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How To Name Your Dessert Business

According to Snack and Bakery, in 2020 when surveyed by Datassential, 93% of consumers had eaten dessert in the past week and 55% had enjoyed dessert within the past day.

It’s no surprise that America is full of dessert lovers, and you might be dreaming of setting up your own dessert business to feed this demand. In that case, you will need a totally unique and delicious business name to stand out from the crowd!

I’m Molly, and I am here to guide you through the name-picking process. Whether you’re after some real-world examples or are looking for some inspiration for your own dessert business names, this article has got you covered.

20 Dessert Business Name Ideas

20 Dessert Business Name Ideas

Down below are 20 of the best names for the dessert business that I found through our dessert name generator. To find these names, I thought of around 3-4 words that I associate with ‘desserts’ and popped them into the generator. Take a look and see if any catch your eye!

  1. Cake Charm
  2. Confection Hideout
  3. Coco Desserts
  4. Custard Bazaar
  5. Custard Delight
  6. Delicate Confections
  7. Dessert Burst
  8. Dashing Desserts
  9. Dessert Land
  10. Fantasy Puddings
  11. Lush Pudding
  12. Pudding Punch
  13. Pudding Surprise
  14. Scrumptious Desserts
  15. Sweet Craving
  16. Sugar Crush
  17. Sweet Confections
  18. Sweet Hotspot
  19. Sweetopolis
  20. Sweet Tooth Desserts

20 More Dessert Business Name Ideas

  1. Second Serving
  2. 50 Shades of Chocolate
  3. The Dessert Club
  4. The Caramel Cafe
  5. Dolce Oven
  6. Sweet Snax
  7. Ganache It
  8. Bagel Boutique
  9. Temptations To Go
  10. The Magic Pastry
  11. Sugar Bistro
  12. Grandma’s Gourmet Kitchen
  13. The Cookie Jar
  14. Delightful Delicacies
  15. The Cozy Cookie Cafe
  16. Gingerbread Palace
  17. Desserts From Heaven
  18. Tasty Tortes & More
  19. The Happy Truffle
  20. Cakeitis

Best Real-world Dessert Business Names

Best Real-world Dessert Business Names

Before coming up with your own dessert business names, it’s always best to research those that already exist. This can give you inspiration, and it is wise to see what makes their names so successful so that you can follow in their footsteps.

Sugar Factory

This dessert business is based in New York City and offers a sophisticated Parisian vibe.

The name works really well as it suggests that this is the place to go for the ultimate sugar rush! Customers are aware of the array of sweet treats on offer and is certainly appealing and appetizing.

Cookie Do

This sweet business offers edible cookie dough in an array of endless flavors!

The name basically says exactly what is on offer. The word cookie is already appealing, and this works well for the brand as customers know exactly what they are in for. The name is short and snappy, which makes it much easier to say and spell.

Lovely Layers

Lovely Layers is a bakery specializing in cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and wedding cakes, each one with intricate and unique designs.

The use of alliteration makes this name sound nice to say, and also connotes ideas of their amazing selection of cakes. Customers are aware that their cakes are ‘lovely’ through this lovely-sounding name!

Pretty Cool Ice Cream

Offering a whole array of ‘fancy pops’, ‘custard bars’, and ‘icicle pie pops’, this dessert business puts a fun twist on your classic ice cream.

The use of ‘cool’ represents the cold dessert on offer whilst also showing customers their originality and quirkiness. Although the name is quite wordy, it works well and is definitely unique to any other ice cream brand out there.

Betty Bakery

This dessert company offers special occasion cakes and sweet pastries in their colorful and retro-inspired bakery.

The alliteration within this name works extremely well and makes it sound snappy and sharp. Plus, the use of ‘bakery’ means that people are aware of the delicious treats on offer.

Unique Content for the Niche

As a dessert business, you want any potential dessert business names to sound appetizing and delicious! Therefore, using appealing and attractive language will make your customers even more tempted to visit your business. Think about all of your sweet treats on offer – perhaps you can use some of these in your business name so that customers get a hint as to what is on offer!

Here are some sweet words that you could use to sound tasty and delicious!

  • Delightful
  • Delicious
  • Heavenly
  • Savory
  • Tasteful
  • Mouthwatering

5-Tips for creating unique Dessert Business name ideas

1. Use your name

As you may or may not have noticed, a lot of bakeries and dessert shops use the owners’ names within it to put their own personal stamp on their business. Using your name can work really well if you use alliteration, as this will make it sound snappy and much more fun to say. See if you can come up with any words that begin with the same letter as your name, and see if it works well as dessert business names!

Using your own name will also mean that you can create a much more intimate and close relationship with your customers. They might feel more connected to you as a business owner, and this may make them more likely to pay you a visit!

2. Get creative

Baking and creating desserts already requires creative skills, so you might be really eager to start coming up with dessert business names. Use the creativity that you put into your sweet treats into your business name too! This is the chance for you to really let your ideas flare, and even if you are unsure of a business name it is better than having nothing to work with.

Write down all your potential names on a piece of paper, and mix and match them with each other. You might find that you can create something really unique and different this way. Or, try to use humor within your name to really stand out and connect with your customers.

3. Ask for feedback

This is, in my opinion, one of the most important steps you can take as a business when it comes to deciding on a name. Asking for feedback means that you can gather a whole range of opinions and can really narrow it down to the best-sounding name that fits your business like a glove. Try to gather a wide range of people and ask them questions about your potential dessert business names such as:

  • What does the name first make you think of?
  • How likely are you to purchase one of our products based on the name alone?
  • What sort of things would you associate with our name?

You can even ask each person to rate your names from 1-10 as this will give you a clear indication as to which name is the most popular and which ones you can get rid of.

4. Check for domain availability

You should follow this step as soon as you feel yourself drawn towards a potential business name! Picking a name that can’t actually be used is actually a really common mistake made by a lot of businesses, but don’t worry as it is easily solvable. You just need to carry out a quick Business Name Search online to check that your business name is available to use in your state/country.

Once you know that your name is available to use, you can get cracking on setting up a website and social media accounts. Having a really unique name will make this a lot easier, plus you’re almost guaranteed that no other businesses out there exist with the same name!

5. Use our Dessert Business Name Generator

We hope that these tips and tricks have been incredibly useful so far. Can we remind you once more about our dessert name generator? As the name suggests, It really is the place to go for names for your dessert business. All you need to do is pop in any words that you would like to use within your name, hit the generate button, and sit back and relax as hundreds of dessert business names are presented to you!

You’re guaranteed to find at least a handful of potential business names. Plus, you can mix and match as many words as you want until you find a name unique to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your business name can make or break your business, so coming up with something unique enough can be a daunting task. As a cake business, you want something sweet-sounding and creative. Take a look at some of these desert business names and see if any catch your eye:

-Baking Obsession
-Sweet Success
-Cake Addict
-Layers of Sweetness
-Heavenly Divine!

As a cake business, you are up against hundreds of other tasty and delicious bakeries! Therefore, you might want to avoid using the word ‘dessert’ within your name and use something much more unique. Here are some other ways that you can incorporate ‘dessert’ that are a bit more creative:

-Sweet Treats
-Sweet Course


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