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2. Get Chocolate Business Name Ideas

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3. Select Chocolate Business Names

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How To Name Your Chocolate Business

How To Name Your Chocolate Business

After massive growth between 2019 and 2020, the global confectionery market size is set to grow by another $15bn between 2020 and 2025. Chocolate is a big business, particularly during the holidays, meaning a chocolate business will almost always have a line of customers.

If you’re hoping to join this lucrative (and tasty) market and thinking of setting up your own chocolate business, you’ll likely need a new business name. Before you start a google search for chocolate-covered strawberry business names, why not check out our chocolate business name generator to get some fantastic ideas.

In this neat little guide, we’re going to cover a few different tips and tricks for thinking up a new chocolate business name. I’m Alex, and I’m going to be helping you out in this guide to finding a great chocolate company name.

20 Chocolate Business Name Ideas

20 Chocolate Business Name Ideas

First, let’s take a look at some great chocolate business name ideas. I inputted a few different chocolate business-related words into our chocolate business name generator and came up with these twenty names.

  1. Coco Comfort
  2. Coco King
  3. Cocotastic
  4. Adore Cocoa
  5. Addict Candy
  6. Spicy Cocoa
  7. Cocoa Land
  8. Cloud Cocoa
  9. Cocoahut
  10. Dream Milk
  11. Beguiling Chocolate
  12. Enchanting Chocolate
  13. Milkable
  14. Chocolateocity
  15. Yummy Chocolate
  16. Smoothry
  17. Captain Creamy
  18. Whipped Sweet
  19. Junction Chocolate
  20. Coco Sensation

20 More Chocolate Business Name Ideas

  1. Chocs Ahoy
  2. Cheeky Chocolates
  3. Sugar and Smiles
  4. Terrific Treats
  5. Milky Goodness
  6. Chunks of Heaven
  7. My Chocolate Life
  8. Bars of Bliss
  9. ChocoPlanet
  10. Choco Charms
  11. Cocoa Connoisseurs
  12. My Favorite Chunks
  13. The Sweeter Side of Life
  14. A Choc a Day
  15. Built with Chocolate
  16. Treats for Sweethearts
  17. It All Starts with Cocoa
  18. Choco Kisses
  19. Chocolate Apocalypse
  20. Bars of Friendship

Best Real-world Chocolate Business Names

After seeing the fantastic names that can be produced using our chocolate bar name generator, let’s take a look at the names of some real-world chocolate businesses. Looking to your competitors is a great way to see how your brand name can be successful.

Below we’ve gathered our favorite chocolate brand names and analyzed them to see what works within each. Check them out before using the candy bar name generator to ensure you’ve understood how different word combinations can work in a brand name.

Omnom Chocolate

Named for the noise that Cookie Monster makes when he eats, Omnom chocolates is an Iceland-based, bean-to-bar chocolate brand. The use of onomatopoeia in their name, and the reference to Cookie Monster, allows a sense of nostalgia and familiarity to pervade these products.

In addition, the fun and unique onomatopoeia in the name make the chocolates seem not only delicious but fun and inventive.

Madre Chocolate

From the Spanish for mother, Madre Chocolate is a Hawaiin-based chocolate brand that makes their chocolate from scratch.

The use of the word ‘mother’ in their brand name suggests that the chocolate is going to be nostalgic and remind you of treats your mother would make. In addition, it is also reminiscent of ‘from the mother’ ingredients, as though mother nature has had a hand in creating these chocolate bars.

This reference to the mother is a great way to communicate a natural and delicious treat.


Word smashes are always a brilliant choice when it comes to brand names. Have you got two words you really want to use when describing your brand? Try smashing them together to create a new word!

That is exactly what Chococo, a Dorset-based chocolate brand, did. Smashing together chocolate and coco for the fun-to-say ‘Chococo’ makes their brand seem fun and innovative and we think it’s a really great name!

Bon Bon Bon

Bon Bon Bon is a take on the traditional word for a small chocolate, a bonbon. Bon Bon Bon, a Detroit-based company has used this wordplay to create a catchy, repetitive name that their clients will always remember.

