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How To Name Your Packaging Company

Packaging companies play a vital role in everyday life by finding logistical solutions within sales, shipment, and storage. As a business owner, you know that your name will lead your mission statement.

If you’re struggling to find an innovative name that represents you, follow this guide, and let’s see if your perfect name is just around the corner.

Your primary tool for research will be our dedicated Packaging Company Name Generator. Keep reading for a full step-by-step guide that details all the secrets to finding some of the best packaging company names.

There will be a full competitor analysis of the most successful packaging companies in the world, a list of unique name ideas, and insider tips we gained from in-depth research of what makes a name successful.

20 Packaging Company Name Ideas

The Packaging Company Name Generator is incredibly helpful for finding inspiration. Just look at the list that we compiled by using the generator:

  1. Turbo Deliveries
  2. Express
  3. Sealed & Packaged
  4. Pros of Packaging
  5. Wrapped & Ready
  6. 1-800-Packaged
  7. Urban Deliveries Co.
  8. Ready, Set, Packaged
  9. 101 Deliveries and Packaging
  10. Seal It With Love
  11. Signed and Boxed
  12. Metric Packaging
  13. The Wrap Gurus
  14. Seal It Like a Pro
  15. Box It Today
  16. Cargo Needs
  17. Boxified
  18. Lunar Packaging
  19. Crate Lovers
  20. Let’s Get Wrapping

10 More Packaging Company Name Ideas

  1. The ShipIt Hub
  2. Carton Connection
  3. Worldwide Packing Supplies
  4. Package Depot
  5. Labels Unlimited
  6. Wholesale Boxes
  7. Eco Packaging
  8. Sealed Shippers
  9. Flex Pack Supplies
  10. Quality Containers

Best Real-world Packaging Company Names

The packaging company names above will hopefully have got you in the right mindset to start making some choices. It’s also good practice to scan your industry and take note of competitors.

Some of the most successful packaging companies in the world promote names that describe the uniqueness of their services.

As 2021 has come to be known as “The Year of The Package” due to the rise in remote working, online shopping has become the go-to for consumers. From restaurant delivery to paper companies, we all need someone to package our products.

Choosing that great name starts with competitor analysis. This segment will provide you with everything you need to know about the biggest packaging companies, their origins, and why name choice was so important to them.

These are the top 5 packaging companies in the world:

  • International Paper Company
  • WestRock
  • Ball Corporation
  • Tetra Laval
  • Oji Holdings

International Paper Company

Simple and sweet, this name is to the point and tells you everything you need to know about the company. As the leading packaging company in the United States, International Paper Company operates in the industrial sector.

They manufacture pulp, paper products, and fiber-based packaging. With their origins in Memphis, Tennessee, successful revenues have seen them set up manufacturing sites in Latin American, North Africa, and Europe.

Their global reach is pretty much stated in the name. “International” means that they strive to provide their services all over the world.


This name derives from a legal merger between MeadWestvVaco Corp. and Rock-Tenn Co. Steve Voorhees, CEO of the merged companies, wanted WestRock to be representative of each of these company’s legacy.

Building on a track record and reputation, WestRock as a mash-up stands for the unrivaled providers of packaging solutions in the United States.

Ball Corporation

A world leader in innovative and sustainable aluminum packaging. Their products encompass beverage solutions, personal care, and household products.

The name speaks of its reputation and history. Established in 1884 as The Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company, it has stuck with its creators to carry a feeling of prestige.

Tetra Laval

This Swiss-based company specializes in food packaging and processing solutions. They manufacture packaging equipment, distribution equipment, and processing equipment.

Again, Tetra Laval is the outcome of three independent industry groups merging together. Tetra Pak develops packaging systems, DeLaval focuses on animal husbandry, and Sidel manufactures bottling lines.

Together the business owners decided that the name would be Tetra Laval.

Oji Holdings

As one of the largest manufacturers of paper products in Japan, Oji also manufactures lines of folding cartons, paper bags, and containerboard.

