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Youtube Channel Name Ideas

Creating a new Youtube Channel is a fun and exciting process.

If you’re like a lot of our users, at this point you have got a bunch of great ideas for content but are stuck on finding the perfect name for the channel.

If you haven’t already, the best place to start is by using our Youtube Name Generator, it has filters to suit any type of content and provides you a wealth of inspiration and Youtube channel name ideas.

If you’re still stuck on how to name your channel, we’ve created 20 unique youtube channel name ideas below, and a complete guide on how to create great a name.

youtube channel name ideas
  1. EpicPlayz
  2. Claim2Game
  3. GameParade
  4. RetroRampage
  5. Gamadame
  6. Fabulous Facade
  7. PunkNPretty
  8. Grace Gorgeous
  9. TypeFace Beauty
  10. ShadesAtPlay
  1. Fitnessen
  2. HealthCat
  3. NutriNut
  4. Fitness Ninja
  5. HealthSpree
  6. CrystalCraft
  7. Craft Romantic
  8. CreaTeach
  9. Peakreative
  10. Badgirl Crafts

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How To Name a Youtube Channel

Branding expert and writer - justin S
by Justin S.

Branding Expert | Startup Specialist | Brand Strategist

Updated Nov 24, 2021

how to name a youtube channel

Now that Youtube has become much more than just a video streaming platform, it’s never been a better time to be able to create and monetize a channel through the content you enjoy creating!

In fact, the number of channels earning six figures per year on YouTube grew more than 40% year on year.

Hoping to become one of these channels?

Then you’ll want to invest your time in crafting the perfect Youtube Channel name that will reach and connect with your audience.

As usual, we encourage you to try using the Youtube Name Generator to find the perfect name idea as a good place to start!

1. Finding Your Channel’s Vibe

Whatever the aesthetic is you’re going for, it’s important that your Youtube channel name is able to convey it.

Your vibe can also give potential viewers a more specific idea about what they’ll get on your channel.

For example, gaming Youtube channels can have a huge array of different voices and vibes.

Some channels may focus on providing comedy while others exist primarily to inform people who may be interested in those games.

Try to find words that would apply to whichever aesthetic you’re aiming for.

Jot down some words that you want to describe the experience viewers would have on your channel and work from there.

Additionally, try to keep it short and easy to remember. That also means avoiding words that might translate poorly, or using too many numbers in the channel name.

2. Who Is Your Target Audience?

Your target audience will often depend on the subject matter of your channel.

While there can be exceptions, you can typically expect that a Youtube channel that focuses on makeup tutorials will have a different target audience than a channel dedicated to DIY home repairs or tutorials on fixing cars.

There can absolutely be some overlap, but it’s best to focus on who will make up the majority of your audience.

One of the easiest ways to reach your target audience is to choose a Youtube channel name that will clearly indicate the purpose of your channel.

Something like “Clara’s Cosmetics” or “Diving With Dave” appeals in two ways.

Names like these let viewers know exactly what the channel is about, and including a name can help to make the channel more personable.

market research and trends

4. Social Media Connections

To help your Youtube channel gain popularity, you’ll need to have some different advertising assets.

Most people start with creating social media accounts for their channels.

It’s free, easy, and a great way to communicate with your audience.

When you’re choosing a Youtube channel name, you’ll need to make sure that the same name is also going to be available on the social

5. Make Sure It’s Available

Naturally, the name you want for your channel has to actually be available.

That’s why it’s a good idea to give yourself a few different name options to try out.

With so many Youtube channels out there, many of the more obvious names are going to be taken.

If you find that your top choices are taken, it’s time to go back to brainstorming.

A creative name is not only more likely to be available, but there’s also a good chance it will do a better job of drawing the eyes of potential viewers as well.

make sure its available

Youtube Channel Names

No Such Thing As Fish Logo


PewDiePie is the exact type of name you’d expect out of our Youtube Name Generator and there’s no denying that it’s one of the most memorable Youtube Channels on the internet today.

Not only is it a name that is easy to spell and remember, but it’s also one that has lent itself well to creating a unique brand.

While a name like this might not work for every kind of channel, it’s a great blueprint for gamers and entertainers who want to create their own brand.

TheGuiltyFemenist Logo


Combined with the great Marshmello mask images, the name Marshmello is certainly one that is going to draw in the eyes.

