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How To Name Your Camping Business

Who doesn’t love sleeping under the stars, roasting marshmallows over a fire, and listening to the soft hoots of owls at midnight? Whether your customers are trekking the Rocky Mountains or their favorite weekend music festival, your business is set to soar in this industry.

Before you can start pitching your new business, you’ll need to hammer down your branding – starting with a great business name! Using the Camping Business Name Generator, you’ll be able to create a name that sets you apart from competitors and get those clicks from customers. Try it now!

We’ve compiled a handy how-to to get you started on your business naming journey. See below for some examples, tips, and a step-by-step guide on how to name your camping business so you can one day see your business scattered across thousands of campsites!

20 Camping Business Name Ideas

20 Camping Business Name Ideas

We’ve collected 20 examples of camping business names from the Camping Business Name Generator to point you in the right direction. Feel inspired by any of them? Remember to try the Camping Business Names Generator yourself to see if you can find that winning name!

  • Forestfluent
  • Tentastic
  • Tentology
  • Primalvacation
  • Tentporium
  • Naturequipo
  • Woodsaholic
  • Mountainverse
  • Campingarc
  • Quakecamping
  • Primalpitch
  • Tentopedia
  • EvergreenInstinct
  • Pinnacle Habitat
  • Naturesdeck
  • Woodlandquests
  • Amplifycamping
  • TerrainHut.
  • Pitchingadventure
  • Fierce Altitude

20 More Camping Business Name Ideas

  • All Camping
  • Escape Lodge
  • Relaxation HQ
  • Wilderness Experience
  • The Outdoor Co.
  • Primal Packing
  • Pro Camp Gear
  • Adventure Awaits
  • Life of Leisure
  • Woodland Home
  • Life in the Woods
  • The Camping Coach
  • Camp Farm
  • Surplus C-Gear
  • Pop-up Adventure
  • Outdoor Life
  • The Trailer Shop
  • E-Z Camping
  • Earth March
  • Campiness

Best Real-world Camping Business Names

Best Real-world Camping Business Names

Still, struggling to find that perfect name? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To help you figure out exactly what makes the perfect camping business name, we’ve put together a list of successful camping companies with great names! We’ve explained what makes each name successful and unique, so you have the inside knowledge on how to make your business be as successful as it can be.

When you’re delving into all things branding, think about what catches your eye. You might notice something that will help boost your business.

This list covers brands that sell some of the top-rated tents in the U.S, but are trailblazing in all things outdoor experience.

The North Face

A near household name to any of us who live in particularly cold areas! The North Face is one of the top retailers in outdoor clothing and equipment. The name ‘The North Face’ is a simple, but effective name that is easy to remember. The choice of three harsh monosyllabic words means that consumers don’t have to strain to say the name, and it’s relatively easy to say for those who don’t speak English fluently.

The use of the word ‘face’ instills confidence in a buyer, convincing them that the product is up to the challenge of facing the elements.

Black Diamond Equipment

Black Diamond Equipment is a Utah-based skiing, mountaineering, and outdoor sports equipment manufacturer. Bringing in over $100 million in annual sales, Black Diamond Equipment does some pretty effective marketing by harnessing imagery.

Their business name creates a sense of expertise, perfection, and uniqueness by referencing a ‘Black Diamond’. Consumers also know exactly what they’re getting by the brand’s name, as they tell customers exactly what they’re providing in the name.

In a nutshell: the customer is assured that they are receiving up-market equipment that is the very best quality, after all, diamonds are known for their sturdiness.


Founded in 1969, Mountain Safety Research produces all things camping, hiking, and outdoor living. By condensing down their name to three letters, customers are more likely to remember their brand.

MSR has made clever use of the words ‘research’ and ‘safety’, as customers will be more likely to buy into a brand that sells products that are reliable, safety tested, and well thought out (especially if they’re camping in the middle of winter).

People like to feel like their well-being is looked after and MSR immediately ensures this.

