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Complete Guide to Naming Your Tutor Business

Our tutor business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get tutor business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Tutoring businesses offer diverse opportunities for monetisation and career development. The investment required to enter this niche is usually small, which is why tutoring appeals to those who have a limited budget or who want to start a home-based business.

A successful tutoring business has focus. Before you move on with establishing the other steps, determine what your area of specialisation is going to be. Will you work with kids? With adults? Or maybe you’ll develop classes for professionals looking to further their skills? Will you offer second language classes? Whether you’ll have a general or a subject-specific tutoring business, you need to make the decision in advance.

Both your name and your branding efforts have to create a value proposition. It’s important for potential clients to associate your brand with certain characteristics. Personalised education is one of them. Will you be employing new technologies to enhance the learning process even further? If so, this fact should be featured in your value proposition.

Demographic Interests

As already mentioned, tutoring companies can work with a vast range of clients.

If you work with students, helping them enhance the knowledge they’ve acquired in school, parents will be your primary demographic. These are usually wealthier individuals who have obtained a higher level of education. One-on-one tutoring can be costly, which limits the scope of potential clients.

Tutors working with adults, whether offering language learning, academic or professional programs, will typically have a much wider range of clients. An adult pursuing new knowledge is typically pursuing a life change or career advancement. These individuals are highly motivated and they will be committed once they choose a service provider.

New technologies are also shaping up the world of tutoring. The global private tutoring market is expected to surpass 102.8 billion dollars in 2018. The online access to one-on-one lessons and learning opportunities is one of the main driving forces.

Competitor Name Analysis


The name is a portmanteau of chicken and egg, representing the problem many young people face after graduating – the inability to find a job because of experience requirements and the inability to gain experience because a job would not be available.


The online tutoring platform has a more humorous name that most people will recognise and understand instantly.


The name of this online tutoring platform is a reference to instant education – the languages and educational materials are readily accessible on the web.


Another name that’s pretty straightforward and easy to understand – e-Tutor offers online educational opportunities.

First Tutors

This is a company that helps parents find tutors for the early educational needs of their children, as little ones progress from primary to secondary school.

Bright Young Things

This London-based tutoring agency aims to help children increase their level of self-motivation about learning. The name is pretty much reflective of the approach that tutors adopt towards the process.

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To name a tutoring company, you will have to avoid the obvious clichés and you’ll still need to choose an option that sounds relevant. Do some brainstorming to create a unique value proposition. The selection of the right words and phrases is a paramount task because words carry a deep meaning that goes beneath the surface.

Our Business Name Generator can be utilised to explore a number of relevant variations. You will also get information about domain name availability.

To test the generator, please try out the following tutoring-related words and phrases:






Online learning





Course material




Academic excellence

Audio lessons

Video lessons



High school


Career advancement



Tutor Business Name Inspiration

  1. Virtual Mentor: the name of the company accomplishes two things – it tells potential clients there’s a reliable tutor they can count on and it also focuses on the fact that lessons are delivered online.
  2. Proactive Knowledge: a somewhat more generic name that features two positive, strong words that pertain to the field of learning.
  3. A+ Factory: the name is a bit more frivolous and fun, which is why it stands out. Most companies in the field adopt a more serious approach towards name selection.
  4. The Textbook Project: this is also a more abstract rendition of the topic but it still tells potential clients what the company deals with.
  5. Knowledge in Focus: a good company name features strong, assertive words. Focus is a great example of such a word.
  6. Learning Excellence: the name is somewhat generic, which makes it a good pick for tutoring companies that offer a wide range of programs.
  7. The Math Wizards: obviously, the subject can be chosen depending on the area of specialisation but the concept behind this name is clear.
  8. The Power of Learning: knowledge is power as the old saying goes and this saying can be given a somewhat fresher meaning through a few tweaks.
  9. Happy Students Tutoring Academy: the learning process should be fun and exciting, especially when children are involved (though the concept also holds truth for adults).
  10. The Learning Connection: this is yet another example of a name that will be particularly suitable for an online tutoring academy.

What Not to Name Your Tutor Business

Avoid the use of the word “tutor” in the title of your company. This is such a cliché in the niche (regardless of the fact that this is precisely what you offer). Dozens of more creative options exist for saying the same thing.

If you run a home-based, online tutoring business, don’t call it an academy. The name has to be realistic and it should give potential clients an accurate idea about what they’ll be getting out of the interaction with the business. Don’t over-promise and don’t exaggerate. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to naming your business and crafting a solid marketing message.

Academic abbreviations and jargon do not work, unless you’re targeting people who already have some knowledge and are looking to further their qualifications. Keep it simple and short. A catchy and humorous name will be even better.

Finally, tailor the message to the right audience. If you offer tutoring to elementary school children, there’s no need to keep the branding stiff and overly academic.

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