As well as the chocolate references, Bon Bon Bon also translates to ‘good, good, good,’ giving the name dual-meaning and letting you know just how great these chocolates are.

Harlem Chocolate Factory

Beginning in Harlem in a small lounge space, the Harlem Chocolate Factory plays with words to invoke the tongue-in-cheek image of a factory when none used to exist. The Harlem Chocolate Factory remains small-batch but appears much bigger with the use of the word factory.

As well as the facetious wordplay, this brand name also lets customers know where and what the brand does. The brand is Harlem-based and uses its chocolates to convey Harlem culture.

Unique Content for the Niche

Chocolates have always meant big business. With so many western holidays relying on chocolate treats, you will never be quiet when you start crafting these treats. However, chocolate is also a massive industry with hundreds of thousands of people already making chocolates around the world. The question is: how will you stand out?

Something to consider when looking into the chocolate industry is the recent move toward eco-friendly and natural living. Many, especially the young, are beginning to question the way we live and look for change from polluting industries. As the atrocities of mass farming come to light, it may be in your interest to craft chocolate from free-range, organic farming methods, or perhaps go completely vegan.

The market for plant-based goods is becoming more and more popular and so you need to make sure your brand name stands out. Before you head over to our candy bar name generator and start hunting for unique, vegan chocolate-covered strawberry business names, you might want to find a way to convey your plant-based status in an individual and distinctive way. Look to other successful competitors and begin your journey from there.

5-Tips for creating unique Chocolate Business name ideas

We’ve taken a look at some unique chocolate business names generated from our chocolate bar name generator and we’ve analyzed some real-life chocolate business names, so now it’s time to start creating your chocolate business name.

Below, we’ve gathered some handy tips and tricks you should use when creating your chocolate business name. These include preparation tasks before you use our chocolate business name generator to come up with great and unique names for your business.

1. Gather all your ideas in one place

Whether it’s in a brainstorm, in the notes section on your phone, or on a huge whiteboard, have a go at listing all of the ways that your brand is unique and individual. Find words to associate with your business and how you want your business to come across.

Are you going to be using age-old techniques to create your candy bars? Will you use only alternative milk in your bonbons? Have you found a new way to create chocolate? Use these niches in your name to tell the world just how different you are and why they need you in their lives.

2. Check out what everyone else is doing

Is there a brand whose name you really love? Or a name you find yourself saying over and over? Head to their website and find out where they got their inspiration. Make note of how their name reflects their brand practice and find ways of doing this yourself.

There are hundreds of thousands of chocolate brands out there to research and so ensure you’re picking brands who are doing the same kind of things you want to!

3. See how the name fares with your friends and family

Chat to those around you about your brand name ideas. See if they have input and see how they think your brand name works. Asking real people about your new business name is the best way to ascertain if you’re putting the right feeling out there with the name you’ve chosen for your chocolate business.

4. Make sure no one else is using it

Do a quick google search, a domain name check, and browse through chocolate websites to ensure no one else is using the business name you have chosen. You don’t want to already have stationary with your brand name on it and then find out someone else is using it!

5. Use our chocolate business name generator

Use our chocolate business name generator to find unique and interesting word combinations for the perfect chocolate business name. Our candy bar name generator is easy to use and an invaluable resource for you to have as you decide on your chocolate company name.

Following the advice in tip number one will help you when using our chocolate business name generator to ensure you have a list of words available to input that can relate to your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Naming a chocolate business is an opportunity to communicate to the world what your chocolate business has that others don’t. Use language to express your brand ethos and uniqueness to potential customers, letting them know why they should buy your chocolate products. Use words you want to be associated with your brand and ensure the buyer knows exactly what they’re going to get when they buy your products.

A good chocolate bar name can be anything from an unrelated metaphor to a literal description of its contents. Some of the most popular chocolate bars have names that are completely unrelated to the chocolate that is inside. Think about what you want to convey with your chocolate bar name and go from there. A good chocolate bar name can be anything, as long as it’s memorable!


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