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Complete Guide to Naming Your Kitchen Business

Our kitchen business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get kitchen business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Do you make kitchen furniture or comprehensive design solutions for this part of the house? Does your company have utensils and kitchen supplies to offer? Regardless of the particular area, you should put emphasis on a strong brand message.

Kitchen supplies need to be advertised in a creative way. The practical appeal of the respective solution isn’t the only thing to put emphasis on. The kitchen is a functional space where families make meals and spend quality time together. From the preparation of the morning coffee to the dinner table, the kitchen is one of the most special rooms in the house. If you capture the emotions and the specifics linked to food preparation in your branding efforts, you will develop a strong and memorable message.

Think about your biggest strengths. Unique design? Long-lasting solutions that will maintain the impeccable appearance of the kitchen for years to come? Flexible options that can be modified depending on the needs of the family? Pinpoint your unique value proposition and base the brand on it for the most impactful message.

Demographic Interests

According to statistics, revenue in the kitchen furniture segment in the world will add up to 40.954 billion dollars in 2018. The annual growth rate in the period until 2021 is set at one per cent.

In the UK, the market is set at two billion pounds and the annual growth rate until 2019 is higher than the worldwide average – 4.9 per cent. There are more than 1,270 companies in the field and these businesses employ over 15,390 people.

The millennial generation is currently becoming the biggest market segment, which is contributing to a shift in traditional kitchen acquisition practices. Of all home and kitchen good purchases by millennials, for example, 20 per cent occurred via a smartphone. More than 30 per cent of millennials expect free shipping and some degree of personalisation. These are market shifts that producers and retailers have to account for.

Obviously, the specific type of service will appeal to a certain market segment. Designer furniture, for example, is most popular among the wealthiest. Budget solutions are much more widely adopted and they’re acquired by a bigger number of families.

Competitor Name Analysis


Originally named after its founder, the company changed its name to Arclinea Cucine Componibili. Arc in the name stands for Arredamento Razionale Componibile (Rational Modular Furniture).


The luxury kitchen furniture manufacturer is named after its founder – Martin Bulthaup.


One of the oldest and best-known kitchen brands in the world, Pogenpohl carries the name of its founder – Friedemir Poggenpohl.


The kitchen accessory, furniture and integrated solutions brand is named after one of its most prominent products – the SieMatic 60.


The New York-based kitchen and bath, as well as home décor shop has a great and fun name that also tells potential buyers what they’ll find inside.

Luxury Marble and Granite

A somewhat different company in the field, this one offers countertop installation services – a fact that’s hinted by the name.


A good name will set you apart and give your brand the leverage it needs to grow and attract customer interest.

Take some time to brainstorm for relevant words and phrases. Once you have your list, input the entries in our Business Name Generator. Not only will you get dozens of great variations, information about domain name availability will also be provided.

Here’s a list you can use to begin the creative process:



Kitchen cabinet







Designer furniture











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Kitchen Business Name Inspiration

  1. Whisk to Oven: a company that sells utensils and kitchen supplies can choose such a descriptive name to establish a great brand.
  2. Culinary Chedeuvre: the French word chedeuvre means masterpiece and it’s an excellent choice for an upscale brand.
  3. Cabinet Masters: brands that specialise in the creation and the installation of kitchen cabinets should know potential customers know.
  4. Spoon Me: a somewhat more humorous and frivolous name, this one is a good choice for companies making or selling utensils, accessories and other kitchen supplies.
  5. Homemade Gourmet: for those who love to cook and prepare delicious meals at home, the name will provoke an immediate emotional response.
  6. La Cucina Moderna: the name is obvious but in order to make it sound a bit more upscale and sophisticated, the choice of foreign words is a good one.
  7. Kitchenphile: a pretty obvious name that is more general but that can still be used to craft a certain distinctive brand vision.
  8. The Zen of Kitchen: for many, preparing meals is a peaceful and rejuvenating experience. This is especially true when the right supplies and furniture are chosen.
  9. Modern Eatery: the name juxtaposes two contrasting terms, resulting in a brand that sounds interesting and that would stimulate potential customers to find out more.
  10. True Food: once again, the focus is more on the culinary aspect of meal preparation rather than the functional characteristics of a kitchen.

What Not to Name Your Kitchen Business

Don’t go for something obvious and boring. The Beautiful Kitchen may tell potential clients exactly what you have to offer but the name is so tired and devoid of emotion. Look for a more descriptive and engaging way to deliver the same message.

Refrain from focusing on the most common practical characteristics of your products and services. They could be affordable but isn’t there something a bit more exciting you could share with your audience? Try to dig deeper, if you want to make the brand meaningful.

Don’t oversell and don’t overpromise. A good company name has to be reflective of the exact thing you have to offer. If you tell potential buyers they’ll find luxury furniture for cheap, you better have affordable luxurious pieces. Otherwise, the brand will ring hollow and you will quickly lose any positive reputation you managed to establish.

Keep it simple. Many business owners are tempted to include too much information in the title. This attempt to make it descriptive takes away from the memorability. The best titles are short and catchy, enabling people to recall the brand when in need of products and services.

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