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20 Creative Real Estate Company Names + How To Create Your Own

If you’ve been working in the real estate business for a while, you know how competitive it is. As a real estate professional, you need to be able to juggle a myriad of projects at the same time and have impeccable attention to detail.

At times, you might be going up against a dozen other offers, which makes it key for you and your company to stand out from the crowd. According to the National Association of Realtors, there are over 3 million active real estate licensees in the United States.

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The first way to differentiate your company is to choose a distinct and descriptive business name for your real estate brokerage or investment fund. The above Real Estate Business Name Generator will help you come up with creative ideas for your business so that you can shortlist the best and register it for your company.

If you need a little more guidance on how to name your real estate business, read on and find out what makes a winning brand name in the real estate industry.

20 Creative Name Ideas For Your Real Estate Business

You only need one perfect name for your new real estate business to get you started with your new venture. To give you a few ideas, we’ve run a few searches on our Real Estate Business Name Generator and listed our 20 favorites below.

  1. Estate Vista
  2. Genie Property
  3. Heaven Homes & Villas
  4. Estate Guardian
  5. Homeland
  6. Property Collective
  7. Prime Villas
  8. Anytime Property
  9. City Homes
  10. Watchtower
  1. Ready Homes
  2. Estate Valley
  3. Panorama Agents
  4. Horizon Homes
  5. Attic Property
  6. Propertyscape
  7. Allure Property
  8. Blissful Homes
  9. Central Property
  10. Perfect Homes

Now, it’s your turn! List a few words that best describe your business and run them through our Real Estate Business Name Generator above. Feel free to be creative and mix and match some of the options as you see fit. Save the best ones for later, we have a few more pieces of advice on how you can create the best name out of these ideas for your business.

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The Best Real Estate Company Names On The Market

Sometimes the best way to come up with ideas is to look at the strategies other founders used to name their real estate businesses. Here are a few catchy business names in the property industry that might inspire yours.



Welltower is an S&P 500 real estate investment trust that invests in healthcare infrastructure. If you look at their business name, it conveys wellness as a description of their niche and authority as a positioning statement. Clearly, this name has worked out for this $40 billion company as today it’s the world’s largest healthcare real estate investment trust.

Host Hotels & Resorts-Logo-BusinessNameGenerator

Host Hotels & Resorts

Host Hotels & Resorts is one of the top lodging real estate companies in the US. They invest in major hotel chains such as Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, and Westin and own 80 upscale hotels containing approximately 46,500 rooms. Their strength lies in specializing in a key niche and their business name makes that clear.

Zillow Logo


Zillow is an online real estate marketplace where you can search millions of for-sale and rental listings. Their name comes from the fact that you can get “Zestimates” (price estimates) to compare zillions of data points to find the best option.

This is a great example of how a brand can create its own language and terminology derived from its business name in order to create strong brand recognition. If you think about it, Zillow also rhymes with willow and pillow, both associated with the feel of a family home.



Trulia is an American online real estate marketplace that helps buyers and renters find homes and neighborhoods. Trulia is actually a rare forename (giving a more human feel to the business) that means “truthful” or “trustworthy,” emphasizing one of the core values of the company.

On their platform, they showcase this value by providing neighborhood insights as a feel for everyday life in the area you’re looking to buy in. This gives you a more true picture of what it’s like to live there as opposed to just looking at the property details.

10 Ways To Name Your New Real Estate Company

Here are 10 important aspects of branding you need to keep in mind before you zero in on your new business name.

Develop A Brand Identity For Your Business

Many real estate professionals think that since everyone needs a home (or an office), their audience is everyone. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

One of the golden rules of branding is that if you’re selling and communicating to everybody, nobody will feel that you’re speaking to them. Unique and memorable brands speak to the distinct problems of their customers and differentiate themselves from the competition, even in a huge industry like yours.

Developing a strong brand identity for your business will allow you to discover what’s unique about your investment trust or brokerage and who are the people you’re targeting with your messages. It’s best to have some clarity on your company vision, customer avatars, and main brand messages before you finalize your business name.

Use The Inventory Technique

The inventory technique is a coaching tool business owners use to come up with name ideas for their new venture, project, or speech.

To start, think of words and expressions that you associate with your business. Don’t try to overthink it, just note down everything that comes to your mind freely. Include words about the core values and the vision of your company.

You’ll see that the more ideas you list, the easier you’ll think of new ones. Don’t stop or try to correct yourself until you get to 25-50 words on your list.

