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In geology, the bedrock is the base of a river that doesn’t/cannot erode. This steadfastness is essential to a successful legal win. It creates a sense of trust in customers.

Legal Grove

‘Legal’ indicates the industry the company is found in, while a grove is indicative of the ability to grow and flourish.

Owen & Owens

Two named partners with the same surname. It is even better than a regular partner-named firm due to the duplication and repetition. This makes the name hard to forget.


A start-up that lets users hire lawyers online instantly, their company name is humorous and relatable.

Legal Vision

A clever, simple name that conveys authority in the legal sector. ‘Vision’ is synonymous with the ability to see into the future – lending the company an air of invincibility.

Minter Ellison

As with most law firms, the name of the founding member or partner is often used as the firm identity. If the name is easy to remember and pronounce, it is a large bonus.

Kirkland & Ellis

The use of two named partners makes the firm feel large and trustworthy.

The Ledger

This name is taken from the newspaper where cases and laws are published. The smart link to the legal industry has resulted in a simple, yet informative name.

Steadfast Solicitors

The name clearly displays a sense of trust in the ability of the firm and conveys to clients that they will work as hard as possible to provide the best legal services imaginable.

Marketing Strategy & Useful
Advertising Terminology

Conveying a sense of trust and professionalism is vital to marketing successfully in this industry. Clients want firms they can rely on to inform them on the best decisions to make.

Trusted, expert, experienced, top-tier, cost-effective, easy-to-use, best possible outcome, no-win no-fee, specialising, specialist, excellence, customized, tailored, efficient, practical, committed, priority, comprehensive, solutions.

Clientele & Interests

Law makes up the basis of society. Therefore, everyone has the potential to demand it. Buying a house, a car, or taking out insurance, all require legal contracts that need to be looked over and then signed/agreed to. An understanding of the law is vital to making the correct decision, and due to the value of big ticket items, ordinary people would prefer not to risk signing an unfavourable contract.

Law, business, politics, government, real estate, property, crime, legal advice, legal representation, contractual assistance, transfer of property, business law, criminal law, succession law, international law, finance.

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Use your name

Law Firm owners commonly use their names as a sign of reputation, trust and credibility. For example if yourself (Marston) and your business partner (Morgan) started a Firm you could use names like:

The Marston & Morgan Law Firm

Marston & Morgan Law

Marston Morgan Defence Law

M&M Lawyers

Marston & Morgan

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