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Complete Guide to Naming Your Import Export Business

Our import export business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get import export business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Import and export companies play an important role in today’s economy. Many of the goods and products we need on a daily basis are manufactured abroad. Having someone to import them locally enhances the market and gives buyers access to new possibilities. At the same time, local produces can rely on import export partners for the purpose of reaching new buyers in a foreign country.

Regardless of the area that you specialise in, you have to establish yourself as a reliable partner. Very often, import export businesses handle large volumes and massive orders. If a good system isn’t in place to deal with the multiple tasks related to such activities, chances are that multiple mix ups will ensue. The company’s reputation will suffer, potentially losing business.

Import and export companies typically do not put a lot of emphasis on the selection of the right name. Creativity isn’t that common and multiple brands have a similar sound and vision. Adopting such an approach will make it difficult for you to stand out. Instead of picking the easiest route (for example, Your Name Import Export Company), try to come up with something a bit more descriptive. Emphasise values and characteristics your potential clients will appreciate. If you manage to show what your company stands for, chances are that your branding efforts will produce distinctive results.

Demographic Interests

Import export businesses typically handle B2B operations.

The scale and the specific industry will vary. Some export agricultural production. Some import convenience goods from China. The scope of work and the interactions you can expect with your potential clients will be heavily dependent on these characteristics.

If you import and sell goods at the same time, you may also have to deal with end customers. In this instance, you will be working with two demographics – the company in the original country where a product is made and the end consumer in the country where you plan to sell. Addressing both of these audiences and crafting the right marketing campaign for each will ensure the consistency of the business model and your chance to ensure the long-term sustainability of the company.

Competitor Name Analysis


A B2B global trade platform, Panjiva was originally called Global Reference Check. The founders, however, decided that a smarter and crisper name was required. They played with words and eventually modified Pangea via brainstorming to come up with Panjiva.


This online import and export platform has been created to help companies in the field handle shipping costs in a more effective way.

Ningbo Prime Banker Import & Export

Here’s a big player on the market that has adopted a classical approach towards name selection. The first word refers to the company’s location – Ningbo City, Japan. The rest of the name explains the fact that the company handles the export of professional banking and finance services.

China Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation

The methodology for name selection here is similar as in the case of the previous example – country of origin, accompanied by the specific type of goods being imported or exported.

Heritage India Exports

The company exports home décor items manufactured in Delhi. These include tassels, ornaments and other traditional items, hence the inclusion of the word “heritage” in the name.

Marine Enterprise

A company that handles predominantly the export of ship machinery and spare parts.

Import Export Business Name Inspiration

  1. Consolidated Freight Corporation: a name that sounds a bit more corporate and it’s ideal for branding in the B2B worlds of massive import export deals.
  2. We Bring Technology: a somewhat more casual name that makes it clear what types of imports or exports the company handles.
  3. GlobaLized: another more casual and trendy name that’s good for a startup or a more innovative business in the field of imports and exports.
  4. OmniPresence Corporation: omnipresent is a term that refers to something that’s widespread and available everywhere at the same time. It speaks of the qualities and the reach of the company.
  5. Import Partners: a name that’s a bit more corporate, just like the first entry in the list.
  6. Exporteria: a made-up word that’s still relevant to the field, that’s short and catchy. It also sounds somewhat different from the standard formula.
  7. Worldwide Trade Source: this name doesn’t really need an explanation and while it’s not the most creative one out there, it does provide all the essential information about the company.
  8. Gateway to the World: a more interpretative and less direct name that could result in something quite creative as far as branding goes.
  9. Masters Abroad: another name that isn’t too much out there but that also doesn’t rely on the industry clichés.
  10. Exotica Import: something exotic is alien and new to the local market. Thus, the name is a good choice for an import company.

What Not to Name Your Import Export Business

Do your best to keep the terms import and export out of the name of your business. You can have a slogan that tells potential partners or clients exactly what you deal with.

The same applies to other clichés in the fiel. Shipment and delivery are two of those. After all, you’re not about the delivery itself. Your company negotiates, plans and carries out the logistics of importing and exporting goods. The operations are much more profound than bringing a good from market A to market B.

The addition of your name or initials isn’t particularly suitable because you want to have a name that sounds much more solid and corporate.

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