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How To Name Your Finance & Insurance Business

In an industry where customers are inclined only to trust the big players, an inviting name is key for any new finance and insurance business. With our specialist guide on naming an insurance company, you’ll be able to create a name that will set you up for success.

The Finance & Insurance Business Name Generator will be your chief source of inspiration on this journey. Give it a go and see what names you can come up with!

Below, you’ll find lots of key information to help mold those uncertain ideas into future-proof plans. We’ve included some of our favorite real-world insurance companies as well as tips from our marketing experts to help you perfect your business name.

20 Finance & Insurance Name Ideas

To give you a flavor of the Insurance Company Name Generator, we’ve put together 20 business name examples. Take a look below and see which ones stand out to you. After that, try the name generator yourself!

  1. Surety Central
  2. Shield Insurers
  3. Future-proof Insurers
  4. Lock & Key Finance
  5. Arrowhead Protection
  6. Beacon Indemnity
  7. Safety Solutions
  8. Arrowhead Assurance
  9. Insuralux
  10. WeProtectYou
  11. Platinum Insurance
  12. Secure Solutions Finance
  13. Unity Future Thinkers
  14. Reliable Society
  15. Capital Protectors
  16. Peace of Mind Global
  17. Lifevest Enterprise
  18. SmartProtect
  19. Guardian Angel Insurers
  20. Fortify Finance

20 More Finance & Insurance Name Ideas

  1. FlexiGlobal Insurance
  2. Republica Finance
  3. Fund Guard
  4. Sun Global Insurance
  5. MutuFund
  6. Insuritas
  7. Kapital Financial Services
  8. Borderless Insurance
  9. Security First
  10. LifeCrest
  11. Banklio
  12. Fedora Finance Co.
  13. Securitas Fund
  14. Budgeter Consulting
  15. Capital Index
  16. Horizon Insurance
  17. Smartly Life Insurance
  18. Paysurance
  19. Fundancial Finance Co.
  20. Ivy Finance

Best Real-world Finance & Insurance Business Names

It’s time for competitor analysis to see how other finance and insurance companies devised their names. By looking at some of the big names in the field, you’ll be able to see what works and hopefully pick up some ideas for your name.

Many of the largest insurance companies actually have very plain names that they’ve been able to build over many years. If you’re just starting out, you won’t be afforded the same privilege. That’s why we’ve tried to pick out names that are especially creative or effective. Have a read below.

State Farm

State Farm is the largest property and casualty insurance provider in the United States. Its name comes from its founder, George J. Mecherle, who was a retired farmer. Since its establishment in 1922, the State Farm name has grown massively and become synonymous with the values of community, trust, and integrity.


Founded way back in 1848, Prudential is a vastly successful insurance and finance company that now sits high up on the Global Fortune 500. The name captures the future-oriented essence of insurance service. What’s more, it’s an inventive new word that’s punchy, brandable, and easy to remember.


Formerly known as Fortis, Assurant is another major player in the insurance game. The company specializes in risk management service, making the name particularly apt. Like Prudential, Assurant is a name that has adapted an insurance-related buzzword and turned it into an internationally recognizable brand.

Intact Insurance

Founded in 1809 under a different name, Intact Insurance is Canada’s biggest property and casualty insurance company. The alliteration and repeated ‘in’ sounds give this name a nice ring. It also helps to communicate the business’ specialist areas of home and automobile—material things which are far more useful when left ‘intact’.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is another big US property and casualty insurer. It’s a simple name, but the two words choices are very deliberate. ‘Liberty’ is an indication of how customers can feel when they’re insured. ‘Mutual’ expresses the company values of empathy and shared experience.

Using Keywords in your Finance & Insurance Business Name

As you can see from the examples of real-world insurance companies above, many business names in this field incorporate words that communicate company values.

If you decide against using a family name in the business title, we suggest using 1-2 well-targeted keywords that paint a positive picture of your company and appeal to your customer’s needs.

