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How To Name Your Fishing Business

If you are itching to start an angling business of your own, you’re in luck! By using our handy fishing business name generator, you can quickly and easily come up with a unique and descriptive name that draws in both customers and their catches.

Part of the battle of launching a new business is always naming it, but with our assistance, this can be made as simple as reeling in a minnow! Read on for all you need to know about using a fishing name generator and how to choose great fishing company names.

20 Fishing Business Name Ideas

I used terms and keywords related to fish and angling when using our fishing name generator, and came up with some options for your own business. By using some fishy words, including species and gear, here are 20 unique names. 

  1. Hooked On Fish
  2. Rod Over Barrel
  3. It’s Not A Load Of Codswallop
  4. Carping On
  5. Rod & Reel Solutions
  6. Scaly Business
  7. The Daily Bait
  8. Rods ‘N’ Reels
  9. Ace Fishing
  10. Across The Tuna-verse
  11. Bass Boss
  12. The Right Place For Angling
  13. Depend Fishing
  14. Shoal & Reel
  15. Inspired Angling
  16. Canoe, Kayak, & Catch
  17. Fly, Rod, & Reel
  18. Waders, Water & Whitebait, Oh My!
  19. Baited Bass
  20. Tackle The Lake

By searching for fishing terms, types of fish, and even some classic puns in our fishing business name generator database, you can also come up with a variety of great fishing company names that are memorable and relevant! Just type in some keywords that inspire you, and use the search function to check for availability.

But what else should you know about naming a fishing company? Let’s go over some other considerations for any aspiring business owners to keep in mind during the process, including actual business names and tips for crafting memorable and unique fishing company names.

20 More Fishing Business Name Ideas

  1. Off the Dock
  2. Bait by the Barrel
  3. Rod’s Gallery
  4. Tackle Treasures
  5. Rivers & Gills
  6. The Catfish Canoe
  7. The Undulating Lake
  8. The Wild Minnow
  9. Boat & Bait
  10. Fishhead River Supplies
  11. Water Wilderness
  12. Fresh Angler
  13. Fish Culture
  14. Creek & Tackle
  15. Lake & Reel
  16. Pond & Bucket
  17. The Fish NetWorm
  18. Bluewater Bait & Lure
  19. Outdoor Anonymous
  20. The Fish Rec

Best Real-World Fishing Business Names

Sometimes, one of the best ways to get examples for your own fishing company names is by looking at what works in the business world today with some successful fish supply outlets. 

Let’s break down the names of five different companies, why they are so effective, and what your fishing business can take away from them! Then, try plugging some of the best keywords into our fishing business name generator and see what you come up with.

Bass Pro Shops

One of the biggest retailers in the country for anglers, Bass Pro Shops uses both fish and quality imagery to give you the sense of professionalism connected with fishing. 

Additionally, Bass can be a notoriously difficult species to catch, so anyone familiar with the struggle of landing this particular fish will likely be intrigued by the “Pro” part of the name for quality gear. 

Bass Pro Shops also uses short, punchy words that contain only one syllable each for maximum ease in retention and repetition. It’s simple to say and rolls right off the tongue!


Short, sweet, and to the point, FishUSA doesn’t beat around the bush with specifications in terms of what they sell— this is a fishing supply outlet that is also fondly known as America’s tackle shop. Customers looking at this company name alone should get the sense that it sells fishing goods, plain and simple.

Furthermore, for people living within the United States, or even Canada, revealing the main source of this business’s commodities to be within the country, can be a major selling feature for people trying to shop fairly locally.

Outdoor Pro Shop

Similar to other professional fishing and tackle businesses, adding “Pro” or “Professional” to the company’s name is a great way to subtly telegraph to customers that your stock and expertise are of the best quality.

Additionally, by mingling the idea of the great outdoors with professionalism, it denotes a level of confidence that many anglers and even everyday hikers seek— to be at the level of being a pro at outdoor activities and particularly in fishing. It’s a simple but effective subliminal messaging technique.

Tackle Warehouse

Again, a simple and poignant name for a fishing company, Tackle Warehouse tells you all you need to know about this business at a glance. If you need tackle or other essential gear for your next fishing expedition, this is the place to go.

Plus, the idea of it being a warehouse can summon the idea of discounts and better deals, like many other warehouse chains that shoppers frequent such as Costco. Having fishing goods available at warehouse prices and variety is a major selling point!

