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2. Get Dessert Business Name Ideas

Our desert name generator will come up with countless sweet business name ideas for you to read and compare.

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Pick some of the sweet treat names you like and verify domain availability before deciding on a name to use.

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Top Tips

How to Name a Dessert Business

Do you want to start your own dessert business that focuses on delicious treats like ice cream, cake, waffles, donuts, and gelato? One of the most important steps in launching your sweet venture is selecting the right name that reflects your offerings and speaks to your target audience. Here’s how to create the ideal dessert business name for your dessert business:

Creative Exploration

Creative Exploration

Channel your dessert-making creativity into naming your business, mixing and matching ideas for a unique name. 


Feedback Gathering

Seek diverse opinions on potential dessert company names to gauge public perception and find the perfect fit for your brand.


Personal Branding

Incorporate your name for a personal touch, using alliteration to make it catchy and memorable. This way, your name will be on your customers’ lips, associating your identity with the business every time they mention it.


Domain Checking

Ensure your chosen dessert business name is available as a domain to establish a strong online presence for your dessert business.


Name Generator

Utilize our Dessert Business Name Generator to effortlessly brainstorm a wide choice of name options for your venture.


Social Media Sync

Align your chosen name across social media platforms to build a cohesive and recognizable brand identity.

Get Inspired

20 Dessert Business Name Ideas

Looking for short and sweet business names? We have some great ideas just for you. To find these names, we chose 3-4 words that are associated with ‘desserts’ and popped them into the generator. Take a look and see if anything catches your eye.

  • Cake Charm
  • Confection Hideout
  • Coco Desserts
  • Custard Bazaar
  • Custard Delight
  • Delicate Confections
  • Dessert Burst
  • Dashing Desserts
  • Dessert Land
  • Fantasy Puddings
  • Lush Pudding
  • Pudding Punch
  • Pudding Surprise
  • Scrumptious Desserts
  • Sweet Craving
  • Sugar Crush
  • Sweet Confections
  • Sweet Hotspot
  • Sweetopolis
  • Sweet Tooth Desserts

Successful Dessert Business Names and Why They Work

Before coming up with your own dessert business names, it’s always best to research those that already exist. This can give you inspiration, and it is wise to see what makes their names so successful so that you can follow in their footsteps.

Dessert Store NamesDescription
Sugar FactoryThis dessert business is based in New York City and offers a sophisticated Parisian vibe.The name works really well as it suggests that this is the place to go for the ultimate sugar rush. Customers are aware of the array of sweet treats on offer and is certainly appealing and appetizing.
Cookie DoThis sweet business offers edible cookie dough in an array of endless flavors.The name says exactly what is on offer. The word cookie is already appealing, and this works well for the brand, as customers know exactly what they are in for. The name is short and snappy, which makes it much easier to say and spell.
Lovely LayersLovely Layers is a bakery specializing in cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and wedding cakes, each one with intricate and unique designs.The use of alliteration makes this name sound nice to say, and also connotes ideas of their amazing selection of cakes.
Pretty Cool Ice CreamOffering a whole array of ‘fancy pops’, ‘custard bars’, and ‘icicle pie pops’, this dessert business puts a fun twist on your classic ice cream.The use of ‘cool’ represents the cold dessert on offer whilst also showing customers their originality and quirkiness. Although the name is quite wordy, it works well and is definitely unique to any other ice cream brand out there.
Betty BakeryThis dessert company offers special occasion cakes and sweet pastries in their colorful and retro-inspired bakery.The alliteration within this name works extremely well and makes it sound snappy and sharp. Plus, the use of ‘bakery’ means that people are aware of the delicious treats on offer.
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Dessert Business Growth Stats

The ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturing revenue has mainly seen an upward trend in recent years. Starting at $7,367.81 million in 2010, despite some fluctuations, it climbed to $8,230.12 million by 2016. Continuing this positive trajectory, the revenue hit $8,997.94 million in 2022.

A graph for ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturing revenue forecast in the US 2010 to 2022

What Are Good Names for Dessert Business?

When it comes to naming your dessert business, creativity and memorability are key. Opt for names that evoke sweetness and indulgence. For example, for an ice cream business, consider ‘Frosty Peaks’ or ‘Chill Haven’ ice cream business name ideas; for a cake business, think about ‘Sweet Slice’ or ‘Cake Creations’ cake business name ideas; ; for a donut business, think about ‘Doughnut Delights’ and ‘Sweet Rings’, and for a waffle business, ‘Waffle Wonderland’ or ‘Crispy Cravings’ could be perfect options.


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