Additionally, the imagery on the channel is going to apply to those who are familiar with popular DJs.

With the unique name and vibe, this is a channel that is deserving of the popularity it has gained.

Philosophize This Logo |

5-Minute Crafts

There’s really not much to say about what makes this name successful. It’s concise.

Potential viewers know exactly what they’re getting into, and it just so happens that millions of people are interested in crafts they can get through pretty quickly. 

10 tips naming your youtube channel

10 Tips for naming a Youtube Channel

1. Make it Personal:

Using the Youtube Name Generator to create names that fit to your personal name or content is the best way to name your channel.

Now a days, there are far too many generic channels, viewers now a days are more often to connect with channels that connect the creators with their videos.

2. Keep it Short:

Something long and complicated will slip from people’s minds like wind through trees.

Keep it short, make it stick.

3. Make it Easy to Spell:

If no one can spell it, no one will find it online.

Purposeful misspellings, or combining multiple words into one can lead to an unappealing sounding name that’s long and hard to spell.

Keep it simple.

4. Consider how it Translates:

Youtube is a global platform, so people from all over the world will have access to your videos.

Some words have different meanings in other languages, for example, ‘gift’ means ‘Poison’ in German.

Make sure your name isn’t accidentally offensive.

5. Remember Capital Letters:

If your name consists of more than one word, remember to capitalize the first letter of each.

This is a simple trick that a surprising number of people don’t use. It massively improves the readability of your name.

Use a capital letter at the beginning of every word.

Take a look at these examples:

CrunchCourse / crunchcourse, WonderWoman / wonderwoman, ManBaker / manbaker.

Which ones do you think are easier to read and understand?

6. Avoid Numbers:

Unless you have a good reason (like Davie504) try and avoid using numbers.

If the name you want is taken don’t just tag on a few numbers on to the end of the name.

Numbers make your name look unprofessional.

Only use numbers if it correlates to your brand.

For example, 5MinuteMakeup makes sense, on the flip side MakeupGirl123 would look rubbish.

If the name is taken, brainstorm some more, don’t settle.

7. Inform:

Your Youtube channel name should say something about what the channel is about.

Try and include something that will inform people of the topic of your channel. This will help you gain viewers and subscribers.

For example, BellesBeautyTips, you know exactly what you’re going to get from a channel named something like that.

8. Evoke Emotion:

The right words will trigger emotions that have a greater chance of drawing attention.

9. Think about Word Play:

Can you make an interesting pun?

Get a thesaurus out and explore words with similar meanings and see what kind of literary devices you might be able to use.

Puns, alliteration, and rhyme will all make your name more memorable and exciting.

10. Leave Room for Growth:

Finally, try not to be too specific with your Youtube name.

A very specific name will limit the kind of video content you can create for your channel.

You might want to expand and cover different topics at a later date.

For example, you might have a handcrafting channel that started off making homemade candles, but you now want to expand into DIY in general.

If you originally chose a name like CandleStickMan you would be limited to making candles forever.

Generate a Youtube Channel Name

Finding the perfect Youtube channel name typically starts with brainstorming, which can be pretty tedious to do on your own.

Using our Youtube name generator can help you to cut down on the time it takes to come up with your own list of names.

Just enter a word or two into the generator and it will come up with a variety of different channel name options for you.

Additionally, we’ll soon be including a tool that will allow you to see if the name you want is available on Youtube or other large platforms without having to travel around the internet searching on your own.

generate youtube channel name

How to Check if your Youtube name is taken

Before you decide your name is perfect, pause. Has someone beat you to the punch?

You first need to check whether or not someone has taken the name or a similar one already.

Write up a shortlist of obvious, but similar variations of your name and begin by searching within Youtube.

Once you’re happy that you couldn’t find anything on Youtube move to Google, which is a much more effective way of searching, and see what gets turned up by the search engine.

You may also want to check domain availability and social media handles at this point. This will help you figure out just how original your name is.

If nothing at all comes up in any of these searches, good job!

However, if you are unfortunate enough to discover someone already got there first, you may have to choose a different name.

Having a name that is very similar or identical to someone else can damage your ability to promote yourself, as it dilutes your brand and it makes you look less original.

YOUTUBE NAME GENERATOR – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Youtube name generator

How To See If Your Youtube Name Is Taken.

Can You Change Your Youtube Channel Name Later?

Is it free to generate youtube channel names with your generator?

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