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Complete Guide to Naming Your Investment Business

Our investment business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get investment business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Running an investment company is hard work. You have to be good at the job and you also have to let the world know just how good you are.

Customers are more likely to trust a company that has a strong brand, especially when it comes to the financial sector. Investment amounts are typically significant so that the reputation of the respective service provider has to be top-notch.

Branding starts with the selection of the right name. you need to choose a title that sounds respectable and that builds your authority. Focus on the values you have is usually a good thing. Words like value creation, effective portfolio management, integrity and transparency are positive and particularly suitable to the field.

It’s also very important to convince potential clients that you know what you’re speaking about. The right use of terminology (that is specific enough yet accessible to a general audience) will also play a positive role in brand establishment.

Demographic Interests

Investment management companies are dealing with a wide array of clients. As millennials are becoming a more important factor in terms of income and revenue generation, strategies have to be adjusted to account for the needs of this generation.

Over the past few years, representatives of the investment industry have been noticing an interesting shift in customer demographics.

For a start, the number of female investors and clients interested in wealth management has grown. Previously, the financial services industry focused almost exclusively on a male demographic. This is starting to change and it’s producing an interesting impact on marketing efforts.

Globalisation has played a role in the attitude and the expectations of clients. Social responsibility is starting to guide many decisions, including the manner in which one’s investment portfolio is being created. The clients today are also much more financially-literate than their predecessors. Millennials are demonstrating a decreased loyalty to financial service providers and investment management companies because they’re relying on peers, digital information and online reviews to make asset management decisions.

These shifts in both demographics and behaviours demonstrate just how important good branding is. A fickle and free-willed group of people is making up the bulk of consumers today. To impress these potential clients, investment companies have to work really hard to establish their reputation.

Competitor Name Analysis

Capital Group

This is a no-frills, straight to the point company name that is particularly suitable for a service provider in the financial services and investment field.

Goldman Sachs

The multinational financial services company was set up in 1869 by Marcus Goldman and Samuel Sachs. Ever since, it has been carrying the names of the two founders.

Fidelity Investments

The term “fidelity” is one of the words that have a positive connotation in the financial field. It builds trust and authority, hence the name Fidelity Investments sends the right message to potential customers.


As the name suggests, this company offers products and services to the individuals who are interested in investing online. Thus, the name tells potential clients exactly what the company does and how it handles the process.


The abbreviation stands for Pacific Investment Management Company. The American investment management firm was set up in 1971 and the abbreviation is a quite standard choice for the period.

Future Advisors

When planning an investment, a person is thinking about the future. This is why the name of Future Advisors makes a lot of sense and it has a positive appeal among the target audience.

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A good investment company name should feel solid and serious. At the same time, you are free to rely on a bit of creativity in order to stand out and make your brand memorable.

Choosing the right name for your company will be the first important part of effective marketing. Take your time and explore multiple combinations that you’re drawn to. You can accomplish the goal by giving our Business Name Generator a try. It will also give you detailed information about domain name availability.

Some of the relevant words and phrases you can test out for your company name include:



Portfolio Management



High risk

Hedge fund



Capital gain



Risk management



Mutual fund



Stock market


Investment Business Name Inspiration

  1. Capital Gain Management Co: gain ranks among the words and phrases that people want to hear when it comes to the management of their finances.
  2. AnalytiCa: financial advisors and investment managers deal with analysis of market trends for the purpose of ensuring a high return on investment. This is why the name makes sense.
  3. Value Added: another phrase that leads to positive associations – choose such a phrase or a variation of this one to craft a positive company image.
  4. Apex Capital Management: the apex is the highest point, the point of biggest success. It sounds good and it also carries the right message.
  5. Prime Investment Partners: the concept is similar to the previous one but the name probably sounds a tad bit more corporate.
  6. FutureVision Management: as already mentioned, most people and businesses are thinking about the future when turning to an investment company.
  7. Precious Asset Advisers: a variation of the theme that has already been developed with some of the other name examples.
  8. Solid Growth Investment: when turning to investment specialists, people want to see growth (solid growth, preferably).
  9. Enhanced Trust Ventures: the term “trust” here could be interpreted in two ways – one of them is industry-relevant and the other one is linked to a positive brand characteristic.
  10. NextGen Force: a name that’s suitable for a company working with younger investors.

What Not to Name Your Investment Business

While you have to be serious when choosing the name for your investment company, you don’t have to be boring. Take the most typical words like investment or wealth and look for synonyms. This way, you will create something much more memorable.

Keep it short. In an attempt to explain what potential clients could expect, you may come up with a name that’s way too long and convoluted. Such a name is not going to do your brand any justice. On the contrary, it may interfere with recognition and memorability.

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