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How To Name Your Hotel, Motel And B&B Business

Hospitality is an ever-growing industry, and with no end in the number of travelers, you can often find great success in setting up a place of your own. But how do you come up with a good name, amid the nearly endless options? 

We will be using our hotel, motel, and B&B business name generator to demonstrate ways to find a unique name for your business.

20 Hotel, Motel And B&B Business Name Ideas

Finding the perfect name for your new hotel, motel, or B&B can be tricky, and many establishments make the mistake of ones that sound like fake hotel names or that are nonsensical and easily forgotten. 

However, with our handy hotel, motel, and B&B business name generator, you don’t have to worry about your hospitality institution being branded with the wrong title. 

Here are 20 unique options that I was able to come up with, simply by plugging certain keywords into the search bar and using the power of a hotel name generator!

  1. High Days Hotel
  2. Luxury Inn & Suites
  3. Best Rates Motel
  4. Estates Motel
  5. Blissful Breaks B&B
  6. Simply Relax Hotel
  7. Triple Z B&B 
  8. Living Luxury Motel
  9. Adventure Stays Inn
  10. Elegant Relax Hotel
  11. Paradise Stays Motel
  12. Serenity Stay Suites
  13. Nest Up B&B
  14. Refresh Hotel & Suites
  15. Comfort First Motel
  16. Feet Up B&B
  17. The Best Nest B&B
  18. B&B Balance
  19. Hotel Paradise
  20. Mother’s Best B&B

So, how did I come up with these options? It was easy— I first established what kinds of words I wanted potential customers to associate with my hospitality business, and used them within our hotel, motel, and B&B business name generator.

For example, you can opt for things like “comfort”, “serenity”, or “refresh” to give the sense of the rest and relaxation available at your establishment. Or, if you want to focus on the quality and richness of your guests’ stays, use keywords like “luxury”, “elegance”, or “paradise” to summon those connotations.

It’s all about what associations and images you want to apply to your hotel, motel, or B&B business name!

20 More Hotel, Motel And B&B Business Name Ideas

  1. Hotel Repose
  2. Leisure Inn
  3. Tranquil Tavern
  4. Motel Merry
  5. Mirth Motel
  6. Tranquil Travels
  7. Serene Stays
  8. Halcyon Hotel
  9. Hotel Serenity
  10. Soothe And Stay
  11. Blissful Breaks
  12. Paradise-A-Plenty
  13. Bed And Breakfast And Betterment
  14. Bonanza B&B
  15. Bliss B&B
  16. Harmony Hotel
  17. Merit Motel
  18. Best Nest
  19. Peaceful Paragon
  20. Reward and Refresh

Best Real-World Hotel, Motel and B&B Business Names

Before we dive a bit further into the characteristics of what makes a memorable and unique name for your hospitality business, and how to best use our hotel, motel, and B&B business name generator to achieve your goals, let’s talk about some real-world establishments.

The hospitality sector is so competitive and necessary to many people’s work and pleasure, so there is much to be learned from some of the most well-known and successful brands, particularly when it comes to finding your own hotel names.

Comfort Inn & Suites

As soon as you are greeted by the idea of comfort, the strain of your travels will likely begin to melt away. While traveling can be essential for many, it can also be a grueling process. And the idea of a soft bed and hot shower that “comfort” summons is nearly irresistible.

Add to this cozy feeling a sense of old-world charm with the word “inn”, mingled with a hope of having a large room with all the amenities that you could want thanks to the inclusion of “suites”, and you have a winning hotel name!

Embassy Suites

If the idea of “embassy” calls to mind some sort of professional and classy environment, possibly frequented by government officials as they jet around the world, you’re not alone. The use of a high-powered, exclusive-style word like that gives guests the feeling that they are also part of a niche class during their stay at the hotel.

And, similarly, promoting the establishment’s suites that are available for your use, instead of just advertising them as guest rooms, adds to that air of prominence and exclusivity.

Holiday Inn

For anyone wanting a place to stay during their vacation that is reliable and ready to be used as a base from which to go on adventures, the Holiday Inn checks such subliminal boxes. 

It is marketed first and foremost as a holiday stay, which likely means it has all the amenities and full-service treatment that you might want in a home-away-from-home during your vacation time. Plus, the classification of “inn” summons a homier, more personal atmosphere than others might denote.

