Bag Business Name Generator Guide & Ideas

Generate bag business names to establish your brand.

1. Choose Your Bag Business Name Keywords

Pick keywords to reflect your company’s unique selling points to put in our generator.

2. Get Bag Business Name Ideas

The business name generator makes thousands of name ideas, all tailored to the words you entered.

3. Select Bag Business Names

Pick the names you love the most and decide on one to make the official name of your brand.

Bag Business Name Generator Features

How to use our Bag Business Name Generator

Quickly get started naming your bag business 
Generate all the names you need to start selecting the perfect one.

Logo for your bag brand
Suggest a logo that will complement your bag business name. 

Get the perfect domain name 
Verifies the availability of domain names to build your online business. 

Name saving tool
Allows you to keep your favorite names to review at a later date. 

Trademarking support 
It helps in checking the trademark availability of your chosen bag business name.

Top Tips

How to Name Your Bag Business 

Whether you are naming your tote bags, designer bags, vintage bag business, or opening a bag shop. We have six tips to help you select the perfect name for your business. 

Consider Your Audience 

Consider Your Audience 

Consider who your bag business is for. Will you target wealthy professionals or teenage customers? These audience groups have unique needs, so get to your target market first. 

Understand Your Market

Understand Your Market

Start by assessing the current trends and challenges in the bag industry. For example, eco-friendly bags are gaining popularity and veganism is rising. 

Brand Values 

Brand Values 

Once you have considered your market and market. Next, think about your bag brand values. Your name should reflect what your brand stands for. Be it luxury, affordability or innovation. 

Memorability Matters

Memorability Matters

You want people to see your bags and ask where they are from. So, choose a name that’s easy to remember. Think ‘Snappy Satchels’ – it’s catchy and descriptive.

Be Brandable 

Be Brandable 

Straightforward short names can work better as branded logos. Think about how your logo might look on bags, purses and wallets. 

Check for Uniqueness

Check for Uniqueness

Before you fall in love with your bag business name, ensure your name isn’t already in use to avoid trademark legal issues. And check to see if you can find the supporting domain name. 

Get Inspired

20 Bag Business Name Ideas for Inspiration

To get you thinking about your bag business name, we’ve used our Bag Business Name Generator to select 20 bag business name ideas. 

  • Urban Carrier
  • Haute Zone
  • EnviUs
  • Busy Bee Bags
  • AdVenture Bags
  • StrapIt
  • HerCraft Bags
  • Pursify
  • Mud Backpacks
  • Urban Bag Boyz
  • Klassik Bag
  • Beyond Purse
  • Design Your Bag
  • Kristy Fashion Bags
  • Bag Corner
  • Baganic
  • Jolie Petite Purse
  • Purse Junkies
  • PackIt Adventure Bags
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According to data from Statista, the market value of handbags, wallets, and purses is set to keep growing over the next few years, and they forecast it to reach around 28.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2027. 

So,  developing a strong bag name will set you apart in this buoyant industry. 

Bag Market Trends

Take the First Step in Creating Your Business Name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Start by identifying your target audience and brand identity. Use our Bag Business Name Generator for inspiration.

Be creative, use puns, and consider your brand's unique selling points. Remember, the name should be memorable and easy to spell.

If you're looking for good tote bag business names, here are some options to consider: “Earthwise Totes”, “Green Carry”, “Sustainable Satchels”, “Reusable Retreat” and “Planet Pouches”.



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