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How To Name Your Food and Grocery Store

So you want to set up a food and grocery store? You have your business plan, your suppliers sourced and your premises located. All you need is a creative, unforgettable, and unique name for your business. In the US, the food retail industry is worth a whopping $6.22 trillion. We don’t blame you for wanting to break into this lucrative business.

However, in such a large market, it is crucial your brand name stands out above the crowd. To compete against the biggest names in the industry, you need a strong, catchy, and memorable food and grocery store name.

This is where I can help. This guide will take you through brainstorming your business name and how to use our grocery store name generator. By the end of this guide, you should have the confidence to brand your business with the best name our supermarket name generator can come up with.

20 Food and Grocery Store Name Ideas

The first step to creating your name is to use our convenience store name generator. I put in some words that remind me of supermarkets and grocery stores. Consider what brand image you want to achieve. I’ve gone to a budget grocery store with my examples.

  1. Dollarhut
  2. Budgetscape
  3. Solution Food
  4. Guarantee Budget
  5. Success Budget
  6. Foodology
  7. Fine Food
  8. Rediscover Food
  9. Foodworks
  10. Uptown Fresh
  11. Street Grocery
  12. Traditional Grocery
  13. Deal Market
  14. Discounts Market
  15. Super Deli
  16. Authentic Pantry
  17. Simple Convenience
  18. Snackdeck
  19. Achieve Organic
  20. Eategy

20 More Food and Grocery Store Name Ideas

  1. Global Fresh Market
  2. Budget Foods
  3. Dollar Pantry
  4. Food Festive
  5. Fresh Food Marketplace
  6. Rancher’s Grocery
  7. Freshmart Co-op
  8. Jamboree Marketplace
  9. Better Bites Deli
  10. Stocked Pantry
  11. Market Convenience
  12. Snack Paradise
  13. Quick Fare Foods
  14. Fleet Market
  15. Apples to Ziti
  16. Food to Fly
  17. Nature Cart
  18. Organic Orchard
  19. The Papaya
  20. Exotic Eats

Best Real-world Food and Grocery Store Business Names

Now you have seen what our grocery store name generator can do, let’s take a look at what others are doing around the world. Many of the biggest grocery stores are household names—we all know what Walmart or Target are, even if we’ve never (somehow) stepped foot in one.

Let’s see how these real-world grocery stores named their businesses.


A multinational chain of grocery stores, Walmart has been the cornerstone of the food retail industry since the mid-twentieth century. Walmart got its name from its owner. Sam Walton set the company up in the 1960s, the company condensed the clunky-sounding “Walton Market” into Walmart.

Integrating your own name into the business will give it a personal feel, make it individual, and definitely mark yourself out as unique.


Trading under the name 7-Eleven since 1946, this grocery store named itself such to advertise its opening hours. Surviving the American prohibition and focusing its efforts on drinks, such long opening hours were a novelty.

Even though nowadays the company has branches that are open 24 hours a day, the name still stands. It was designed when 7-eleven was doing something new and fresh. What is your grocery store offering that is different? Can you create a name that draws attention to this factor?


Its full name is “Cost Company”, suggesting that it is a business that prioritizes saving its customers money. As with 7-Eleven, Costco uses its name to highlight its best feature: cheap prices.

Think of a name that communicates your brand values. As Costco aims to reward customer loyalty with discounts and affordable prices, what are you doing to attract people? Input your business values into the supermarket name generator and see what results inspire you.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market began life in Austin, Texas in the late 1970s. A less creative name, but strong and successful nonetheless. Whole Foods Market advertises its organic and natural products within its name. What kind of products do you plan to offer?

The Kroger Company

Another company naming itself after its founder, Kroger is different from Walmart in that it doesn’t play with words or condense its name. Barney Kroger straightforwardly put his surname down to represent the company. While this doesn’t hint at what produce the store sells, it is definitely unique and individual.

Unique Content for the Niche

More and more food retail companies are setting up online businesses. In recent years, e-commerce sales have grown by 39%. Don’t get left behind in the race to get your company online. Many people now turn to their computer or phone for their weekly grocery shop rather than venturing to the corner shop.

Most of the online grocery stores are huge chains that can afford large warehouse spaces and cover delivery costs. Overheads for a small grocery shop to deliver goods are a lot more significant and they struggle to match competitors’ prices. Yet, there is still the opportunity to take your grocery store online.

Come up with a niche specialty that your grocery store can deliver that no others can. Maybe you only sell local produce or homegrown foods. Set reasonable boundaries for your deliveries so that you don’t stretch yourself too far afield. Create a name that highlights your brand’s unique angle with our grocery store name generator.

Who knows, you might decide to take your grocery store online completely and cut the unnecessary costs of renting a shop premise.

5-Tips for creating unique Food and Grocery Store Business name ideas

So you know how to use our grocery store name generator and what real-world grocery stores are naming themselves. I’ll now cover some quick tips to create the best food and grocery store business name.

1. Think local

If you want to create a really unique and personalized business name for your food and grocery store, consider location. To create a familiar connection with the locals, name your business after the area. Or, does your state or town have a slogan or nickname you can make a pun out of?

Consider some ideas like Sin City Supermarket or Sunshine State Convenience.

A localized name is more likely to create customer loyalty. People like to support local, family businesses. Try putting your town name or state into our convenience store name generator and see what it suggests.

2. Emote

Can you create something that connects customers with the business? Words that evoke a particular emotion, play on the heartstrings or remind people of personal experiences and memories are excellent ways to create a unique name.

Use emotive words like “happy”, “peace”, or “hungry” to inspire customer loyalty. Similarly, think of places from around the world that might remind customers of fun traveling experiences—incorporating foreign places, words, and currencies into your name is a great way to get repeat customers.

3. Word fun

Another way to create a unique and memorable name is to use wordplay. Repetition, rhyming, alliteration, and puns are all good ways to establish a catchy grocery store name. Are there any catchphrases or cliches that you can adapt?

Customers are far more likely to give a new store a try when their name provokes a smile or laugh. Type alliterative words into our grocery store name generator for ideas.

4. Short and sweet

Don’t get too carried away with your puns and catchphrases. Remember to keep it short and sweet. A long-winded, difficult to spell, and hard to remember name won’t stick in anyone’s mind. Plus you will struggle to fit the entire name onto all your branding.

As we saw with our earlier real-life examples, most grocery stores are only one word. Even the longer ones are usually only known by shortened versions—The Kroger Company is most commonly called Kroger. Don’t make your name so long nobody can be bothered to say it.

5. Name game

We’ve already seen that you can take your own name and incorporate it into your business branding. However, you can also take celebrity names or historic figures. You can even honor a close friend or mentor.

Remember, however, that you should make it relevant to the industry. Calling your shop “Joe’s” might sound charming, but when you’re new, it can be hard to establish what you offer. Put names into our grocery store name generator and see what inspires you.

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