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How To Name Your Law Firm

How To Name Your Law Firm

There are currently 443,558 law firm businesses in the US as of 2021, each one with its own unique business name. Perhaps you’re looking to join the field, in which case, you’ll need a brand spanking new law firm name to help you stand out from your ever-growing competitors.

I’m Molly, and I am here to guide you through the top tips when it comes to naming your law firm. The thought of coming up with a law firm name from scratch can be quite daunting, but this guide is sure to motivate you whilst providing you with a few examples.

Firstly, try using our Law Firm Name Generator; simply type in words that relate to your business and browse our impressive range of names on offer.

20 Law Firm Name Ideas

20 Law Firm Name Ideas

Let’s take a look at some of the 20 law firm names that stood out to me when I used the Law Firm Name Generator. See if any catch your eye:

  1. Attorney Intelligence
  2. Advocate Advance
  3. Advocate Eagle
  4. Counsel Authority
  5. Court Intelligence
  6. Court Pursue
  7. Defendology
  8. Defend International
  9. Defense Passage
  10. Defense Venture
  11. Judge Agent
  12. Judge Infinite
  13. Justice Consultant
  14. Justice Support
  15. Law Pursuit
  16. Law Syndicate
  17. Lawyer Anchor
  18. Lawyertastic
  19. Prosecutor Partners
  20. Prosecutor Progression

20 More Law Firm Name Ideas

  1. Pro Bono Consultancy
  2. Juris Civilis
  3. Sullivan & Rothman
  4. Triumphus Legal Co.
  5. De Facto Law
  6. Smith Group Corporate Law
  7. Saggio Legal Consultancy
  8. Indicia Consultancy
  9. Goldstein & Wagner
  10. Affaires Legales
  11. Convictus Group
  12. Sachs & Dickson
  13. Affidavit Law
  14. Capital Tax Lawyers
  15. Ross & Rogers
  16. Marston & Morgan Law
  17. Justice Law Group
  18. Lex Scripta Law
  19. Legal Capital
  20. M&M Law Firm

Best Real-world Law Firm Business Names

Hopefully, you have now had a chance to use the Law Firm Business Name Generator. If you haven’t found the perfect law firm name yet, don’t worry.

Sometimes it can take a while to set your eyes on something you love, so take your time with our generator.

Meanwhile, you can find all sorts of inspiration from current Law Firm names. We highly recommend looking into this and seeing what has made their names so appealing and successful.

Let’s take a look at some of the best law firm names already out there and see what makes them so unique.

Shearman & Sterling

Having a long and distinguished history of supporting their clients, Shearman & Sterling have over 850 lawyers around the world and was founded way back in 1873 by Thomas Shearman and John William Sterling.

The name sounds great not only because of its personal touch but also because of its use of alliteration. Using alliteration will help your nap to sound more snappy and sharp.

DLA Piper

Originally known as Dibb Lupton Alsop until the year 2000, the firm then shortened its name to DLA, the abbreviated version instead.

Abbreviations work really well if a name is too long-winded, and this is a perfect example of that. Saying initials requires a lot less effort, and will mean that your name is much more memorable. Consider this when naming your own law firm.


The name comes from a merging of three different law firms; SNR Denton, Salans, and Fraser Milner Casgrain.

If you are partnering with another firm, or your name simply is too long, then consider cutting out words or focussing on the one that has the most impact. One-word names are a lot easier for your customer to search you up, and it means that your social media handles are also easy to find.


Linklaters was founded in London in 1838 when its founder, John Linklater partnered up with Julius Dods.

This is another example of using a surname within the business name so that customers are aware of the founder and in this case, the amount of history behind it.

Fried Frank

In 1971, the law firm took its current form with name partners Walter Fried, Hans Frank, Sam Harris, Sargent Shriver, and Leslie Jacobson.

Although a lot of people make up this law firm, the business name has a limited word count whilst also using alliteration to make it sound as unique as it does. It is snappy and probably the most memorable from this list!

Unique Content for the Niche

Most law firms incorporate the founder’s name or surname within their name so that customers are aware of their immaculate credibility.

