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How To Name Your Shopify Business

Over a million independent businesses are now using Shopify. From vintage clothing to children’s toys, individuals are realizing their dreams as business owners on Shopify in 2021. Accordingly, the one thing separating the most successful ventures is unique and creative Shopify store names.

My name is Matthew, and I’m here to guide you through the ins and outs of the good store names for Shopify. If you’re having trouble finding that perfect name that promotes your brand then this is the article for you. Keep reading to find tips and tricks from stores thriving on Shopify.

Firstly, try using our Shopify Business Name Generator, and simply type in words that relate to your values and principles as an independent business owner and wait for unique names to appear!

With this in mind, let’s find out what makes Shopify store names attractive and rewarding.

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Updated Oct 15, 2021

20 Shopify Name Ideas

We’ve found 20 Shopify store names by using the Shopify Name Generator. Take a look at these good names for Shopify and see if any catch your eye.

  1. XFactor Vintage
  2. Guerilla Foods
  3. Theory Toys
  4. GreenEarth Produce
  5. IvyLeague Jewelry
  6. Clothing Nexus
  7. Fortis Denim
  8. RiverView Shirts
  9. SundayTime Eatery
  10. RedStar Dancing Shoes
  1. Iconic Jumpers
  2. Ubertastic Clothes
  3. The Cookie Pros
  4. FourCorners Cakes
  5. Agile Sports Gear Inc.
  6. Upfront Denim
  7. The Trainer Workshop
  8. Radiance Makeup Co.
  9. Illusion Fabrics
  10. Flagship Paintings

20 More Shopify Name Ideas

  1. Buyline
  2. International Direct
  3. One Click Wonders
  4. Browsers Delight
  5. Always Open
  6. The Online Co.
  7. Giftshoppers
  8. Artisan Delights
  9. To Your Door Delights
  10. Direct Deliveries
  1. Digital Delights
  2. Discount Dot Com
  3. Top Forum
  4. BioBasket
  5. Category Kings
  6. Search It
  7. American Retails
  8. Where From
  9. The Local
  10. Browse Branch

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Best Real-world Shopify Store Names

We hope you’ve had the chance to use our Shopify Name Generator. If so, you may have a couple of Shopify store names noted down that stand out to you.

By all means, take your time when using the Shopify Business Name Generator, because it may take a couple of tries to find the really good store names for Shopify.

Meanwhile, you can find all sorts of inspiration from current Shopify stores. In fact, many of these businesses are creating their own vision of the future and you can too. After all, Shopify is about putting you in charge of your products, services, and expertise.

We highly recommend researching how the most successful Shopify store names came to be. For this reason, we’ve got you started here by listing some of the most inspirational stories from Shopify store owners. Be sure to take note of what the name represents and how it coordinates with brand identity.

Good Store Names For Shopify

Here are the Shopify stores changing the game today:

Beneath Your Mask Logo

Beneath Your Mask

Founder Diana Jackson wanted to find all-natural products to rejuvenate her skin after being diagnosed with a severe form of Lupus. Thus, she did it herself! As Diana puts it in her mission statement: “beneath that mask lies a beauty that transcends being defined by society’s approval”.

TenTree Logo


This company showcases a unique approach to eCommerce. More specifically, for each item of clothing that is bought from their website, TenTree will plant 10 trees, hence the name.

Tsuno Logo


Roz Campbell founded Tzuno with the aim of creating period products from eco-responsible materials like bamboo. Additionally, Campbell wanted to use these organic tampons to support disempowered women.

Furthermore, this is written into the very fabric of her business name. The company is named after Yoko Tsuno, a cartoon character that represents competent women everywhere.

LastObject Logo


Eco-conscious founder Isabel Aagaard created LastObject in 2018 as a means of solving wasteful habits. Frustrated by single-use products such as swabs and tissues, Aagaard invented reusable everyday objects. In essence, she makes sure that her swabs will be the “last swabs you ever need”.

