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How to Come up with Eye-catching Instagram Names

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in the world, and it keeps attracting thousands of new users every day. Therefore, if you want to have a relevant business, creating an Instagram account is the way to go.

However, the first thing you need to do is find an Instagram name that represents you, and this can be quite challenging to do, as many names are taken every day, and you don’t want to end up with several numbers and symbols that make your username look messy.

On this page, you’re going to learn how to create the best and most effective Instagram name ideas. We’re going to give you all the tips and tricks needed to come up with creative handles, but if you want to speed up the process, we recommend you use our Instagram name generator to find a perfect handle that all your clients may easily remember.

20 Trendy Instagram Name Ideas

There are many ways to create Instagram username ideas. But the smartest way and the easiest way is to use our Instagram name generator, as you can get a fantastic name in a matter of few minutes.

Our generator creates great names that catch your audience’s attention and give personality to your brand. If this sounds good to you, check out the following 20 Instagram username ideas that I created to help you get some inspiration. Feel free to use these listed names or use them as keywords for creating your own.

  • Pennypoppins
  • Mikeonhikes
  • Fannyfantastic
  • Vanitydance
  • Bluenwhite
  • Toghermes
  • Arrowday
  • Fivereasons
  • Cavevillage
  • Popzine
  • Feelgoodworld
  • Generatesucess
  • Blankpage
  • Todayisnow
  • Changen
  • Starpage
  • Sunking
  • Foolcups
  • Walkingtier
  • Worldthrone

Sometimes examples aren’t enough, which is why now we’re going to review some study cases of the Instagram accounts with the most followers at the moment. This is meant to help you understand why their handle works and how to find one for yourself with our Instagram name generator.

However, keep in mind that we ignored personal or influencer accounts, as those are usually named after the person who owns them.


The most popular account on this site, of course, had to be its own profile. Instagram account is the most popular one within this social media platform, and its handy is as simple as it can be.

This photo-based platform got its name from mixing the words “Instant camera” and “Telegram,” which shows us a fantastic example of creating good Instagram usernames. All you have to do is find two words that define your product and create a nice-sounding name with them, and this can be easily done with our Instagram username generator.


The second most successful Instagram page that’s not from a celebrity belongs to one of the world’s most famous nature and wildlife magazines. NatGeo amazes us with the incredible photography of breathtaking views and animals that live in our world, and many nature-lovers follow and like their posts every day.

NatGeo is short for National Geographic, a name that explains quite directly what the magazine is about. This is another excellent example of how to create good handles with our Instagram name generator. If your business’ name is too long, you can always shorten it by using only the first letters of each word.


The third Instagram account on our list is Nike. This famous brand sells the idea of being an athlete regardless of your background or conditions. It focuses on empowering its fans, so it uses many celebrities and motivating quotes as its social media accounts centerpiece.

Nike is a simple name, which was inspired by the Greek goddess of victory. This is another great hack for creating our Instagram username ideas. Find one word or name that represents your brand, and make it as short and easy to remember as possible. If no one else has taken it, then you’ve found your perfect Instagram username.

Creating Instagram Usernames

Instagram usernames
Create Instagram Usernames with our Instagram Name Generator

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in 2021. It seems that everyone is using it. And that’s not surprising.

People are easily attracted to beautiful images, and that’s precisely what Instagram is known for. Because Instagram is so popular and everyone is using it, it’s getting harder and harder to find a memorable username.

We know that brainstorming ideas for usernames is hard. Hopefully, you’ll follow the steps we listed. This will help you speed up the process.

But, the best thing you can do when searching for your name is to use our Instagram username generator. This tool does exactly what it says – it helps you find available usernames to use on Instagram.

Here’s how to use our Instagram handle generator. Start by inputting different words that represent you and your personality in the search bar.

Click “generate” and wait for the generator to do its magic. You will get a huge list of ideas that can all potentially be used as usernames on Instagram.

You can repeat the process for as long as you want. There are no limitations on our Instagram generator.

My suggestion is to do this until you have at least five strong candidates for your name. The more the better.

You never know how many of the handles you create are actually available on Instagram.

Here are a few additional tips that will help you generate unique and available Instagram username ideas:

  • Look for inspiration in unusual places,
  • Try using unique words and phrases,
  • Consider including foreign words,
  • Try using rhymes and alliterations,
  • Consider using visually appealing words.

You need to make sure that the ideas you create with our Instagram generator are available. That’s as simple as it gets. All you have to do is click the “+” symbol on any of the username ideas that the generator makes.

This will help you save so much time, and it will make the whole process a lot more enjoyable since you don’t have to use any other tools to determine which usernames can be used as Instagram handles.

What are good Instagram names?

A good Instagram name is easy to spell and pronounce. It also helps if the username is catchy and memorable. You also need to consider the flow and rhythm of the name when creating your Instagram handle.

Shorter usernames are usually better since they are easier to remember. And lastly, good Instagram usernames can be associated with your personality.

What is a unique username for Instagram?

Unique Instagram usernames are usernames that haven’t yet been registered on Instagram. As we already established, finding a catchy handle is getting harder and harder.

That means that finding a good username is only half the battle. You also need to make sure that what you create is available.

I suggest you use our Instagram handle generator, which helps you instantly check the availability of the usernames it creates.

How do you pick a cute Instagram name?

Cute Instagram names are the ones that make you smile. These are the usernames that people remember and share with their followers.

