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1. Choose Your Apartment Name Keywords

Insert keywords into the generator that describe the style of your apartment building.

2. Get Apartment Name Ideas

Our business name generator gives you thousands of name ideas! Use length, style, and word filters to fine-tune the results.

3. Select Apartment Names

Save some names you like, check domain name availability, and then claim your new and unique apartment name.

Benefits of Our Apartment Name Generator

Use our apartment complex name generator for much more than just generating an apartment name, you will benefit from: 

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Brand building tools

It comes with a logo maker to complement your apartment name in style. 

Trademarks details 

It offers a trademark tool to ensure you can use the apartment name before starting.  

Check domains 

Includes a domain availability checker so you can set up a supporting hub for the apartment. 


Ability to save apartment names to decide on later. 

Top Tips

How to Name Your Apartment Building

With all the challenges of developing an apartment building, you may still need to consider its name. But, the name is the window to selling apartments and gaining future tenants. You’re not just picking a name; you’re developing the first impression of your property.


Target Audience Appeal

Consider what would attract your ideal residents and think about words that will appeal to them. Are they young professionals? Families or retired people looking to downsize. The name you choose will be different for each of these demographics. 


Buildings Characteristics

The name should mirror the apartment’s style and ambiance. Does your apartment complex have older features? Or a modern design?


Deliver the Lifestyle

Use words to describe the type of life people could have in the apartment, as this will help potential buyers, investors, or tenants see what the apartment opportunity looks like.

Name - Keep it Memorable

Keep it Memorable

You want buyers, investors and renters to develop the development name. Talk about your business, recommend you and create a buzz about the apartments. 


Location Matters

Incorporating local landmarks or neighborhood names into your apartment name can be a good naming tactic. This creates warmth, familiarity and trust in your name.


Check Trademarks

Ensure the domain name isn’t already used or trademarked for another company name. You want potential customers to understand and avoid facing costly legal fees. 

Successful Apartment Name

We’ve analyzed five real-life apartment names and examined what makes them successful. These names, paired with their descriptions, paint a vivid picture of what each apartment complex offers, making them more than just a name but a glimpse into the lifestyle they promise.

  1. Urban Oasis Towers: A modern high-rise offering a tranquil escape amidst the bustling city.
  2. Serenity Heights: Elegant apartments set in a peaceful, scenic environment, perfect for those seeking tranquility.
  3. Blue Horizon Residences: Coastal-themed living spaces with breathtaking sea views, ideal for beach lovers.
  4. Harmony Estates: Family-friendly apartments in a harmonious community setting, with ample green spaces.
  5. Parkview Retreat: Overlooking a beautiful park, these apartments offer serene living with nature at your doorstep.

Get Inspired

Apartment Names Ideas for Inspiration

Using our apartment name generator, we have compiled a list of potential options to get you started on your journey to constructing your perfect apartment complex name.

  • Skyline Crest
  • Maplewood Manor
  • Azure Bay Apartments
  • Riverview Residency
  • Emerald Enclave
  • Sunset Terrace
  • The Metropolitan
  • Cityscape Lofts
  • Coastal Edge Condos
  • The Nest Urban Apartments
  • Garden Grove Homes
  • Heritage Hall
  • The Boulevard Flats
  • Vintage Pointe
  • Waterside Living
  • Artisan Court
  • Uptown Square
  • The Zenith Residences
  • Vista Verde
  • The Cosmopolitan
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Take the First Step in Creating Your Business Name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When selecting a name, consider the character and identity you want your apartment building to project. It should align with the local area and your brand identity. The right name should evoke a sense of belonging and community, creating a positive impression on potential tenants.

Yes, the generator is free to use and you can generate as many names as you like.



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