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Complete Guide to Naming Your Bakery Business

Our bakery business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get bakery business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Bakeries need a specialization and a differentiator in order to stand out. To accomplish the goal, set your company priorities and get the word out there by choosing the right name.

Is a sense of community your thing? Would you like to own the go-to bakery in the neighborhood? If so, a name like The Corner Bakery could accomplish the goal. Such a name makes the brand feel approachable and local. It sounds casual, welcoming and inviting.

Here’s another example of how your branding message could be shaped up via name selection. Many bakeries today focus on offering their clients trendy, gluten-free, vegan and organic options. When you choose to go down this road with your business, you have to make the name reminiscent of green and sustainable ideals. Freshly Baked Organic could tell a potential audience exactly what you’re all about.

Once you make these brand promises, it is important to deliver upon them. A name that’s chosen just because it sounds cool or trendy will begin ringing hollow almost immediately.

Demographic Interests

Bakeries have such a diversified range of customers that a single demographic profile will be impossible to pinpoint.

The nature of production will once again determine the target.

People who buy from organic bakeries are not the same as the people who want to buy a delicious French baguette made of traditional wheat or a cake. The first group has more preferences and demands. These shoppers are picky and they will need to acquaint themselves with a group of products well before making a purchase. The second group is more interested in the taste and the freshness of the baked goods. As long as the bread has just been made and it has a crunchy, golden crust, it will appeal to the respective demographic.

Competitor Name Analysis

B. Patisserie

Started by pastry chef Belinda Leong, B. Patisserie makes you think about France and its delicious baked goods. This is precisely what the name of the bakery aims to accomplish since Leong specializes in various French delicacies.

Babettes Artisan Breads

Artisan Breads is a cool enough phrase on its own for the name of a bakery. Babettes Artisan Breads sounds even better and the name lives up to the expectations of visitors.

Du Pain et des Idees

Located in Paris, this bakery that has a name translating to Bread and Ideas. This is a simple concept that tells potential buyers exactly what they’ll found at this award-winning bakery.

Sugar Bakeshop

Do you even need an explanation to guess what Sugar Bakeshop has to offer? This bakery has an array of pies, sweets and other delicious things that will appeal to all of the individuals who can’t seem to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Muddy’s Bake Shop

The name refers to the fact that the bakery is a cozy local bake shop that specializes in traditional Southern sweet temptations.

Elizabethan Desserts

Located in Chicago, this bakery and patisserie specializes in classic desserts – a fact that the name nods to right from the start.


You can choose among many directions when attempting to put together the perfect bakery name. A focus on premium ingredients, a local bakery that brings together people from all parts of the neighborhood, an emphasis on traditional baked temptations – all of these focal points will result in a good and memorable name.

If you have a few phrases that you’re testing out, you should try our Business Name Generator. It will give you variations that you can tailor even further to match your corporate identity. Additionally, you will get information about domain name availability.

To start the process, you may want to test out the name generator with the following bakery-related terms:






Artisan bread
















Bakery Business Name Inspiration

  1. Golden Crust: one of the most delicious things you could imagine is the golden crust of freshly-baked bread. Most people will have an instant idea about what the bakery’s name is trying to say.
  2. Cinnamon Rolls: this is another instant visual that results in a positive association. The name is great for a bakery that focuses on desserts.
  3. A Piece of Cake: if you want to interject a bit of humor in the name of your business, such a name would be an excellent pick.
  4. Bread and Butter: it goes well like bread and butter – an expression that is widely familiar and that will result in an excellent name for a classic neighborhood bakery.
  5. Forget the Flour Bakery: a business that focuses on gluten-free and healthy alternatives to the traditional white flour should definitely emphasize the fact.
  6. Grandma’s Homemade Bread: appealing to a lovely memory can create an instant connection with potential customers. Most people adore their grandma’s baking skills, which is why this bakery name makes so much sense in terms of branding.
  7. The Rolling Pin: naming your business after the tools of the trade could be a good option in terms of standing out and choosing something that sounds a bit different.
  8. Knead Masters: again – the name doesn’t have to be a direct reference to bread for people to understand that you have a bakery.
  9. A Pinch of Happiness: also an indirect approach to naming a bakery that appeals to emotions.
  10. Nature’s Gifts Bakery: a good name for those who want to put emphasis on natural, quality baking ingredients.

What Not to Name Your Bakery Business

Refrain from naming the bakery after yourself. While this is a popular approach in many corporate areas, you will struggle with branding if people don’t know who you are. Instead, you may want to focus on an emotion or the quality of the product you’ll give clients.

Puns and humorous names are great but don’t overdo it. Such an approach can easily enter the cliché realm, which will once again prevent you from standing out. Pretty Baked may sound funny to you and to your friends but who’s your target audience and will these people be ok with infantile humor?

Finally, remember that bakeries are brick and mortar establishments. People will pass by and if the name grabs their attention, they could potentially enter the shop. This is why you should refrain from opting for excessively long and convoluted names. These aren’t catchy and they’ll be forgotten almost instantaneously.

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