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Below are the ways that our generator can help you in naming your law firm;

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Tailored law firm  names

Our generator tailors recommendations to effortlessly reflect the personality you have entered into the search column.

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It provides insights about the availability and prospective trademark of law firm domain names. 

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Top Tips

How to Name a Law Firm

Starting a law firm is an admirable goal, but it is not without its difficulties. The name of any Law firm name is important for more than just identification; it acts as a beacon of its identity, principles, and competence. Here are six law firm name ideas that you help you down the path:



To name your law firm, start by jotting down words related to ‘law’, ‘court’, ‘defending’, ‘litigation’ and ‘justice’. Mix and match these words to expand your options and discover combinations that resonate. You can also combine your name with these keywords as a way of adding personal touch.


Use Abbreviations

If your chosen name feels too wordy, consider abbreviating it. Abbreviations make your name easier to remember and recommend. It is a common practice among some of the topnotch law firms such as DLA Piper.

Get Feedback

Get Feedback

You want your name to be likable to your customers. Seek input from your target audience or friends and family. Ask questions about potential law firm names to gauge their impressions. These include, ‘what sort of company would you associate with the law firm name?’ ‘does the name sound professional and prestigious?


Check Trademark

If your law firm boasts a distinctive brand and name (provided it aligns with local regulations), it’s advisable to pursue trademark protection. It will safeguard the potential use of your law firm name by other entities down the road.


Think Long-Term

Using your name can be a great way to make your law firm prestigious, memorable and build trust. However, thinking about your long-term plans and using your name may limit future sales prospects if you choose to set your business. Depending on your name, it may also not create the right kind of impression. 


Check Domain Availability

Ensure the law firm name you are using is unique and original to enhance searchability and secure matching social media handles. Our generator integrates a domain checker to help users check domain name availability.

Get Inspired

20 Law Firm Name Ideas to Get Inspired

Here are 20 law firm names ideas generated using our law firm name generator. One key advantage of these examples is that you don’t have to change it in the case of a partnership and a partner leaves.

  • Attorney Intelligence
  • Advocate Advance
  • Advocate Eagle
  • Counsel Authority
  • Court Intelligence
  • Court Pursue
  • Defendology
  • Defend International
  • Defense Passage
  •  Defense Venture
  •  Judge Agent
  •  Judge Infinite
  •  Justice Consultant
  •  Justice Support
  •  Law Pursuit
  •  Law Syndicate
  •  Lawyer Anchor
  •  Lawyertastic
  •  Prosecutor Partners
  • Prosecutor Progression

4 Law Firm Names Mistakes to Avoid

1. Avoid opting for a generic or overly common name, it risks blending your firm into the background.

2. Keep your law firm names simple. An overly complex or lengthy title can become a communication hurdle.

3. Neglecting to check for trademark conflicts can lead to legal headaches down the road.

4.  Not choosing a name that adapts to your firm’s growth and changes.

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Law Firm Market Data

In the ever-changing legal services sector, the year 2023 saw a healthy presence of approximately 450,000 law firms in the United States alone. Notably, the sector grew at a stable rate of roughly 0.7% each year on average between 2018 and 2023. 

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic, the worldwide legal services market is on the mend, with an estimated 840 billion US dollars. This revival includes professional law firms and in-house legal teams, with developed nations dominating; the United states accounted for about half of the worldwide market in 2017, with Europe accounting for slightly more than a quarter.

Law Firm Market Data

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A good law firm name should be simple, memorable, and reflect professionalism and expertise. It should convey competence and legal proficiency, creating a positive and confident impression.

To choose a distinctive name for a law firm, Brainstorm some law firm names, brainstorm, get some third-party opinions, and check the domain and business registration availability. You can also consider using a law firm brand consultant or better still, use a law firm name generator as the former may cost you.

Law firms don’t typically change names frequently. Name changes may occur due to significant events like mergers, acquisitions, rebranding efforts, or alterations in partnership structure. Although this is not an everyday occurrence, these events can prompt a law firm to reconsider and, if needed, change its name.

Yes, law firms can and often do trademark their names to protect their brand identity.



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