These examples, thus, exhibit why good store names for Shopify always include the story of the founder, their struggles, and how they overcame them.

Did any words here relate to your own story? If so, try using them in the Shopify Name Generator!

Names Can Be A Form of Storytelling

Having explored these Shopify store names, it’s clear all of them have a story to tell. For this reason, one of the greatest tools in choosing a business name is telling everyone your own story, and it’s completely free!

First and foremost, be clear on the story you want to tell, and more importantly enjoy exploring the roots of your business. Try to conduct personal brainstorming sessions, and focus on words that come to mind when you think about your journey.

It more than likely took a lot of effort to start a business, so customers will appreciate an air of openness. Furthermore, being transparent means you have nothing to hide, allowing you to easily build trust.

Good store names for Shopify are ones that are super personal. After all, the more intimate the name is, the more unique it will be.

Another means of plotting the narrative of your business is creating a journal. Granted, you may find it difficult at first to remember every step. Nevertheless, writing down your story will allow you to engage more deeply with your mission statement.

Once you’ve tried out a few personal brainstorming sessions, you’ll be all set to make the most out of the Shopify Business Name Generator. What words keep cropping up in your journal writings? Circle them and put them into the Shopify Name Generator, and we’ll return some creative mash-ups just for you!

5-Tips for creating unique Shopify Business name ideas

1. Focus on Your Brand Identity

When you look at the good store names for Shopify, you immediately notice how each one connects directly with their overall marketing strategy. It may be daunting to create a completely fresh brand, yet the approach you take should inform your name choice.

All those good names for Shopify organizations create a cult-like brand that stands out. Additionally, each one strives to express relevant social issues, be it eco-friendly solutions or the empowerment of women.

Is your Shopify business fighting for change in society? If yes, let your name do all the talking. Indeed, just look at how impactful Shopify store names like Beneath Your Mask, TenTree, Tsuno, and LastObject are. At their core, each one expresses all their energy for changing social norms in society.

What social and ethical values drive you in life? Once you know, try using those words in the Shopify Business Generator.

2. Make It Memorable

Following on from that point, remember that a socially conscious name is always memorable. In order for customers to remember your Shopify name, it’s not enough for it to be catchy. It needs to contain a meaning that’s part of your mission statement.

If you’re having trouble making it memorable, the best advice is to keep it personal. Go back to your business journey story, and start to ask questions to yourself like:

  • What separates my Shopify business from others?
  • Do my values match any other business currently out there?
  • What is a memory from my business journey that always sticks in my head?

Going in this direction will help you arrive at those keywords that describe your store. From here, simply type them into the Shopify Name Generator.

3. Don’t Be Overwordy

Don’t try stuffing your name with as many words as possible. In contrast, refer back to the good store names for Shopify, and take a look at how short and concise the majority are. Apart from one, they are all one single word.

Perhaps you’re having trouble reducing your entire business down to one single word. A great tip here is to try using a mash-up. Find two or three words and mash them together. In fact, this has led to some of the most renowned business names in the world like Facebook.

The Shopify Business Name Generator is a great tool for finding mash-ups. Just type in the words and wait for the results!

4. Check Domain Availability

You’ve just found your perfect name but wait, someone has already taken the domain name. We all fear this happening to us; however, you can avoid it by checking the domain availability every time you have landed on a good name.

We recommend that you look for a domain with a .com ending and checking if social media handles are also available. Luckily for you, the Shopify Name Generator can instantly find and register that domain today!

5. Use The Shopify Business Name Generator

We hope that all these tips have been useful for you in your name-choosing journey. Finally, we would like to remind you again about the Shopify Name Generator. You’ll be able to find so much variety and plenty of creative solutions when you’ve hit a brick wall.

We recommend following all the steps before this and creating a list of keywords that express the core of your company. Then simply put each one into the Shopify Business Name Generator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for taking the time to read through this article. If you would like any more information, please take a look at the most frequently asked questions about Shopify store names. Remember to give the Shopify Business Name Generator one more go before you leave!

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