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the name of this media company is pretty easy to decipher. It simply puts together the words direct and TV. The name is rooted in the fact that the company was the first direct-broadcast satellite system television provider.


the broadcasting network’s name is an acronym for Columbia Broadcasting Systems.


this is another incredibly popular media acronym but few people know what it actually means. CNN stands for Cable News Network.


acronyms seem to be pretty popular among media companies from different parts of the world. BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation.

The Wall Street Journal

this name focuses on the topics discussed in the specialized financial publication. It immediately helps The Wall Street Journal appeal to a niche audience with a particular interest in the field.


one of the most prominent news and media agencies in Turkey, Zaman was founded in 1986 and its name translates to “time.”


originally, the television network carried the name Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. Eventually, the acronym became much more popular.

El Mundo

The prominent Spanish newspaper has a name that translates to “the world.” The name gives the audience at least some idea about the topics and the stories that can be seen on the pages of El Mundo.

Marketing Strategy & Useful
Advertising Terminology

The marketing strategy of media should focus first and foremost on promoting content quality. How the quality is relevant for the respective target audience is another potential consideration when campaigns are being planned.

The examples mentioned above also show how media are named. Usually, the name of a media or a broadcasting company is pretty straightforward and it tells potential viewers, readers or listeners what they’re about to get.

News on Demand, for example, is an excellent name for a digital portal that offers on-demand broadcasts. A potential viewer will know right from the start what they’re going to get. Thus, only people that are interested will engage with the respective company’s production.

The more niche and specific a name is, the better. Mom TV is great for branding purposes. It tells the audience that the television channel focuses on parenting. It also establishes the target audience right from the start.

Clientele & Interests

It’s very difficult to come up with a unified consumer profile for media and broadcasting companies. For a start, media come in an array of formats – television, print publications, online media, cable networks, etc. In addition, there could be specialization within the respective field. There are news channels, entertainments, sports, beauty, parenting media, etc.

Media also work with B2B customers on occasions. Such interactions typically focus on larger advertising, broadcasting or infrastructural development projects. Successful media are equally skilled in the execution of both B2B and B2C interactions.

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