Big Agnes

Established in the early 2000s, Big Agnes is a Colorado-based supplier of all things tents, sleeping bags, and accessories that every campsite dweller needs. By use of a quirky name, Big Agnes found a friendly and informal relationship with its customer base. It’s short, it’s fun and it’s memorable – these are the key ingredients to gaining a loyal customer basis.


Trespass is another trusted retailer amongst the outdoor exploration community. Founded in 1938, Trespass evokes some pretty powerful imagery by their use of the word trespass. Most of us will have that bubble up of childish excitement when we are doing something we know we aren’t allowed to do. Trespass also makes us think of exploring new territory, something we like to do when out in the wilderness camping.

By using a word that holds that much gravity, the brand is memorable to a consumer.

Tip: Do some research into the campsite business names to see how they are attracting customers to their grounds. By observing the types of campgrounds customers go to, you might be able to figure out a cool name that aligns your brand with well-known businesses!

Choose a Camping Business Name that speaks to Nature

People go camping with the desire to disconnect from their stressful day-to-day activities. In fact, camping is proven to contribute to better health and lower stress levels as immersing yourself in the quiet simplicity of nature is the perfect antidote to a stressful lifestyle. Millions of households across the US have at least one person who camps regularly, so starting up in this industry couldn’t be a better idea.

So with nature as the antidote in mind, why not choose a name that echoes that sentiment.

By placing your business name on one of the benefits of camping, you’ll engage a customer base that looks to you for their stress remedies!

5-Tips for creating unique Camping Business name ideas

We know that naming your business can be a pretty overwhelming thing to tackle, and you want it to be perfect. So, to make things a bit less stressful, we’ve broken it down into 5 easy steps so you know exactly where to start!

1. Work out your area

When we talk about ‘your area’, we’re referring to the direct area of service that you will provide. So, with that in mind, what’s yours? Will you just be supplying tents to campsites and customers? Will you be an ‘all-rounder’ and supply camping gear like stoves, flashlights, and sleeping bags? Will you be online only? Or will you set up shop on the street?

If you have a specialism in mind, keep this at the forefront of your name generation process!

2. Working out your identity

How do you want to present yourself to customers? Are you fun and friendly with an interest in forming a small, tight-knit customer base and not taking yourself too seriously? Or are you wanting to set yourself apart from the crowd, establishing yourself as the next big thing in the camping industry? Either way, you’ll want your personal direction to shine through in your name generation process. Customers like to know who they’re dealing with quickly, so your brand’s personality needs to be clearly identifiable.

3. Work out your Unique Selling Point

Identifying your USP is how you set your brand apart from your competitors. What makes you the number one choice for camping equipment, clothing, or accessories?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who am I selling this to?
  • What am I doing that is different?
  • What type of camping service am I providing?
  • What values am I embedding into my business?

All of these questions will help you to better prepare your unique branding strategy, and help you come up with a better name as a result.

4. Use the Camping Business Name Generator

Identify some keywords that you think best encapsulate your brand, its selling point, and its direction. Then, put them into the Camping Business Name Generator and click ‘enter’. Identify which names feel the most catchy, memorable, and accessible. You never know, you might see it splashed across campsites in the future!

To help you make the decision, try and focus on length, rhythm, uniqueness, and wordplay. If you’re not engaged by your business name, chances are your customers won’t be either.

5. Get a second opinion

Remember, something might sound great and make total sense to you, but might leave someone else scratching their head. So, always run your shortlisted Camping Business names by someone else to make sure it has the desired impact. If you already have employees, pitch your choice to them and have them vote on their favorite, that way you know your decision is supported by lots of different standpoints.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get creative! Use mashups, acronyms and puns. Get someone to help you and be a second pair of eyes.

You should always check that your business name isn’t in use by another company. You can check if your Camping Business name is taken already here on the Camping Business Name Generator!

Technically, you don’t need to register your business name as a trademark. However, you may wish to trademark it for more protection against businesses trading under the same name.

Excluding legal fees, filing your business name as a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) could cost between $225 - $600.

Start with a well-thought-out business plan. Think about: What will you sell? What is the gap in the market and how will you fill it? What makes you different from your competitors? Use Camping Business Name Generator to come up with a great name for your business!


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