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How To Name Your Apartment Business

Just like apartments are built on strong foundations, the name you choose for your apartment business should be equally as sturdy and support your brand in every way.

To help you choose a name for your company, we’ve created a guide using real-world examples, top tips, as well as examples from our apartment complex name generator.

Once you’ve read through our guide and you’re feeling inspired, try your hand at building your own list of potential names using our apartment names generator.

20 Apartment Business Name Ideas

Using our apartment name generator, we have compiled a list of potential options to get you started on your journey to constructing your perfect apartment complex name.

After reading our examples, use our business name generator to create your own name you’ll be proud to advertise your apartments with.

Here are our 20 apartment business name ideas:

  1. Apartment Trust
  2. Apartment Million
  3. Apartment Admire
  4. Apartment Estate
  5. Apartment Sense
  6. Apartx
  7. Apartment First
  8. Apartment Arrowhead
  9. Apartment Motion
  10. Diamond Home
  11. Homelux
  12. Panther Home
  13. Willow Home
  14. Crystal Home
  15. Jaguar Home
  16. Regal Home
  17. Diamond Flat
  18. Enrich Flat
  19. Aesthetics Flat
  20. Wonders Flat

20 More Apartment Business Name Ideas

  1. Le Petit Chambre
  2. MiniPalais
  3. The Dorm Room
  4. EcoStay
  5. Shoebox
  6. The Den
  7. Wild Estates
  8. La Grande Maison
  9. The Glass House
  10. Noble Park
  11. Each to Their Home
  12. The Retreat
  13. Homemaker
  14. Grand Rosso
  15. Homes Pointe
  16. LightHouse
  17. Brick and Morty
  18. The Bach Pad
  19. Greenwood
  20. VineWood

Best Real-World Apartment Business Names

​​It can be important when choosing names for your apartment complex business to research real-world examples as this can help you see what names thrive within the industry and why. After perusing our examples, use our apartment business name generator to create your own name options.

Here are our best real-world examples, and why we think they help the company succeed:


A business that helps renters find ideal apartments, Apartmentlist is a great business name. A combination of two words, the business advertises to their customers exactly what services they provide, and makes it easy for their name to be shared.

While longer than some of the other examples on the list, Apartmentlist succeeds due to the simplicity of its name. Furthermore, the straightforward nature of their name reflects their mission to support families and make the process easy.


LoopNet helps apartment listings achieve greater exposure, which can be great for boosting their lister’s busyness prospects. Like Apartmentlist, LoopNet is a combination of two words that indicates where their services are located, on the web, as well as how their services work.

The notion of the loop is suggestive of how they frequently lead new searchers to their client’s apartment listings, while also keeping their customers informed and happy about the process.


Another word combination that creates a name, ManageCasa helps their customers to manage their properties, as indicated through the name.

The use of the Spanish word ‘Casa’ for home indicates the global aspect of the company and how its services can be accessed by a variety of customers.


Zillow is able to offer free house pricing estimations through their algorithm, which is suggested by their name. The company name Zillow is a fictional world they created and relates to the data points used to make a zestimate.

Furthermore, the name rhymes with a pillow, a common household object often used as a form of comfort, and suggests the idea of homemaking through the company.  


A subsidiary of the company Zillow, Truila derives its name from an archaic name meaning ‘truthful’. The use of this word as their name helps to facilitate trust between the company and their customers, important due to the high stakes nature of buying and renting property.

Similar to Zillow, the name is unusual enough to help the company stand out from its competitors, but is easy to pronounce and remember which stops customers from feeling alienated by the brand.

How to Choose an Apartment Business Name that Inspires Trust

It is important to have customers view your brand as trustworthy, as this can help inspire loyalty for your apartment business. Therefore, when deciding upon your apartment complex business name, you need to choose words that inspire ideas of trust, homeliness, and familiarity.

Tactics to do this include choosing familiar words and adding a unique twist, such as real-world example Zillow, or even using a family name for your business. 

5-Tips for Creating Unique Apartment Business Name Ideas

A key aspect of an apartment business is creating trust with your customers that you want to help them find their ideal homes. Therefore, it is crucial to choose names for your apartment business that inspire your customers as well as your employees.

We’ve created a list of the top 5-tips we feel are essential to consider when creating your apartment business name, as they help to facilitate loyalty, trust, and memorability for your customers. all positive aspects for your brand. Give our apartment business name generator a try afterward to create your own name using these great tips.

Here are our top 5-tips to help you create unique apartments business name ideas:

  1. Construct Connections with Your Customers

To enhance the connection with your customers, choosing an apartment business name that includes familial names, locations or similar personal features can be a great idea. This helps create the illusion of a personal relationship with your customers, which can help you stand out from the competition.

Many customers may choose a smaller brand specifically for the personal touch it offers, therefore it can be great to advertise this in your apartment complex names to help draw customers to your company.

  1. Strengthen Your Brand

Another way to increase the recognisability of your apartment brand is to ensure all your social media platforms and marketing tools share the same great business name.

Once you’ve chosen your apartment business name, use our business name search index.to ensure your desired name is available as a domain name, as this can make it easier for customers to find you across all platforms, as well as enhance the professionalism of your company.

  1. Boost Your Options

Having a list of great apartment name options is the best way to select the perfect one, as it allows you to evaluate what works and what doesn’t work in your company name.

Use our apartment names generator to create your own personalized list of custom names for your apartment complex company, and see what name inspires you.

  1. Raise Awareness of Your Business

It is essential when choosing an apartment business name to have it be memorable, as this makes it easier for your customers to talk about and therefore can increase your advertising.

While it can be tempting to choose unique names for your company to help you stand out, do not choose apartment business names that are too unorthodox, as this can alienate your audience and have a negative impact on your business growth.

  1. Model Your Business

As observed through our real-world examples, exploring what names are successful in the current market can help you to create your own apartment business name.

Modeling your apartment names after existing brands can be a great inspiration, but avoid choosing a name too similar to an existing company as this can mean the competition is heightened within the field.

For inspiration, use our apartment name generator and see what unique names you create for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When choosing a name for your apartment business, it can be important to include words within the name that allude to the nature of the business. This can include words such as ‘chamber’, ‘dorm’, ‘room’, ‘stay’, ‘estate’ and more as this can advertise to your customers what your business is about.

For inspiration, use our apartment business name generator to create the ideal name for your brand you’ll be proud to use as the foundation of your business.

Good names for a rental business include words such as ‘rent’, ‘rentals’, and ‘stay’. If your apartment business encompasses another element such as renting, it can also be helpful to include this within the business name as it will help customers looking for your service to find you easier.

However, if your business is in a small niche, it can be recommended to choose a broader name so as to not limit the scope of your advertisement and online searches.

Your apartment business name should be clear, easy to remember and ideally have a unique aspect to them. Using techniques such as personal names, alliteration and rhyming can be great ways to generate memorable business names.

For help creating unique apartment complex names, use our apartment name business generator to create a list of custom options to choose from.

It can be recommended to include the word ‘apartment’ within your business name to help customers understand what your company does. Other names for apartment buildings you can use include apartment complexes, flats, projects, high-rise apartments and blocks.


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