Hyatt Regency

Any kind of hotel name that includes a reference to royalty or high-status living is sure to suggest the quality of a stay within those walls. 

By using terms like “royal”, “regency”, “king”, a hotel, motel or B&B immediately grants the idea of top-notch comfort and service into the minds of any potential guests who see the name.

And for many travelers, whether in the pursuit of business or fun, the idea of luxury and wealthy treatment at hotel prices is too irresistible to pass up, making this a very simple but effective way of bringing in customers to your business.

Quality Inn

Short, simple, and to the point, Quality Inn combines what most people are looking for in a hotel and an easy description of the establishment. By using “quality” or other keywords that evoke a sense of high-standard living, you can assure future guests that they will be well taken care of in your establishment. 

Plus, by combining the more homey, down-to-earth descriptor of “inn”, it gives a sense that this quality will not cost customers an arm and a leg to stay there.

Aesthetic And Linguistic Considerations For Your Hotel, Motel And B&B Business

The difference between effective and memorable names for your hotel, motel, or B&B and fake hotel names is surprisingly little. 

But that also means that with only a few tweaks and considerations, you can put our hotels, motels, and B&B business name generator to full use and come up with the best name for your establishment. Let’s go over some key points now.

The Aesthetic Of The Opening Letters

Hotels, motels, and B&Bs are unique in that not only will your guests be saying the name aloud, but also observing it in many aspects. Thus, it’s actually important to think about the psychological impact of the shape of letters in your business name. 

The circles and lines that primarily form English lettering can be used to better the visual aesthetic of your establishment’s name, by opting for rounded letters (O, A, P, G) that feel soft and complete. Avoid jagged edges, such as Vs, Ws, and other harsh visuals in the opening of your hotel’s name.

Mouth Sounds When Pronouncing Hotel Names

Similarly, you want the mouth sound and semantics of your hotel, motel, or B&B name to feel reassuring and comforting. Instead of using harsh sounds and words that abruptly end, try incorporating more rounded and smooth words into the name.

5-Tips For Creating Unique Hotel, Motel And B&B Business Name Ideas

You are nearly ready to craft the perfect name for your hospitality establishment! Read on for 5 top tips to keep in mind, and your new business is almost complete, thanks to our hotel, motel, and B&B business name generator.

1. Check Out Your Competition

Because of the saturation in the hospitality market these days, it’s important to figure out what you are up against. Assess the hotel names of your competition and figure out what works and doesn’t work in terms of their branding. Then, use this knowledge for yourself!

2. List Keywords And Synonyms

Our hotel name generator works best when you have identified a list of the best keywords and synonyms for your particular business. Take the time to go through and figure out what you want your business to be known for, and use those words wisely.

3. Consider History And Origin In Hotel Names

If your hotel, motel, or B&B has a unique history or origin story, why not include it in the name? This can give guests a taste of the past and thrill them with the idea of staying in a historic location!

4. Sound It Out

Many fake hotel names sound so clunky and awkward because they have not been tested aloud. So, it’s imperative that you practice your business names aloud before committing to one. Make sure it sounds good, rolls off the tongue, and is memorable.

5. Confirm Its Availability With Our Hotel Name Generator

The last step to getting the perfect name is using our hotels, motels and B&B business name generator to check its availability and secure it before anyone else does! Then, it’s time to fluff the pillows, tuck in the sheets, and get ready to welcome your guests.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

B&Bs are essentially guest houses or lodges, so keep such synonyms in mind when naming your bed and breakfast establishment. As such, opt for names that include the feeling of hominess or family treatment.

Or, seeing as the food aspect is such an integral part of the whole B&B experience, focus on what comforts you can serve up to your guests in the mornings that will make their entire day.

Motels are generally about quick comfort and convenient stays, so choosing a name that is full of keywords and references to those things is a good idea. You want guests to know they will be taken care of but not bothered.

Try words like “convenient”, “quick”, “express”, and others. If your motel features conveniences and home-away-from-home amenities like kitchenettes, you could add something to reference that, as well.

The key to naming a hotel or any hospitality venue lies in selecting a name that guests will associate with comfort, safety, and a good night’s sleep.

If your name caters to the integral needs that overnight customers require, such as security, cleanliness, and a good experience, it’s likely to bring in repeated business.


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