Because there are so many law firm competitors out there, it is important to show off who you are and what you offer. The bigger the name, the more likely you are to get customers.

Therefore, it could be said that you need to build a reputation and good relationship with your customers in order for your name to sound well established.

If you are using a personal name, then make sure that there isn’t already a law firm out there with the same one. You want to be as distinguishable as possible whilst keeping that personal touch.

See if your name sounds good as a business name on its own. This will work really well if you have a unique and distinguishable surname. If not, don’t worry! You can still come up with a great law firm name without including yourself in it.

For starters, try coming up with words related to ‘law’ and pop them into our Law Firm Business Name Generator!

5-Tips for creating unique Law Firm Business name ideas

1. Get Brainstorming

When coming up with your unique Law Firm Business name, you’ve got to start somewhere. If you are lacking motivation or struggling to get going, get yourself a pen and paper and write down as many words as possible that relate to the word ‘law’.

Once you run out of ideas, do this again for words relating to ‘court’, ‘defending’, ‘justice’, etc. You’ll be able to come up with a strong list of words that could potentially be used within your name.

Try to mix and match words as well. Using different combinations will expand your options, and some words might sound really great together.

The important thing is to not give up; although it may take a while, there will come a point where something will click and you will find a name you are extremely happy with!

2. Use Abbreviations

If you have a name but it sounds too wordy or uses more than 3 words, it might work better as an abbreviation. Abbreviations are used all the time within law firm businesses and can end up sounding really great and snappy.

This will mean that you still get the impact of your full name, but it is a lot easier to say out loud. Customers will be more likely to remember your name and recommend it to friends and family.

You don’t want your name to be more than about four words as this ends up being a mouthful to say. However, using abbreviations means that you can still use these words, but as a smaller and more effective name instead.

3. Get Feedback

This one is extremely important when it comes to your name being successful. You want your name to be likable to your customers. After all, they are the ones you are trying to impress.

Asking your customers or potential audience questions about some of your shortlisted names will mean that you have more of an understanding as to which ones will work the best.

Ask questions about your potential names such as:

  • What does the name make you think of?
  • What sort of company would you associate with the name?
  • Does the name sound serious and prestigious?

Once you have the answers, you will clearly be able to tell which names work and which names don’t. You can even ask people to rate each one on a scale of 1-10 so that you can find a clear front runner.

4. Check Domain Availability

So, you’ve come up with the perfect law firm name. It’s snappy, sounds great, and your feedback has been positive. But have you checked you can actually use it?! This is a common error that many businesses make when thinking they have found the perfect name.

It can be frustrating, especially if it has taken you a while to find the name in the first place! You can do a quick Business Name Search online to see if your name is available in your country/state.

Try to avoid using a business name that sounds similar to one already out there. You want your law firm to be the first search when people type in your name, so make sure it is unique and original. This will also help you when it comes to finding social media handles.

5. Use The Law Firm Business Name Generator

Once you have completed these steps above, can we remind you about our Law Firm Business Name Generator? It really is the easiest tool to use when it comes to naming your law firm, and the results have the potential to be extremely successful!

We recommend giving it a try right now; simply type in some words that you want to use within your business name, hit the search button, and let us provide you with a variety of potential names using those exact words!

There are endless options and we can guarantee that you’ll like the look of at least a handful.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your law firm name will follow you wherever you go therefore, thinking of a suitable law firm name is paramount. Here are some inspirational legal firm names:

-Confident Lawyers Team

-Careful Counsel Legal

-Commended Counsel

-Correct Contracts

-Counsel Council

-Defense Disputed

Getting the ball rolling and trying to come up with a law firm name on the spot can be hard. Here are some steps to developing a great law firm name:

1.) Brainstorm some law firm names

2.) Get some third-party opinions

3.) Check the domain and business registration availability

4.) Think about trademarking your law firm’s name

5.) Consider using a law firm brand consultant

Many law firms use the surnames of their founders or partners, which in some states is part of a requirement and not just a tradition. If you’re wanting to set up a law firm solo, then you can simply use your surname. However, if you are partnering up with someone else then you might want to consider what order of last names sounds the best.


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