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How to Name a YouTube Channel

Start with the right YouTube name to capture the attention of your target audience. Follow our tips to help you on the path to channel success.  


Consider your theme

Begin your naming journey by considering what you will share in your videos. Get creative with keywords that match the theme of your videos. 


Know your audience

Tailor your channel’s name to speak directly to your viewers, the language and types of words that appeal to them. 


Discover competitors

 Investigate similar YouTube channels to understand market trends. Notice naming patterns in your niche and where you can stand out.


Verify it’s available

Once you have a channel name you like, and before you get your heart set on it, check that the name and domain are available. 


Get feedback

Before finalizing your name and launching your channel, test your potential names with friends, family, or your target audience. This step is your safety net for those final tweaks.

Beyond YouTube

Beyond YouTube

You will likely want to extend your YouTube reach via social media channels, so check to see if you can get your desired handles via these sites, too. 

Jake Pool

YouTube Expert Top Naming Tip

Crafting the perfect YouTube is like laying the cornerstone for your brand’s identity. It combines creativity and strategic thinking, but clarity is key.

Jake Pool, Business Name Generator Video Creator and Youtube Host

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YouTube Channel Name Ideas

Want to stand out from the YouTube crowd? Here are some unique YouTube channel name ideas to get you started:

YouTube Username Ideas

YouTube username ideas should be memorable and catchy. Below are 20 YouTube username ideas to inspire your creative process and help you stand out in the gaming community.

1. Gaming Geek
2. Trendy Threads
3. Bold Beats
4. FitFlex
5. Game On
6. Gamers Den
7. EpicMovements
8. SpeedPlus
9. Momentum
10. Vortex
11. Chic Trends 
12. Fashion Forward
13. Elegant Edge
14. Trendsetter Touch
15. Modern Maven
16. Sleek Style
17. Sassy Styles 
18. Trendy Treasures
19. Retro Revival 
20. Fancy Frocks

YouTube Name Ideas for Gaming

Creating a unique and fun name for your gaming YouTube channel is essential for building your brand and attracting an audience. Here are some examples of gaming channel name ideas.

1. EpicEmperors
2. PixelProphets
3. GameGuild
4. CyberChampions
5. QuestQuesters
6. HeroHaven
7. BattleBeasts
8. GameGurus
9. PixelPathfinders
10. VirtualVictors
11. GamingGurus
12. CyberWarriors
13. GameGladiators
14. FantasyFighters
15. QuestMasters
16. PixelPilots
17. GameGrind
18. HeroicHaven
19. EpicEncounter
20. DigitalDuelists

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