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How to Use Our Trading Company Name Generator

If you want to find the perfect name for your trading company, simply follow these easy steps, and you will be greeted with endless name ideas for your trading company.

To begin, select the keywords you want our name generator to work with to generate your name. As our generator uses intuitive and logical keyword association, not only will it create names with the keywords you enter, but it will also work with related keywords to help give you a broader and deeper range of options to choose from. You can also select the industry you want it to select from.

Insert Keywords

Insert the keywords that you associate with your business. 

Filter The Results

Filter the results based on your preferences and requirements. 

Register The Name

Pick the winning name and register the domain.

Next, use our different filters to help play with different approaches towards generating your names; alliteration and rhyme, one word or two. 

Once you have found the name that feels just right, we have a feature that helps you check whether the related domain names have already been claimed. If they haven’t, then they’re yours! 

Benefits of Our Trading Company Name Generator

Our name generator offers unparalleled options in choosing your name, with literally unlimited possibilities! And with our various filters, you can edit the names our generator suggests until you find the right one.

And thanks to the keyword association of our generator, the names it offers are creative, with options related to your industry or the keywords you enter, without just rehashing them.

You can use the possibilities our name generator gives you outright, or you can use them as a jumping-off point to inspire you to get creative with your own ideas.

Once you’re happy with your name, you can use our feature that checks whether your domain name has already been claimed. If not, then you’re good to go with your perfect new Trading Company name!

20 Trading Company Name Ideas

20 Trading Company Name Ideas

Let’s look at 20 excellent trading company name ideas made using our generator. To generate these names, we used the keywords trading, companies, industries, commercial.

  • Excel Trading
  • Compact Trading
  • Tradingzen
  • Pal Commercial
  • Zoom Trading
  • Astute Enterprise
  • Sonic Industries
  • Line Commercial
  • Barter Trading
  • Attune
  • Paramount Company
  • Arrange Industries
  • Point Industries
  • Auger Industries
  • Motion
  • Exchange Commercial
  • Revolution Trading
  • Edge Industries
  • Direct Commercial
  • Honest Company

Looking for trade name ideas that look and sound different? You can try other name generators on our site to find unusual trading name ideas. We recommend our consulting firm name generator and our cool and catchy business name generator.

20 More Trading Company Name Ideas

Here are 20 more excellent trading company name ideas. We used the keywords trading company, energy, commercial, commodity.

  • Commodity Enigma
  • Trading Consultant
  • Trading Assist
  • Everyday Commercial
  • Energy Excel
  • Abstract Commodity
  • Trading Obelisk
  • Trading Fix
  • Mass Commodity
  • Trading Infinity
  • Dynamite Commercial
  • Bang Trading
  • Flame Trading
  • Zap Trading
  • Analyze Commercial
  • Success Energy
  • Clarity Commercial
  • Surge Energy
  • All-Star Commodity
  • Link Trading

Here are some of our most popular name generators at BNG to help you come up with the perfect name for any business endeavor! Our trading company name generator is the best option for trading names. You can use the generators below for other types of businesses. 

Tips For Creating Trading Company Name Ideas

Now let’s look at some practical tips when selecting your Trading Company name. Keep these in mind when creating your name ideas. 

Research Your Competition

When launching a business, you must have an understanding of who your competition is. Not just who they are but what they do well and what they don’t. This is known as market research. It can also be used to help you name your company.

Look at the most successful companies in your field and take note of the naming conventions they have used. While you want to make your name unique, it still pays to understand the best practices when naming a company in your industry. Know the rules, so you can decide if, how and why you want to break them!

Keep It Simple!

When naming any company, it pays to keep things simple. Simplicity ensures that people can remember your company’s name easier. Think about some of the most successful companies in the world; Nike, Adidas, Gucci, Google, and Twitter. All of these are just one short word long! They’re simple but effective. The longer a name is or, the more complicated, the more difficult it is to remember.