The name derives from the location of the company’s first-ever mill in the village of Ōji. Acknowledging their roots with every product, they instill a sense of trust and reliability.

Ethical Packaging in 2021

With a boom in online shopping comes an increase in harmful packaging products that damage the environment. There are many studies that have shown the effects of mass-produced packaging materials such as plastic.

Within many of these packages, customers are receiving more packages, bottles, and products that are harmful. Furthermore, the majority of packaging is single-use.

Many researchers are asking the question, “how green is your packaging?” As a business owner, your priority will not be based only on profit but on providing the best possible service for your customers.

In 2021, packaging business models are changing. If you’re creating an enterprise that aims to follow these crucial changes then try to brand your identity on eco-friendly principles.

This begins with your name. Below are two ideas taken from cutting-edge research. See if any of these match your values and whether any keywords could promote your services.

Food Packaging

Almost all food products we buy, more often than not processed foods, will be packaged, If it’s a grocery store, takeaway, or fast-food restaurant, it’s difficult to find modern food packaging that is not made from synthetic materials.

This type of packaging is made to be single-use, and sometimes non-recyclable. Due to all this non-sustainable packaging, businesses are now aiming to convert to paper-based or plant-based materials, avoiding plastic at all costs.

Multinational food packaging companies like Teva Laval have been working hard to create environmentally viable packaging solutions. If you’re thinking that plant-based materials will be at the core of your brand identity then make it clear in your name.

Look at packaging company names like Eco-Products, Can0 Water, and Ecovative. Clearly laying out their vision to replace harmful packaging materials, these companies stand out from the crowd while presenting attractive names for packages.

An Ethical Name = Responsibility

Sustainable solutions to packaging communicate responsibility. In other words, responsible and eco-friendly packaging names build trust.

The packaging industry is changing at a rapid rate, and so are the trademarks and brands that promote their services. To create trust use words in your name that shows you are acting responsibly. Try mashing-up words like:

  • Organic
  • Pure
  • Authentic
  • Eco
  • Natural
  • Conservationist
  • Clean
  • Genuine
  • Change

5-Tips for creating unique Packaging Company name ideas

1. Choose a Name That Shows Authority

Choosing packaging company names will involve conveying authority. Authority equals trust, returning customers, and consumer confidence.

Choose a Name That Shows Authority!

With all the knowledge about how the packaging industry is moving towards more sustainable solutions, you don’t want to be left behind. Look at words that advertise your company as a pioneer in modern packaging services.

2. Get Creative

It’s evident that plenty of packaging company names make use of mash-ups, wordplay, and acronyms. While some of these companies landed on these names due to legal mergers, you can take some tips from joining words together.

Why not try inputting some of those eco-friendly words into the Package Name Generator. Find ones that stand out to you and try mashing a few together.

Take inspiration from the likes of Can0 Water. As a solution for plastic pollution, they only use aluminum cans for packaging water. Hence, 0 plastic is used.

3. Consult Research

Research the packaging industry before deciding on your name. It’s always vital to be well informed, from manufacturing to ethical solutions.

Try reading some of the research papers in this article and familiarise yourself with the core values of these companies. More often than not packaging company names will be a sign of what the business is committed to.

4. Make it Attractive

Make it Attractive!

It’s always possible that you can miss out on customers by having a confusing name. Think that your name is not only going to be on your website. It’ll appear on all your packages. Attractive package names will foster returning customers.

5. Avoid Negative Connotations

With your name on every package, you don’t want any misinterpretation of your name. Stay away from any packaging company names that have been unsuccessful or famously failed in the past.

You don’t want words that will provoke controversy, especially anything that has negative associations. Think through the name you have chosen and research whether it has a history!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Firstly, consider your packaging business plan. What products and services are you offering? What will your requirements be? Secondly, look for cost-effective solutions. Finally, always try to pack small to save money.

Try to convey authority, conduct a competitor analysis, and get creative. You should also avoid negative connotations, make it attractive, and aim for originality.

Make sure you include the address of the recipient clearly for any delivery services. The package should also include your company name and address in case of returns.

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