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Complete Guide to Naming Your Fishing Business

Our fishing business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get fishing business name inspiration.

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Brand Goals & Target Market

Fishing is much more than a hobby. For some people, it has turned in a defining lifestyle. This is one of the reasons why companies manufacturing fishing supplies enjoy a high level of loyalty once people discover the quality of their products.

In order to be successful in the field, you have to be passionate about fishing. That passion should be evident in the name you choose, as well as the brand establishment efforts.

Whether you make fishing apparel or accessories for recreational fishing, you should know your audience exceptionally well. You have to be aware of the lingo, the preferences of these people and the manner in which fishing supplies are chosen. A big of guidance and a good understanding of the audience’s specific needs will help you go beyond emphasising the practical benefits of the products.

Good brands tell a story. They are built upon certain values and beliefs. When recreational activities and hobbies are concerned, the importance of having such a backstory becomes even bigger.

Demographic Interests

Recreational fishing is incredibly popular among a certain segment of the population. It appeals predominantly to men. Almost 80 per cent of them practice fresh water fishing. Of these people, approximately 83 per cent had been taken on fishing trips as kids and they eventually began practicing the activity on their own later on in life.

Of those who do fishing on a regular basis, 36.2 per cent will have anywhere between four and 11 outings per year. Slightly over 15 per cent will go on a fishing trip anywhere between 12 and 23 times per year and 14 per cent will do that even more frequently – 24 to 51 times per year (almost every weekend).

More than 65 per cent of the individuals who acquire fishing supplies are men (no surprises here!) and 38 per cent of them will be aged 45 or older. The 25 to 44 age group follows with 29.3 per cent of the total fishing population.

More than 55 per cent of those who buy fishing supplies have some type of university education and a steady income.

It’s interesting to point out that fishing is the second most popular outdoor activity among individuals aged 25 or older. Only jogging and trail running are more popular.

Competitor Name Analysis

Pure Fishing

One of the biggest brands in the field of fishing gear manufacturing, Pure Fishing doesn’t have the most creative name but it’s instantly obvious what the company has to offer.


The world’s largest fishing lures and fishing supplies manufacturer, Rapala is named after its founder – Laun Rapala.

Scientific Anglers

The fly fishing company specializes in an array of innovative products. The company is known for the invention of the PVC-coated floating fly line. Such inventions are reflective of the brand name.


The name shows that this company has a somewhat different area of specialisation – Navico manufactures marine electronics for the recreational field.

Old Pal Tackle Box

The name is a bit more casual while also telling potential buyers exactly what the company has to offer. This brand manufactures tackle boxes in an array of sizes and styles.

Turner’s Outdoorsman

A company that offers supplies for a wide array of outdoor activities, including fishing. The name tells potential buyers that they can find items catering to the needs of hunters, shooters and fishermen.

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Fishing companies usually have formulaic names but this doesn’t mean you can’t adopt a more creative approach towards title selection. If you have a specific fun idea, you should definitely pursue it. Our Business Name Generator can help you explore variations and identify the ones that are in line with your brand philosophy. You will also get information about domain name availability.

If you’re not certain how to get started, the following words and phrases may be beneficial to kick off a brainstorming session:




Fishing boat

Fly fishing



Catch and release

Fishing rod

Fresh water

Sea water

Deep sea fishing


Core line


Ice fishing




Sport fishing

Wet fly

Fishing Business Name Inspiration

  1. Bait ‘Em: if you want a name for your company that sounds casual and approachable, a choice like this one will be appropriate.
  2. Catch of a Lifetime: every fisherman dreams of a great accomplishment, something that’s reflected in the title of this brand.
  3. Pro Angler: putting emphasis on the specific type of fishing that your supplies are good for is a good idea in terms of forming a sub-niche for your brand on the fishing market.
  4. Sparkly Scales: every fisherman will understand the reference immediately and the name is also a good choice when it comes to visual branding and logo development.
  5. Hook Tech: companies that work on the development of more innovative products should choose a title that’s reflective of the fact.
  6. Aqua Vita: the name means water life and for many fishermen, this is exactly what the activity represents.
  7. Sea Chase: another idea for a name that offers a bit of specialisation. This time, emphasis is put on the fact that the products are suitable for saltwater fishing.
  8. Sail Away: a company that makes fishing boats or other supplies customers can use when sailing and fishing.
  9. FlyTacular: this name is a bit more frivolous and fun, which could potentially help the company stand out and establish a unique voice for itself.
  10. Lifetime Adventures: fishing is a major adventure every single time. This is another direction in which company naming efforts can go.

What Not to Name Your Fishing Business

Know who you are and what you stand for before attempting to name your company. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a title that sounds pretty generic and mundane.

Many companies go for the clichés in the world of fishing, which gives you a chance to stand out. Don’t be like everybody else. Make your brand more distinctive. Avoid the common words – fishing, boat, hook and bait. These are the first ones that come to mind and as a result, they’re grossly overused.

Keep it simple and catchy. You may want to explain yourself and your specific strengths in the company title but if you do so, you will lose some of the brand’s memorability.

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