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How To Name Your Charity Business

Did you know that in the US in 2020, foundation giving increased to a whopping $88.55 billion – a 19% increase from 2019. That’s a pretty big statistic, and you might be wanting to add to that by creating your own charity business! All businesses have to start somewhere, and one of the biggest choices you need to make is deciding on a business name.

I’m Molly, and I am here to guide you through the name picking process whilst offering you the chance to use our nonprofit name generator. It really is the best tool to use when you aren’t quite sure where to begin.

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by Molly Cross

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Updated Oct 28, 2021

20 Charity Business Name Ideas

Below I have come up with 20 totally unique Charity Business Names which you can take inspiration from.

To do this, I used our nonprofit name generator, which is extremely easy to use. I thought of 5-6 words that I associate with ‘charity’, popped them into our charity name generator, and these are the names that stood out to me and will hopefully inspire you.

  1. Admire Gifting
  2. Benefit Aid
  3. Benefit Daisy
  4. Donation Dash
  5. Easy Funds
  6. Flock Giving
  7. Foundation Fantasy
  8. Foundation Fix
  9. Fund Fair
  10. Fund Flow
  1. Generation Gift
  2. Gentle Giving
  3. Gifting Hero
  4. Giving Hand
  5. Lasting Foundation
  6. Powerful Benefit
  7. Sure Donations
  8. Total Help
  9. Wise Giving
  10. Wonder Foundation

20 More Charity Business Name Ideas

  1. Life of Giving
  2. Better Bets
  3. Worthy Wellness
  4. Gracious Givers
  5. CharitAble
  6. CareClub
  7. Anonymous Hope
  8. Donation Nation
  9. Smile Charities
  10. Worthy Purpose
  1. Fun Funds
  2. Bet on Better
  3. Fortune Found
  4. Gracious Givers
  5. LovingCare Inc
  6. Saved Dreams
  7. Active Love
  8. Another chance inc
  9. Agape Givers
  10. Greater Purpose

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Best Real-world Charity Business Names

To help your brainstorming and to come up with some charity business names, let’s take a look at some Charity Businesses already out there and see what makes their names so successful. You can even take some of the words that they use and put them into our nonprofit name generator.

United Way Logo

United Way

This charity focuses on education, income, and health, which they believe are the building blocks for a good quality of life.

The name has a sense of togetherness and community, which links back to their values and beliefs. It makes people aware that there is a solution if we all come together and each do our bit to help.

Direct Relief Logo

Direct Relief

Direct relief is an organization that provides emergency and medical assistance in the United States as well as internationally.

The use of the word ‘relief’ makes people aware that if they do their bit, then it will release the feeling that the world is on their shoulders and make their lives that bit easier. Along with the word ‘direct’ which shows that we can provide immediate impact, hopefully persuading people to donate.

Earthjustice Logo


Dedicated to combating environmental issues, Earthjustice is an American based nonprofit organization.

The charity name plays homage to their message of protecting the earth and making it a better and less toxic place. People are immediately aware that this non profit organization is focused on environmental issues.

Miracle Feet Logo

Miracle Feet

This charity focuses on the foot condition, clubfoot, and relies on donations in order to provide treatment for this disability.

Using the word ‘miracle’ gives a sense of hope, making audiences aware that their input can make a huge difference. The name also links back to what they are passionate in helping people with, providing us with an understanding of their work.

Feeding America Logo

Feeding America

Feeding America has so far fed more than 46 million people through their set up of food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters.

Their main value ‘working together to end hunger’ is clearly portrayed through their business name. The name is simple and gets straight to the point whilst informing audiences of what they do.

Unique Content for the Niche

As you are a charity, you want your compassion and caring beliefs to be presented to people who will view your business name. It is probably wise to stay away from something that sounds silly or humorous, as the subject of charity is one that should be taken incredibly seriously.

Most people will be coming to your charity to offer their help and support, therefore they want to be able to tell that you are a passionate business with caring beliefs.

In order to appear as a charity, you might want to include words within your name that represent this. Think of using words such as ‘Foundation’, ‘Charity’, or ‘Organization’, as this will make people immediately aware that you are a nonprofitable business.

Try popping these words into the nonprofit name generator once you have read this article to see if you can find some inspirational names.

Using empowering words can also really make a difference. If you are a charity, that means that you are passionate for positive change.

Therefore, including uplifting and strong words can help to convey this. Consider using some of these powerful words from down below and putting them in our nonprofit name generator:

  • Challenge
  • Freedom
  • Truth
  • Goals
  • Faithful
  • Learning
  • Hope

5-Tips for creating unique Charity Business name ideas

1. Keep it Simple

You might be thinking that your charity business name has to be really wacky and crazy in order to stand out from the crowd. Whilst you do want your name to be unique and original from the others out there, sometimes the simpler the name the better.

You must also consider the fact that you are a nonprofit organization, and therefore you want your name to be serious and understood by the audience.
Keeping your name simple means that it will be easy to spell and search for.

Having just a simple one or two word name that really embraces your charity and represents your values is much more effective than trying to be too creative.

2. Think About Your Brand Values

As a charity business, most people will already be aware of your caring and incredible values and beliefs. Having this represented by your name will really make people understand what your charity is and what help it offers.

For example, if you are a homeless charity then try to incorporate words that relate to this within your name so that people who want to help know that you are the charity to go to.

Whatever it is that your charity focuses on, try to come up with some words that are associated with your brand values.

You might perhaps be a passionate environmental charity, in which case using words such as ‘Earth’, ‘World’ and ‘Planet’ will capture your audience straight away. Try putting these words into our charity name generator and see what names are curated.

3. Ask For Feedback

Getting feedback and asking for an outside opinion can help you to understand which names work and which names don’t.

Try to ask for as many peoples opinions as possible as this will give you a wider variety of feedback and you will be able to see a clear winner. Ask people questions about your names such as:

  • What do you first think of?
  • What sort of business would you associate with this name?
  • Do you think it reflects our brand and values?

You can even ask them to rate each potential name on a scale from 1-10 so that you can clearly tell which names are popular and which names don’t work so well.

Asking for feedback will make it so much easier to whittle down your names to the one that will stick with you forever!

4. Check Domain Availability

There is nothing worse than thinking you have finally found the perfect charity business name only to then find out that you can’t actually use it! This can be a really crushing feeling, especially if you had big expectations for the potential business name.

Don’t worry, as many businesses make the same mistake. We’re here to tell you exactly how to avoid it!

As soon as you form some sort of attachment with any potential business name, check for its domain availability straight away to save yourself from the upset much further down the line.

You can do a quick Business Name Search online to find out if your name is available in your country/state.

5. Use Our Charity Business Name Generator

Hopefully these tips have been useful so far and you are already brainstorming some name ideas! We would like to remind you once more about our nonprofit name generator.

All you need to do is type in any words that you would like within your business name, hit the generate button and let us do the work for you!

It really is the best tool to use if you feel stuck or unmotivated. Sit back and relax as our charity name generator comes up with dozens of the best potential business names for you.

With all of the names on offer, you are bound to like at least a handful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for taking the time to read through this article. We hope that you have had the chance to use our nonprofit name generator, and already have some name ideas for your own Charity business.

If you are looking for more information when it comes to naming your business, then please take a look at the most frequently asked questions down below:

What Name Can I Give My Charity Organization?

What Should I Name My Non Profit Organization?

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