Establish your position in the market

Before you can begin shortlisting keywords, there are two main questions to consider:

  • What insurances services will I be providing? (home, health, auto, travel, corporate, or all of the above)
  • Who is my typical customer? (lower-income, middle-income, higher-income)

Once you have established your insurance company’s mission, you can begin to think of keywords pertaining to your exact target market.

Brainstorm keywords

If you are aiming to cover all types of insurance in your business, you are at liberty to pick generic keywords. For example, words like ‘protect’, ‘security’, or ‘assurance’ are not associated with any particular type of insurance, and are therefore valid here.

If you are starting out in the industry, you will likely specialize in just one or two types of insurance. Here are some keyword ideas for specific insurance types:

  • Health – vitality, vigor, dynamic,
  • Travel – world, global, explore
  • Corporate – business, professional, alliance
  • Property – home, asset, family
  • Automobile – auto, car, motor

Use the Finance & Insurance Business Name Generator

You should now have a shortlist of keywords that are highly relevant to your target market. All that remains is to fit them into a name!

The Insurance Company Names Generator transforms keywords into a creative business name. It allows you to filter results based on length and rhyme so that you can find the name that best suits your needs.

Based on the insurance types and related keywords listed above, we came up with the following company names:

  • Vitality Ensured
  • Explore Secure
  • Business Guardian
  • Home Trust
  • Mainstay Motors

5 Tips for Creating Unique Finance & Insurance Business Name Ideas

Now that you’re at the business end of the naming process, we’ve got five tips for you to bear in mind.

Consider creating new words

You’ve already seen that two of the big insurance companies out there—Prudential and Assurant—have taken this route. Why not have a go yourself?

The Finance & Insurance Company Name Generator provides creative adaptions to your keywords if you filter the results to just one word. Here are some examples we came up with:

  • Insuralux
  • Assurify
  • Shieldly

Be careful with this approach, though. If you get creative with wording, always ensure that your name is still pronounceable and reads easily.

Keep it concise

The most effective business names are short ones. In the insurance industry, the majority of the big companies stick to one or two-word names. If possible, keep your name length below 20 characters.

What’s also noticeable is that the individual words are short. Think of State Farm, for example. The use of monosyllabic words here gives the name a strong delivery when spoken aloud. In your company name, try to stick to words that are two syllables or less.

Make it catchy

Consider adopting alliterative or rhythmic elements into your business name. This has the effect of making the company memorable for customers.

Intact Insurance is a perfect example, combining both alliteration and rhythm to produce a name that sticks in the mind.

If you’re struggling with this, the Insurance Name Generator allows you to toggle names that include rhythmic features.

Conduct market research

Even if your heart is set on a particular name, always consult the opinions of others. This helps to give a more balanced view on the merits of each of your shortlisted names.

Virtually everyone crosses paths with an insurance company at some point in their life, so most people you know will be able to contribute to the name testing process. Here are some of the questions you may ask:

  • How does this name make you feel?
  • Would you feel trusting of this company?
  • What services do you associate with this name?

Remember to check availability

One of your final steps will be to check that your desired name is available. Firstly, you need to confirm that it hasn’t already been trademarked by another business.

You should then check to see if the web domain of the same name is available to purchase. It’s important that your website address is consistent with your business name.

If you encounter problems on either of these two fronts, we suggest starting from scratch rather than trying to tweak your preferred name.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Decide what type of insurance your business will sell as well as its target market. Shortlist keywords relating to these two areas and input them into the Finance & Insurance Business Name Generator to find a name that is catchy and concise.

A good insurance company name is short, memorable and expressive of the company’s core values. If the company provides a particular type of insurance, it should also communicate this in the name.

Our favourite names from the Insurance Name Generator are Lock & Key Finance, Reliable Society and Arrowhead Assurance. Try the name generator now to customise your own finance and insurance company names!

The insurance industry can be very profitable but, equally, it is difficult to break into. The business requires careful management of risks to ensure that profits are made—this balancing act can take years to perfect.


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