Dominika Kaminska

Dominika Kaminska

A seasoned copywriter with a passion for transforming ideas into engaging business narratives. With over two years of experience, she specializes in crafting compelling copy about podcasts and Shopify.


  • Content writing for Adventrum.
  • Copywriting for Adhouse, a copywriting platform.
  • Content writing for Tagvenue, a platform known for renting spaces for events.
  • Content writing for David’s Methods, a language learning school. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Content Writing
  • eCommerce
  • Social Media

Starting a Business Tips

Starting a business, for example, a cotton candy making business (like I did when I was 18) could have gone much better if:
  • I knew what I wanted to call it, and used business name generator to find a good name,
  • Learned more about what customers want, and gave more flavors of cotton candy to choose from,
  • And finally, I had done more research on the place where I wanted to sell it.
So learn from my business mistakes!
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