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Complete Guide to Naming Your Accessories Business

Our accessories business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get accessories business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

In a crowded fashion and accessories market, building your brand and making the presence solid can be a challenging task. This is why the focus shouldn’t be on the product itself. It should fall on the lifestyle and the emotional charge of a pair of earrings or a beautiful purse.

Such a philosophy has to be reflected in the naming decision you make for your business.

Personal accessories account for nearly 30 percent of the global luxury goods market. This means you will be facing some stiff competition. What you should be offering to your clients in an attempt to build your niche is uniqueness.

Handmade items offer such uniqueness and the same applies to high-end jewelry and accessories made of quality materials. Some buyers may even view such items as investment pieces and they will be willing to spend a lot on precious metals, gemstones and fine craftsmanship.

Building a winning accessories brand is about several key things, the most important ones being having a distinctive style, sticking to a certain niche, having a collection or a few of those to guide branding efforts and remaining true to the original concept.

Demographic Interests

The group of people interested in fashionable or high-end accessories has distinctive behaviors. These individuals don’t act in a manner similar to people looking for trendy or designer apparel.

In the world of designer clothing, collections go out of fashion pretty fast. Thus, buyers will often be looking for bargains, discounted items and promotions. Accessories aren’t the same. Such pieces are typically timeless and they will maintain their full price for a long period of time.

Buyers are typically looking for statement pieces. The uniqueness of the design is as important as the quality of the make and the materials utilized. Potential buyers have an eye for detail and they’re pretty selective. While accessories are not bought in large volumes, potential buyers may be willing to spend more on a good piece that falls within their personal understanding of aesthetic appeal.

Competitor Name Analysis


The company that was initially set up as a harness workshop carries the name of its founder – Thierry Hérmes. Soon, the range of products expanded to specially designed bags. The most iconic company development came in 1983 when the first Birkin bag was made.

Christian Dior

The incredible fashion empire also carries the name of its founder. There are sub-divisions under the main label like Dior-Homme – an accessories label addressing the needs of men.

Carbon & Hyde

This is a contemporary and innovative jewelry company that’s known for the incredibly inventive combination of materials in the designs. The name provides a slight nod to this philosophy.

Free People

A boho brand that appeals to the young and young at heart, Free People has a pretty self-explanatory name. originally known as Urban Outfitters, the company underwent rebranding in 1984 to put emphasis on being different and free-spirited.


The prominent Spanish accessories and clothing company was originally named Zorba (after Zorba the Greek, of course). Unfortunately, a bar by a similar name was located nearby. To avoid confusion, the fashion brand changed its name to Zara.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu is the younger sister of Prada that explores more youthful accessories. The name is playful and it’s based on the nickname of manager Miuccia Prada.


Accessories brands can have whimsical, creative and artistic names. On occasions, the more abstract you go, the better. If you need a bit of inspiration to get started, try our Business Name Generator. On top of getting multiple fun variations, you’ll also be provided with information about available domain names.

Start your brainstorming session by pinpointing characteristics or words indicative of the vision you want to convey. Some of the options may include:


One of a kind

High fashion







Avant garde











Digital Business Name Inspiration

  1. Gentle Fashion: a clever and witty name for a brand that focuses on accessories for gentlemen. The wordplay is an added bonus.
  2. Steel Style: the name idea may be a good choice for contemporary jewelry, especially if stainless steel is one of the materials being utilized.
  3. Crafted with Precision: a potential buyer is given a hint about the fact that the items are handcrafted and that adherence to the strictest industry standards is a core value.
  4. Freestyle: another name in which the wordplay could be interpreted differently by prospects.
  5. Beads and Pearls: this name is great for an accessories business that targets a younger crowd. It sounds cute, plus there’s something elegant and timeless in both of the name components.
  6. Wearable Art: whenever the artistic value of accessories is the most important selling point, a name like Wearable Art would be a perfect choice.
  7. Heirlooms in the Chest: this name conveys something a bit more antique and vintage. It will be ideal for old items, classic pieces and traditional accessories.
  8. Little Treasures: sometimes, you may want to have a somewhat broader name, especially if you’re not 100 percent confident in collection specifics yet.
  9. Her: a name that focuses on feminine power, grace and elegance – could anything be better as far as accessories are concerned.
  10. Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend: a popular catch phrase, this one could be a great choice for a business creating luxurious jewelry.g approach.

What Not to Name Your Digital Business

Choose a name that rings true to your style and design philosophy. Don’t opt for a name just because it sounds cool. If it doesn’t come close to what you have to offer, chances are that your branding efforts will be misleading right from the start.

Humor is great but don’t overdo it. You don’t want your accessories company name to be indecipherable, confusing or ridiculous. It’s always possible for someone to fail getting the joke. As a result, a humorous name will quickly fall flat.

Don’t rely on current fads and trends. Dad Bod fanny packs became famous for a while but this is obviously a trend that will die quickly. If you base your entire brand on such a fad, you’ll be out of business in a couple of years. Go the evergreen route, if you’re interested in long term business growth.

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