Once your list is complete, you can use these words as search terms in our Real Estate Business Name Generator, mix them up and create mosaic words, or simply choose the one you most resonate with as your new potential business name.

Don’t Get Stuck

Choosing a name for your business is a highly creative process that requires a lot of thought. If you feel that you’re stuck in a rut and your ideas don’t really click, draw inspiration from your team or your previous clients and customers in your field.

Run a quick research on the business name ideas in your niche or share a survey with your social media following on what’s most important for them in the type of services you offer.

Involve your team members or friends in a brainstorming session where you can come up with new business name options together. This isn’t just a great way to generate ideas, but also to test them out right away on the people around you. Even if you don’t find the perfect business name right away, new perspectives might lead you to the winning idea.

Don’t Settle For The First Option

Your business name is something you’re going to commit to for a long period of time, so don’t rush your decision-making process. It’s a tedious process for a brand to go through a name change, which is why it happens so rarely. So take your time with your final decision and only register it if you’re completely sure that it’s the perfect one.

Use Our Business Name Generator

The easiest way to come up with business name ideas is to use our Real Estate Business Name Generator. It’s an intelligent business name search engine that suggests ideas for you based on the keywords you use.

Double-Check Its Availability

Make sure that no other website or business is using this name before you settle for your new business name. It’s also important to look up the domain and the social media handles you’re planning to use for your real estate company.

Once you have the winning name, register it as soon as possible to make sure you don’t lose out on the opportunity.

Match It To Your Logo

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, and this is especially true with your logo. Try to visualize how your business name would look like as a part of your logo if you have one already.

If you don’t have a logo yet, you can think of ways you can give an added meaning to your business name with the right logo so that you don’t have to say everything in a name.

Narrow Down Your Audience

Are you selling to first home buyers or expat families? An easy way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to address your business name to them.

For example, people who have just moved in the country will likely resonate with Expat Estate more than with Property Guru because it speaks to them.

Highlight Your Unique Selling Points

Do you have an especially short and easy process of searching for new property in your system? Or perhaps, your strength as a realtor is that you give personal attention to all your clients?

Highlight these advantages in your business name to make it crystal clear how you’re different from the competition.

Creative Ways To Come Up With Your Real Estate Company Name

Use A Location-Based Name

If you’re specialized in a specific city, area, or neighborhood, you can name yourself after that location. This will position you as a leading realtor for people who are looking for properties in a specific location.

Consider Your Own Surname

If you already have substantial social capital in the real estate world and you want to attract media coverage or partners, it’s worth considering naming your company after yourself.

This is also true if this profession runs in your family or if your name is known for any other reason in business.

Capitalize On Your Niche

Do you only sell penthouses or family homes with green gardens? Use it to your advantage and pick a business name that’s associated with these property types.

Better Homes & Gardens is a great example of a property company that’s associated with family homes with beautiful green gardens. They share home decor and gardening tips in their own magazine which further builds this image and makes them stand out from the crowd.

Dominate Your Industry

Some of the biggest real estate companies have fairly generic names, but it’s also what establishes them as industry leaders.

Using a more generic name like Real Estate Center is also great for searchability and might help you generate higher organic traffic to your website.

Make It Aspirational

What do your customers really want? It’s not searching for their home, comparing prices, and making complex decisions. It’s actually living in the home of their dreams, just how they imagined.

A brand name that’s more aspirational like Dream Homes speaks to the deepest desires of your target audience and it’s more likely to create an emotional connection with them.

The Difference Between Real Estate Investment Business Names & Brokerages

It’s important to keep in mind what you offer. If you’re a real estate investment trust, your target audience is going to be mid to high-income investors looking for long-term business opportunities. They will be much more analytical and interested in the future valuation of the property, rather than what it feels like to live in it.

On the contrary, if you’re a realtor who helps people find their dream home, you will need to cater to their specific budget. They might be less flexible, especially if they’re looking to buy or sell urgently (for example a growing family still living in a small city apartment or someone who’s just relocated).

Make sure that your business name speaks to the specific needs of your target audience. Investors will likely respond to more authoritative names or ones that convey wealth and high standards. If you’re selling family homes, your name and brand language need to be way more down-to-Earth and friendly.

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I just got my brand name for my business. it’s HOMEiA – I thinks this is one of impressive names for real estate business.

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NuHome Urbana, Real Deal, Property Plan

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Eco Aquire, Eco Aquired, EcoProp :/