There’s no exact science that would help you create cute Instagram usernames. Try playing with metaphors and niche-specific lingo when creating your Instagram handle.

Go for names with multiple layers of meaning. And stick to positive names to make people smile.

What to Consider When Creating an Instagram Name

If you’ve ever wondered if there was a secret formula for creating username ideas for Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. We know that finding the perfect Instagram username idea can be challenging, as most of them are already taken, and you need to find one that portrays your brand’s real essence. This is where our Instagram name generator comes in handy, you can get unique Instagram name ideas for your account easily and quickly!

Suppose you already have a brand name. In that case, it is going to be much easier for you to find a handle, as it should be the same in ideal conditions. However, if this is not possible, or you don’t have a name for your business yet, we created a quick list of the things you must consider when using our Instagram username generator.


Although using your business’ name is the ideal way to go, allowing yourself to be creative is also important. Remember that in social media, people are always looking for things that stand out, which is why you should always aim to catch people’s attention.

You can use a short version of your business’ name or an acronym. Moreover, remember that you can also use periods and underscores, which can help you get the exact words you want on your username. However, don’t overuse this technique, as too many periods and underscores can look tacky. Avoid this by using our Instagram name generator.


Many people create usernames following a formula, and this isn’t necessarily bad. Still, if it is your business account, you probably aren’t going to get many followers because of your username. 

Benchmarking is always a good idea to find good username ideas for Instagram, as you need to know what your competitors are doing, but please don’t choose a username just because it looks similar to someone else’s. Your brand is as special as you, and being associated with a different one isn’t always as good as it seems. Moreover, copyright is a serious matter, and you wouldn’t want to face a lawsuit because of a username.

We recommend that you always look up your chosen name before settling on it. You never know what may show up that isn’t going to be good for your brand later on. That’s why you should always have a list of Instagram username ideas in case one of them doesn’t make it to the final cut.


In case you haven’t thought about it, do you know what your page is going to be about? Finding your target niche is one of the most important things in any marketing strategy. Otherwise, you aren’t going to be able to curate content that attracts the people you need to make your business grow. Remember, not everyone is your ideal client, and that’s okay.

If you want to stay relevant for your target audience, you need to identify your niche’s keywords. When you type them out, those are the words that take you exactly where your audience is. You can type them out on our Instagram usernames generator and find an ideal name.


Sometimes we forget that less is more, and Instagram handles aren’t the exception to this rule. Names on social media should be as short and simple as possible. Otherwise, your audience could get tired and skip your page.

Remember that most people who use social media on their phones are extremely lazy, as they’re exposed to so much content every day. If something doesn’t immediately catch their attention, they forget about it.

This is why even though Instagram offers up to 30 characters when choosing a name, you should simplify it as much as possible. If you can, delete all the punctuations marks and numbers, as these elements create visual noise that make it unappealing to most users.

Moreover, you’re going to want to make sure your username is entirely readable. In order to do this, you can write it out in all lowercase and try to decipher what it says. Still, you don’t have to worry about this problem when using our Instagram usernames generator.

How to Use Our Instagram Name Generator

Our Instagram name generator is a lifesaver if you want to skip these steps and find a good name that perfectly suits your business. Having a good name isn’t only an aesthetics matter, as it can also help you rank better in the search algorithm.

However, if you’re new here, you probably don’t know the correct way to use our Instagram name generator, but once you understand the process, it becomes a fun and creative way of brainstorming a name for your new account.

This username generator Instagram helps fasten the thought process, and it’s entirely free to use as many times as you want. The only thing you have to do is input some words that relate to your business and target your niche into the search bar. Then, press “generate,” and you’re going to start seeing several Instagram username ideas that may suit your business. This is the perfect moment to use those keywords we discussed earlier.

You can do this as many times as you see fit until you find a good number of usernames that you can test out for your account. Don’t settle on the first one that catches your eye, as the only way to be sure is usually by comparing several names from our Instagram name generator.

Moreover, it is always a good idea to do some exercises that may help you boost your creativity. You could enjoy some art, read interesting rhymes, or find fun alliterations online. There is no one-size-fits-all naming process, so don’t be afraid to play around with things and experiment until you find the right Instagram name for you.

We are sure that you will be able to create a perfect name for your Instagram account using our Instagram username generator. Have fun creating one!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Instagram doesn't force many rules onto its users, which is why you can find a wide variety of usernames among creators. You have a limit of up to 30 characters for your usernames, but you can only use letters, numbers, periods, and underscores, as it isn't going to let you use any other special symbol. Moreover, you need to make sure you follow the community guidelines. If you use curse words or words that incite hate in your username, the chances are that you're going to get your account deleted.

Yes! You can't have an Instagram account without a username, so if you're going to have one, you better make it good. Moreover, having the correct username can help people find you much easier, which can help you gain followers. Have you ever tried to search for a username that's too long and has about five numbers? It's extremely difficult, which is why you need to optimize your to be as simple as possible.

Yes! You can change your Instagram names as many times as you want. However, keep in mind that this isn't often recommended. If you want to create a community around your account, the best thing to do is keep the same username for as much time as possible. The only exception is if you're doing a huge rebrand. However, changing your username each month is a bad idea, and it only means your brand isn't strong enough.

Yes. This is the best-case scenario for personal or influencer accounts. Using your real name can help people find you much faster, and this way, you don't have to over-explain to others your Instagram handle. However, there are some cases where not using your name can be beneficial too. Look at Dwayne Johnson, for example, as he uses his well-known nickname "The Rock."


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