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Complete Guide to Naming Your Bag Business

Our bag business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get bag business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

ProfBags are much more than accessories used to carry items around. For many people, they’re a form of personal expression and a declaration of style. Certain brands have started being identified with specific lifestyles or values – a phenomenon that has taken bags out of the realm of practical products.

If you’re looking to enter the world of fashion bags, you will have to deal with a stiff competition. Under such circumstances, you will have to pinpoint the characteristics that set your products apart. Are the bags handmade? Are they crafted from premium Italian leather? Or maybe your bags appeal to the environment-conscious crowd?

Apart from making or selling fashionable items, you can also work on a range of alternative products. Carrier bags, shopping bags, laptop bags – these are a few niche possibilities. Remember that a niche product reduces the number of people who could potentially be seeking one but the brand loyalty is likely to increase.

Demographic Interests

Bags are needed by all individuals. Fashion bags appeal mostly to women. Since such items tend to be pricier, they will be acquired mainly by ladies who have a well-established profession or a secure source of income. These are items for the wealthier. Other individuals may opt for mass manufactured items or the bags created by local or smaller brands.

Business bags, briefcases and carrier bags are sought by both men and women. In this instance, the practical appeal (for example – durability), rather than the appearance of the item will be much more important.

A niche market also targets the needs of children and adolescents. These items are more colourful and vibrant than those developed for adults. Since parents will often be making the choice, however, the practical appeal of the bag will be an important consideration.

Competitor Name Analysis


If you’re looking for the biggest fashion brands in the world of bag making, Fendi is probably the one to beat. The major Italian fashion brand is named after its founders – Adele and Edoardo Fendi.

Miu Miu

This is another incredibly popular name among the individuals looking for quality fashion accessories like bags. Miu Miu was named after Miuccia Prada – the company carries her nickname.


The name refers to the fact that all of the bags in the line of products are handmade. Obviously, the title has a somewhat naughtier connotation.


The name is reflective of the philosophy that the company adopts towards bag manufacturing – accessories developed for the needs of women should have a somewhat masculine feel.


A minimalist brand, Vaska has a name that’s derived from the Swedish word for bag. Swedish design has had a massive impact on the designs and the appearance of the products.


Senreve is a fashionable brand of bags for ladies that has a name derived from two French words – those for sense and dream.

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You have a lot of creative freedom and many directions to explore in terms of naming a bag company. Obviously, the niche will determine what is appropriate. If you’re making fashion accessories, you will benefit from the chance to pick a completely bizarre or abstract name. When you target people in the corporate world, a more serious approach towards name selection will produce good results.

Our Business Name Generator can help your brainstorming efforts. You can create dozens of variations based on a single word or phrase. Who knows, one of these variations could become your company’s name. information about domain name availability will be provided, as well.

If you need a little push to begin exploring the options, here’s a bag-related vocabulary:









Cross-body bag

Messenger bag


Faux leather







Flap pocket





Bag Business Name Inspiration

  1. Jolie Petite Burse: the French phrase for pretty little purse is an ideal choice, especially if you’re in the business of making fashion accessories.
  2. LeMixx: a portmanteau of leather and mix with a bit of creative spelling results in a memorable and catchy name for a bag company.
  3. Firework Design: fireworks are bright, sparkly and each one is unique. Hence, a name like this one can be used to create a lovely backstory for the brand.
  4. Urban Carrier: this name adopts a more practical approach towards telling the potential customer exactly what the company has to offer.
  5. Haute Zone: the first word in the name of this company is an obvious derivation from haute couture. The name is a good choice for the makers of fashion accessories.
  6. EnviUs: a play on Envy Us, the name is another great choice for a company making bags as a fashion accessory.
  7. Busy Bee Bags: to take the examples in a slightly different direction, this name is more suitable for a company that creates items that are practical and that are primarily needed to carry things around.
  8. AdVenture Bags: a bit more playful, this name is still suitable for bags that are to be used primarily by individuals in the corporate world.
  9. Red Hot: the name is more generic and it could be modified slightly to apply to a wide range of brands in the field of bag retail.
  10. StrapIt: a bit of wordplay, a double meaning of some sort – what could be better for a fashion accessory brand?

What Not to Name Your Bag Business

Don’t attempt to replicate the big players in the field. Not only will such approach towards name selection potentially get you in trouble, it will also lack originality. Your only chance when it comes to crafting a niche is standing out.

The addition of your own name (Paula’s Bags, for example) isn’t the most creative approach towards name selection. Instead, use the title to tell potential buyers a bit more about your philosophy or products. The addition of your name to the title of the company will work solely if you’re a famous designer.

An emphasis on the material isn’t a great idea either. The Leather Bag Company sounds way too generic for anyone to notice the brand and take an interest in. Once you get the attention of the audience, you can explain the product specifics in a marketing campaign.

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