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How To Name Your Architecture Business

As an industry with consistent growth, opening an architecture firm right now is probably a good idea! If you’re considering taking the plunge, you’ve got your business model selected, and you’re just looking for a firm name, then we’re here to help!

Our architecture business name generator is going to become absolutely invaluable to you as you begin the journey to creating an architecture firm name. All you have to do is input words into the architect business name generator and sit back as it produces tonnes of unique and exciting architecture business names for you.

In this article, we’re going to look at a few different sources of inspiration you can look to when you start creating your architecture business name. We’ll also go over some handy tips for using our architecture business name generator. I’m Alex and I’ll be guiding you through this article. Let’s get started!

20 Architecture Business Name Ideas

To begin with, we’re going to take a look at how our architecture name generator works. Below are twenty unique architecture business names I came up with using our architecture business name generator. All I did was input a series of words that I associated with the architecture industry into the generator and here is what it produced. Check them out.

  1. Design Nest
  2. Aspect Plans
  3. Finest Plans
  4. Hustle Architects
  5. Lighthouse Designs
  6. Mega Architects
  7. Crimson Architects
  8. Evolve Architecture
  9. Architecture Reboot
  10. The Architecture Shack
  11. Savvy Architecture
  12. Daydream Plans
  13. Sky Architects
  14. Excel Architecture
  15. Absolute Architecture
  16. Project Design
  17. Novel Designs
  18. Master Architects
  19. Fostered Designs
  20. Method Architecture 

20 More Architecture Business Name Ideas

  1. Picturesque Pillars
  2. Arches Architecture
  3. Under the Arch
  4. Stylistic Symmetry
  5. Better Blueprints
  6. Creative Columns
  7. Well-Drafted
  8. Drafting Table
  9. Architect Alliance
  10. Architexture
  11. Pyramid Architecture
  12. Ultramodern Architecture
  13. Welleck Architecture
  14. Practicom Architecture
  15. Keller Architecture
  16. Openhorizons Inc
  17. Megasleek Architecture
  18. Ultrasturdy Inc
  19. The Building Boys
  20. Archaic Architecture

Best Real-world Architecture Business Names

Now we’ve seen the kind of inspiring names that our architecture name generator can offer you, let’s take a look at some real-world architecture firm names. Looking to your competition is a great way to see how a business name can really sell your business and it can help you to understand where you fit into your market.

Below we’ve chosen our favorite architecture firm names and we’ve discussed why we like them, why we think they’re successful, and why we think they could inspire you.

Let’s check them out now!

  1. AL_A

Standing for Amanda Levete Architects, we love the way this name is stylized. The use of acronyms in business names is a fantastic way to keep the name short and this firm makes use of their acronym in a brilliant way.

In an industry like architecture, the way things look matters, and the way this acronym is stylized makes the firm look contemporary and on-trend. This is a great way to show customers the kinds of designs you’ll be offering.

  1. Populous

This firm name presents the idea that this business is interested in large buildings that can accommodate lots of people, which indeed they are. This firm creates spaces for people to enjoy time together and we think the name works really well.

Do you have a specific kind of building you want to be working on? Use that in your name so people know where they stand with you.

  1. Neu Architects

We like this because ‘neu’ could be read as ‘new’ or the shortened ‘neutral.’ This presents the brand as innovative and forward-thinking and also gives a slightly exotic edge as ‘neu’ could be perceived as a foreign language.

The use of foreign and shortened words can help to give a contemporary feel to your brand which will help you stand out in the world of architecture.

  1. White Design

This business focus on creating innovative and sustainable designs. We think the name ‘White Design’ works here as it offers a neutral position and pureness. The color white is associated with purity making these designs seem pure, carbon-neutral, and good.

This simple kind of name is great and works well to invoke imagery in the customer’s mind. Think about how you can invoke this kind of imagery through your name choice.

  1. Associated Architects

This architects group makes it very clear in their name that they are a group of architects! This kind of literal name is a great direction to go in if you want clear and effective communication with your customers.

Unique Content for the Niche

Architecture is a business where what things look like is important which is why the logo you create for your brand will have as much impact as the business name. This is something to consider when creating a business name. You should consider how a name would work within a logo and if there are any ways you could stylize it.

Additionally, the use of your own name appears common in the architecture industry. Many firms are named after the founders. This is a great way to show how much you believe in your work as you’re willing to put your name on it. This kind of name can instill confidence in customers and help them to trust your business.

Naming an architecture business can be difficult but with these few tips and the use of our architect name generator, it can be a little easier! Go and check it out now and see how helpful it can be for you.

5-Tips for creating unique Architecture Business name ideas 

Now we’ve seen how our architecture business name generator works and how other real-world firms have named their businesses, it’s time for you to create your own architecture business name. Below we’ve gathered a few of our top tips for creating an architecture business name.

Our tips cover ways to come up with words associated with your business and how to use our architecture business name generator. Check it all out below and get started creating a unique and memorable architecture business name.

  1. Get to know your business first

This is key to creating a business name that truly reflects your business. Ensuring you know your business, know the kind of work you want to do, and who you want to attract, can help you to create a business name that really reflects this.

Sit down and think about all the different aspects of your business, your values, and the kind of work you’ll be doing, and truly understand who you want to be as a brand.

  1. Make a list of words

Once you know your brand well, you can begin creating a list of words that truly reflect your business. You should use words that can be associated with your business or words that invoke the kind of imagery you want to be associated with it.

Keep this list handy for when you use our architecture business name generator!

  1. Don’t use too many words

We’ve noticed that the architecture firms that have the most successful names have very considered names. This means ensuring they’re not too long and that all the words have a place in the business name.

We spoke earlier about how your logo will have an impact in an industry like architecture and so you should consider this when naming your business. How will this name look on paper?

  1. Check it’s available for use

Before you start filling out any paperwork for your business, you need to ensure that no one else is using your business name.

Do a google search and check that the domain name is available so that you don’t suddenly need to think of a new name when you find it in use.

  1. Use our architecture business name generator

We’ve gone on about how great our architecture business name generator is but it’s because we truly believe it’s going to be really handy as you try to come up with a name for your architecture firm.

Keep using it throughout your journey to a business name to keep your inspiration going!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Choosing an architecture business name means really getting to know your business first. If you want to truly reflect your business through your business name, you need to know who you are as a business. Try making a list of your values and the kind of work you want to do and use these ideas to make a list of words. Then input these words into our architecture business name generator for lots of inspiring name ideas.

A good way to find out if your architecture business name works is to run it by friends and family. Ask them how they think the name works, whether it shows off your business, and whether it communicates what your business is about. This is a great way of seeing if your business name is a good idea.

To name your design firm you should decide what you want to communicate to the public about your firm through your name. Do you work with specific materials? Or do you have really important brand values? You should consider these aspects of your business and use them in your name to attract your target customers to your brand.


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