The Tackle Room

Lastly, by using common types of fishing gear that are easily pictured, even if you are not a professional angler, fishing names like this are a great option to lure in beginners and accomplished persons alike. It’s not an intimidating name, it’s simple to remember and associate with fishing, and the inclusion of “Room” makes it feel homier than other retailers might. 

Without using complex fishing language and keeping it simple, a business name like this can bring in plenty of customers.

What Makes For A Memorable Fishing Business Name: Puns Or Professionalism?

What are the elements that go into crafting unique and memorable names? Let’s go over some aspects of naming your business and how keywords, synonyms, and even common puns can help you achieve a really catchy title.

You essentially have two methods available when naming a fishing business— opt for a more serious, professional tone that lets customers know exactly what you are selling, or you can choose a more light-hearted, funny title that is sure to stick with people.

Both are valid and effective methods, it just depends on the tone you want your business to initially denote to your customers! 

For example, choosing serious fishing names can include using keywords like “angler,” “professional”, and “aquatic” in your search within our fishing business name generator. These words can lead to synonyms that lend a certain air of quality and clientele to your company.

Alternatively, with all the fishy jokes and puns that are available to you, opening a fishing business seems to be the prime place to employ some wit and humor. And it’s not just about fishing for a chuckle— people can find names that tickle their funny bone to be more memorable, which works towards your benefit in marketing the business!

In the end, it’s up to you in selecting the tone and style of your company, but don’t discount the quality of a good fish-based pun right out of the (sluice) gate!

5-Tips For Creating Unique Fishing Business Name Ideas

Now that you’re almost ready to come up with some great options for fishing company names, let’s cover 5 tips for generating the best and most unique names.

1. Come Up With Keywords & Synonyms

The first step to creating a great name, particularly with this fishing business name generator, is by narrowing down your keyword options and synonyms to only the most relevant ones. 

For a shop that deals in angling supplies, try to restrict your keyword search to ones that relate to your niche, including casual fishing, sport fishing, fly fishing, deep-sea fishing, and more. Furthermore, you can search for real-world fishing terms for more inspiration, before plugging those into our fishing business name generator!

2. Check Out The Competition

It’s a good idea to know what’s out there in terms of your competitors, as fishing typically is quite a popular hobby with a wide market range. Determine some of the most successful businesses that you will be going up against, and parse what makes their fishing company names so well-received. Then, apply this to your own naming task!

3. Don’t Limit Your Business 

While you definitely want to have a name that denotes exactly what your business offers, it’s also important to think fairly long-term and consider future expansion. 

For instance, if your starter business specializes in lake fishing lures and equipment, but you eventually want to branch out into river tackle, perhaps you should shy away from naming the store “Lakes ‘R’ Us”, as that could confuse future river anglers.

It’s a fine line to walk between fishing names that are too generic and those that narrow your business’s future growth.

4. Avoid Long Names

Unfortunately, long business names tend to be abandoned halfway through reading. 

This is particularly true if you are a customer just looking for a place to purchase the tackle necessary for your next fishing trip. Instead of reading an entire sentence-long, far too detailed business name, the customer is likely to opt for the next shop that has a simple title that denotes available fishing gear. So, avoid very long names!

5. Embrace Catchiness

More businesses should take a page from poetry and use some of the best literary and poetic devices that have been making the written word catchier for centuries. These include:

  • Alliteration, or the repetition of initial vowel sounds (ie. Bass Boss).
  • Consonance, or the repetition of consonant sounds (ie. Fin-tastic Fishing Fun).
  • Sibilance, or the repetition of “s” sounds (ie. Scales, Swimbait, & Surface Lures).

By playing around with how the words sound together, you can create some pretty innovative and lyrical names with the fishing business name generator on this page!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While naming your fish supply business is a very subjective choice, there are still some general guidelines that you should follow. Keep the name within the fishing and angling niche, opting for words and synonyms that bring the sport to mind or summon images of the related gear.

Fishing is a very popular sport and hobby for many people, and they need somewhere to purchase their equipment! So, a fishing business is likely to be profitable if it’s opened in an appropriate area and with the right wares.

The first steps to beginning a fishing business include determining your target consumer market, figuring out what you’re going to sell, and coming up with a great business name to draw in the customers!


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