needed for registration in Alabama here.

Just find the forms related to your business and fill them out. You may need to type your answers on the computer and send a printed copy to the Secretary of State’s Office address. 

Policies and Procedures for Registering Your Business Name

Your business name should be reserved with the Business Entities Division of the Office of the Secretary of State. If your business name is available, you will receive a Certificate of Name Reservation. The website has options for request forms. You must pay the fee when gaining certifications during registration. 

After receiving the Certificate of Name Reservation, you will need to complete the Certificate of Formation form using the same link. There are questions regarding legal structures like the Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, Subchapter S Corporation, and the Limited Liability Company (LLC). If you have further questions, use the contact details below.

Alabama Business Registration Office Details

Here are some contact details for the Alabama Business Registration Office: 

Phone (334) 242-7200 
Email [email protected]
Hours8am–5pm, Monday–Friday 

How to Register Business Name in Alabama Online Portal

The Alabama Secretary of State is responsible for your online registration. They have online services that can help you reserve a name or apply for the correct certifications. This is good for both domestic and foreign corporations. Just click on the Alabama Secretary of State Online Services and find the registration service that best fits your business.

You can become a subscriber on this online portal to receive lower prices on legal filing forms. They have subscriber and non-subscriber fees for each service they provide online. However, most fees cost around $200 in total, so there won’t be much difference. 

The Cost of Registering Your Business Name in Alabama

Name reservations often have a $25 processing fee, depending on your subscription on the Alabama Secretary of State website. The certifications may cost around $200 in fees and can be paid through the bank details on your enquiry form. The filing fees shouldn’t go above $250, but that can change with foreign corporations who require more evidential certifications.

If you have any questions about the costs, contact the Alabama Secretary of State to learn more about registration fees. They can detail the prices and how your money contributes to the right certifications. Their website also has information on different business fees.

Why Registering your Business Name in Alabama is Important

Registering your business name in Alabama helps you to avoid legal problems with the government. If they decide your business should be shut down, you can’t disagree or fight their decision. It’s better to register your name and gain the protection of personal assets. 

Filing the right legal documents ensures you aren’t personally liable for everything that happens in your business. Functioning as a sole trader means you could face lawsuits that send you into debt. It’s important to form a business entity if you want to create a business checking account. This account helps you to take out loans or gain funding from potential investors.

Support for Registering Your Business Name

The Alabama Secretary of State can help you incorporate your business into that particular state. You won’t have to worry about filing legal documentation by yourself. Registering your business name ensures you gain both financial and tax benefits. Raising capital will be much easier, as loan companies will feel more inclined to support your financial growth. 


Registering your business in Alabama is essential for filing the right legal forms. You won’t have to worry about debt problems or legal issues with the government. It’s better to build a solid reputation that shows your professionalism in the business industry. Just visit the Alabama Secretary of State website to get your registration process started. 

If you want to know more details about particular states, then check out our list. We cover all states in America and provide information on their legal registration requirements. Each state is different, so it’s paramount to learn about its policies and procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can register your business name via the Alabama Secretary of State Website at Secretary of State Online Services. Through the site, you have the option of completing the forms online, or printing PDF versions to mail.

Keep in mind that if you choose PDF varieties, they will often require typed responses in order to keep information clear and concise.

Useful information:
– Name reservations include a $10 or $25 fee.
– Generated documents will be available for you to download for 15 days.
– You can also opt to file or pre-file for your business. Prices will vary depending on the option you choose and the county you are starting the business in.

You’ll have to find another name if the current business name isn’t available. It’s better not to duplicate a name and increase the risk of confusion. Our creative name generators will help you generate new ideas that are still fun and interesting.

You’ll need to start with a name reservation document for your business. You’ll need the following information for this

– Your entity type
– The name you want to reserve
– Your name
– Your address
– Address to ship the Name Reservation Certificate to
– The date, and your signature
– Either a $10.00 or $25.00 registration fee
– Payment information

Once you’ve reserved your entity name, you can then file for a Certificate of Formation. Both the name reservation and Certificate of Formation documents can be found at the Alabama Secretary of State website.

A new business in Alabama is required to file a name reservation form and pay the fees for legal documentation. It’s important to register a business if you wish to have a business bank account. Without the right forms, you might face legal problems in the future.

In most cases, duplicate business names within the same state won’t be allowed as they can result in a lot of confusion. You may be able to obtain a similar name, but it will still be important to make sure your name and logo are different enough that you won’t run into trademarking trouble.

If you’re still unable to find a business name that suits you, try using our business name generator to get unique name ideas

The registration process might take around 6-8 weeks. This is due to the filings and time it takes to incorporate a new business in Alabama. However, this duration might change, depending on your chosen forms and type of business entity.


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