Avoid The Use Of Special Characters

There are some instances where using special characters can help; Bet365 is an example of a company that uses it well. This is because the numbers they have chosen are not arbitrary but easily memorable and indicate something relative to the company; you can place bets 365 days a year. Otherwise, it is best to avoid using numbers as they are often arbitrary and make it more difficult to remember your business name.

Special characters such as exclamation or question marks cannot be pronounced, so if someone were to hear your business name said aloud, they would not necessarily know that your business name contained them. This, in turn, can make your business more difficult to find online. They can also make your business seem less professional, which is, of course, the opposite of what you want people to think about your trading company! So it is best to avoid them.

Make Sure It Is Simple To Spell

This is related to keeping your business name simple, but it is important enough to explore individually. Keeping your name easy to spell ensures that people can find it more easily. If someone hears your business brought up in conversation, they can instantly find it online. 

Decide Whether You Want To Fit In Or Stand Out

When you name your business, there are two main routes to go; to fit in or to stand out. Fitting in can be seen as a safer option as it means naming yourself after the conventions of other companies in your field. It can come across as more professional, and people may have a better understanding of what your business is about based on their contextual understanding of other similar companies. However, as it is a risk-averse way of naming your company, it can also have a lower reward potential as it does not jump out and attract people immediately.

Naming your business to stand out can be riskier as it likely involves a more outlandish or creative name and may not follow the name conventions of other companies, which inspire trust. However, naming your company more creatively can grab people’s attention and potentially attract more customers, and for that reason can have a higher potential

Best Real-world Trading Company Names

Interesting Real-World Trading Company Names


Robinhood is a trading company with the stated mission to ‘democratize finance for all’. Its name is so effective because it plays on the well-known legend of Robin Hood, who took from the rich to give to the poor. Everyone understands this cultural reference, and it also helps to paint a picture of the character and mission of the company it represents.


Ameritrade is an American stockbroker. The name is effective because it not only implies what the company does and is about but also demonstrates creativity by combining two words into one that nevertheless serves the function of two words.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is a financial services company established in 1977. Though it can be risky to name your company after the founder, it can also be an intelligent long-term strategy, as is the case with Charles Schwab, as the name comes to be associated with quality and long-standing history.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers uses simplicity to its advantage with its name. While it is not necessarily the most creative name, it clearly tells potential customers what it does, allowing people to instantly recognize it as what they are looking for, which helps drive engagement. This is what all good names should aim to do.


Another simple and effective name, Coinbase, is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Cryptocurrency is often referred to as ‘coin’ in the industry, and base implies that it is a one-stop shop of sorts for all of your crypto needs.

What To Do After You Pick Your Trading Company Name

So, you’ve chosen your name with our trading name generator. Now all that is left is for you to put it out there for the world to see! 

Before you do so, you can use our feature that checks if your domain names and associated social media handles have been claimed or not. If they haven’t, then you can claim them as your own and begin your business journey!

Use the business name search to check if you can legally use the trading company name you picked. You can use our domain name generator to find the right domain for your new business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While we can't tell you exactly what to name your trading company, our trading company name generator gives you unlimited options to choose from. You can use them as inspiration for your trading company name, or you can use one of them outright for yourself.

A good trading company name should be simple and have an air of professionalism. This helps potential customers have faith in your company as trustworthy and businesslike. Consider using the word 'Trading' in your company name so that people know what your company does as soon as they read or hear about it.

The best trading company names include Robinhood, Ameritrade, and Coinbase. Robinhood is a cultural reference with connotations of 'taking from the rich and giving to the poor' that helps inspire trust. Ameritrade creatively combines two words into one while giving insight into what the company does.

Most trading companies charge a small commission fee that is paid by the client anytime they buy on the platform. In addition, buying prices and usually slightly higher than selling prices, which ensures that brokers always make a profit. Some trading companies that advertise themselves as “commission-free” instead charge subscription fees for using the platform.


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